Green Party activist Edy: The Green Party taking money from Republicans (or Democrats) a bad thing?

Email from Green Party activist Edy:

Forward this around the country!! Thanks!!

So I had a conversation online and the question came up if it would be un-Green like to take money from Republicans in order to help fund a campaign. Ralph Nader didn’t do it in his 2000, 2004 runs to give you some perspective, but what about the rest of the Greens?

I would suppose I would personally be ok with the idea, as long as the money wasn’t directly donated by some corporation.(Figuring out if it was directly donated from a corporation could be tricky).

What if the money was given to us by Democrats? Would that be more acceptable? What if the race involved only a Green up against a Republican and a Democrat donated money to our campaign? Again, as long as it’s not corporation money.

I know how much big money is tied up with both parties, so taking money which isn’t necessarily corporate-donated could be tricky.

The point that I want to make is that we are a political party. We are playing hardball against both corporate parties. No more time for saying “Next time” or “I’m busy.” (Insert not so important issue/excuse that you couldn’t give two hours a week to help the Green Party). We need money. That’s the reality. This is not the time to be timid or over-sensitive to the Green Party stance. Remember, what is the goal? To elect Green Party representatives and to improve the lives of our fellow citizens.

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Scott Walker’s prank caller Ian Murphy officially announces Green Party run in NY-26

OnTheWilderSide reports:

The Green Party of NY State has officially nominated Ian Murphy as its candidate for upcoming special Congressional election in the 26th District. The Green Party said it wanted to provide an alternative to the anti-worker, pro-war, pro-corporate, anti-environmental agenda of the Democratic and Republican Parties. The special election will be held May 24, 2011.

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Ian Murphy set to shake up NY-26 special election after Republican Congressman resigns in sex scandal

Following the sex scandal driven resignation of Republican Chris Lee in NY-26, Scott Walker’s prank caller Ian Murphy, editor of the irreverent Buffalo Beast web site, was selected by the Green Party to be its candidate for a special election.

“For us, it is a great opportunity to come forward with a candidate who has made a name for himself in the last few months,” said state Green Party Treasurer Eric Jones.

Murphy has embraced the Green Party’s platform more than other potential candidates, Jones said, including support for universal health care and union rights.

The special election will be held May 24.

Green Party co-chairman Peter LaVenia said

“The local out in western New York has talked to a number of different candidates, and they forwarded the recommendation, [..Murphy..] was the only one that they came to the conclusion represents Green values … and is willing to change his registration to Green and run as a Green.”

LaVenia said he believes that Murphy, previously registered with the Working Families Party, intends to run a serious campaign.
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Koch Impersonator Seeking Green Party Endorsement

The New Yorker yesterday reported that Ian Murphy, the guy that impersonated billionaire David Koch in an embarrassing phone call with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, wants to run for Chris Lee’s vacant Congressional seat in New York:

Murphy, editor-in-chief of the Buffalo Beast, the alt-weekly turned national monthly turned Web ’zine, had been considering a run for Congress even before he called Walker, pretending to be David Koch, and became a viral sensation. “I was in the process of figuring out how I could possibly get thirty-five hundred signatures or entice some loser party like the Green Party to endorse me—not that I think they’re losers, their politics are great, but I think they’re going to lose,” he told me on the phone Thursday. Both “seemed completely undoable.”

But as one Internet-driven scandal cleared the seat, another has earned Murphy the Green Party’s attention. Eric Jones, co-chair of the New York Green Party, told me that he would be meeting Murphy Wednesday evening to discuss politics. When asked if they would talk about Murphy running for Lee’s seat, Jones replied, “I’m kind of shocked he brought that up with you.”

We look forward to seeing how this plays out.

It should be noted that the “Koch Whore” prank may have bigger consequences than anticipated, as statements made by Walker on the call have some questioning whether there may have been legal violations on top of the ethical ones.

Story is also covered by Grist, and is up at Independent Political Report.