Rich Whitney: Democratic candidate shows his smarts

In a press release issued by Rich Whitney’s campaign he praises the Democratic Party incumbent for the foresight to nominate a Southern Illinois running mate.

“Quinn’s selection of a Southern Illinoisan was probably an adroit move on his part. I think it says something about the gathering strength of our own campaign that he decided to try to address my own base of support in this part of the state.”

Whitney did point out that smarts alone is not enough. Character matters too.

Even the very best, well-intentioned Democrats still heed their masters’ call when their corporate sponsors demand something — and they also are well-trained enough to stay within the bounds of what corporate America deems acceptable public policy.

The full text of the press release is below the fold.
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Whitney gets some coverage

Green Party Gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney picked up a bit of news coverage at Examiner.com. The article includes polling data from Victory Research which shows Whitney currently stands at 3.9%. Whitney won better than 10% of the vote in his last race four years ago, and has been aggressively campaigning since he announced he’d run again this year on July 15, 2009.

To donate to Whitney’s campaign, visit his campaign website.


India Times has extensive coverage of the US Green Party

The articles include pieces on Rev. Billy Talen, Green Party candidate for Mayor of New York City; the Arkansas Greens ballot access petition drive; difficulties in the California Green Party; IL Gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney; and finally a piece about Ken Adler, and his race for US House of Representatives.