Democrats playing dirty tricks in Illinois

In two stories at Ballot Access News, Richard Winger covers efforts by Democrats in Illinois to run against Tom Tressler in the Green Party primary in Tressler’s bid to win the nomination for President of the Cook County Board, and to keep Green Bill Scheurer from running for Congress on the Green Party line.

In the Tom Tressler case, a person listed as a leader of the Young Democrats has filled out paperwork to run in the Green Party primary against Tressler. When Illinois Greens attempted to contact the Democrat they got no response. Ballot Access News links to this NBC News story about the situation.

In the Bill Scheurer case, the Democratic Party is simply taking the low road by challenging his petitions to appear on the ballot in the Green Party primary. Because the Democratic dominated state legislature has ended a policy of long standing that allows party officials to nominate candidates in races where no candidate filed to run in the primary, a system called “slating”, the Illinois Greens will have no candidate in that congressional race should the petition challenge succeed.

The Democratic Party pulled this same sort of anti-democratic stunt a few years back when they advised Scheurer to hire a ballot access team that planned to sabotage his petitioning effort. Scheurer sued in that case. The current effort to keep him off the ballot is covered at the Daily Herald.


Jerry Moore: Green Party hopefuls must change their insulting tone

In an online column at My Suburban Life, writer Jerry Moore slams Illinois Greens Matt Reichel and Rich Whitney for referring to opponents of President Obama’s health care plan as “tea baggers”. Moore posits that “tea baggers” is a derogatory term.

Both men dismissed some opponents of the Obama administration’s plan to reform health care as “tea-baggers” who represent a minority of the population. This term has been used derisively to describe critics of President Obama who’ve held “tea parties” in opposing additional tax hikes.

It’s disturbing that two political candidates would use derogatory language in talking about potential constituents.

Moore does not go into the fact that Reichel and Whitney also oppose the Obama plan, preferring a “Medicare for all” approach Continue Reading