Green Party: Grant protected legal status for immigrants

p Green Party US new logoIn October, Green Party US put out the following statement on immigration:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Green Party candidates and activists expressed alarm at President Obama’s dismissal of immigrants’ rights and apparent capitulation to the rhetoric of xenophobic Republican extremists.

Greens called for humane policies that recognize the basic rights of documented and undocumented immigrants and support an executive order to grant the latter protected legal status, amnesty, and an offer of citizenship.

The Obama Administration has deported more immigrants than any previous administration, with a record 438,421 deportations in 2013, 44% of which took place under “expedited removal orders” that denied court hearings. 96% of deportees are from Latino countries.

President Obama is now seeking $3.7 billion to fund “a sustained border security surge through enhanced domestic enforcement,” $40 million for air surveillance, and increased funding for drones for use against undocumented immigrants. Continue Reading


Make a list of your dream candidates running on the Green Party ticket

The reason for this thread is simple – Make a list of candidates you would like to see on the Green Party ticket in 2012. This would include the Presidential, Congressional, and Senate races. At the state and local level, also make a list of who you would like to see run.

Now, what is the point? The point is that we can all see who we would like to see nominated, perhaps names we had never before considered, and see what the consensus is.

Just throw any name out there, from environmentalists, radicals, independents, non-Greens, celebrities, politicians, etc. Try to make your list concise by organizing it around the Presidential, Senate, Congressional, and state/local races.

Here’s a quick example(I live in Los Angeles):

President: Laura Wells, Howie Hawkins, Cynthia Mckinney, Cindy Sheehan, Bernie Sanders, Cornell West, Kent Mesplay, Ralph Nader

Senate: Jesse Ventura, Laura Wells, Jello Biafra, Matt Gonzalez, Ian Murphy, Howie Hawkins, Kent Mesplay, Mike Feinstein

Congress: Laura Wells, Cornell West, Deacon Alexander, Mike Feinstein

Los Angeles mayor: Ed Begley Jr., Deacon Alexander, Derek Iverson, Julia Butterfly Hill, Tom Morello

For local races, perhaps it would be best to consult your state Green Party and see what they think.

This is an example. The key in to throw out as many names out there as possible. The goal is to present this list to the national Green Party and state Green Party and ask them if we would consider nominating them on the Green Party ticket.


Cornel West and Cynthia Mckinney for the Green Party Presidential nomination in 2012?

Cornel West: ‘We’ve got to think seriously of third-party candidates, third formations, third parties’

From Chris Hedges’ column this week at Truthdig:

“We have got to attempt to tell the truth, and that truth is painful,” [Professor Cornel West] says. “It is a truth that is against the thick lies of the mainstream. In telling that truth we become so maladjusted to the prevailing injustice that the Democratic Party, more and more, is not just milquetoast and spineless, as it was before, but thoroughly complicitous with some of the worst things in the American empire. I don’t think in good conscience I could tell anybody to vote for Obama. If it turns out in the end that we have a crypto-fascist movement and the only thing standing between us and fascism is Barack Obama, then we have to put our foot on the brake. But we’ve got to think seriously of third-party candidates, third formations, third parties.”


Harris County (TX) Greens on the air tonight

The Harris County (TX) Green Party will broadcast their Cable TV program GreenWatch TV tonight at 9PM. Based in Houston, the show is cablecast on Comcast 17, TVMax 95, Sudden Link 98, and Phonoscope 75. Production is made possible with the help of Houston Media Source TV. You can watch the program live via that website tonight at 9 PM Houston time, and can call in during the show to 713-807-1794.

Tonight’s show is about immigration, and features Aurelia, who got sent to detention for a burned out tail light, Anne Chandler (Dir. of Immigration Law Clinic), Natalie Baba and/or Rob Block of the University of Houston Students for a Democratic Society.


Chicago Reader: “The Browning of the Greens”

Omar Lopez, Green Party Candidate for Congress in Illinois’ Fourth District, is profiled in this piece in The Chicago Reader: “The Browning of the Greens”:

The most impressive thing about the Green Party’s national nominating convention, held at Symphony Center July 10-13, might’ve been how multiracial it was. In the crowd, black nationalists and young activists of all colors mingled with white hippies. Fiery former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who’s African-American, was named the Greens’ presidential candidate, and Rosa Clemente, a Latina hip-hop activist and journalist from New York, was slated for vice president.

But when keynote speaker Omar Lopez took the podium, it became clear that there’s more to the browning of the Green Party than just putting nonwhite candidates up for office. There’s a move, especially in Chicago, to incorporate immigration rights as a central issue for progressive Greens, whose focus on environmentalism has sometimes pitted them directly against immigrants.

Lopez, a Mexican-American and longtime immigrants’ rights organizer, is running for the Fourth District congressional seat against incumbent representative Luis Gutierrez, who has represented the mostly Latino district for almost 16 years and is known for his own advocacy of immigrants’ rights. A leader of the March 10 Movement, Lopez was part of the coalition that staged the massive downtown immigrants’ rights marches in 2006 and smaller May Day marches in 2007 and 2008. He’s run unsuccessfully for political office twice as a Democrat—both times against Gutierrez.

Lopez and his supporters say Gutierrez isn’t doing enough for the cause, and they’re calling on Latinos to make the Green Party their route to change.

Much of the article juxtaposes past ‘incompatibilities’ between the Environment Movement and the Immigrant movement, and portrays Lopez as a bridge between them. At the 2008 National Convention there was tension over the proposed 2008 platform, partially focused on the Immigration planks among other things, leading the Platform to be rejected.

Does Omar Lopez represent (yet another) new direction for the Green Party?

A better question might be whether Omar Lopez may be one of the most potentially successful Green Party candidates for Congress this year, with a chance of defeating his Democratic opponent and becoming the first Green in Congress.

The video below is from a press conference at the Chicago Convention.