Jack Wagner: ‘Vote Local! Vote Green!’

Excerpt from Free Independent-Sun article by Jack Wagner:

Local Green Party victories typically mean;

  • Safer streets through common sense crime prevention (lit streets, alleys and bike paths, foot patrols and police beats):

In Minneapolis, MN, Cam Gordon has been a leader in crime prevention: www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/ward2/docs/August_e-newsletter.pdf

  • Environmental protections, clean water, sustainable farming:

A Green Majority in Fairfax, CA puts the citizens’ clean water and environmental concerns on the agendha: http://gp.org/greenpages-blog/?p=2087

  • Public transit and better bike paths:

In Sebastopol, CA, where Greens are regularly elected to City Council, efforts are made to create accessible bike lanes: http://www.watchsonomacounty.com/2010/11/cities/sebastopol-looks-for-ways-to-create-bike-lanes/

In San Francisco, CA Green Party Mayoral Candidate Terry Baum fights for better Public Transit: http://terryjoanbaum.com/issues

  • Focus on public education reform and access:

In New York, elected School Board Greens put curriculum reform at the fore-front: http://www.web.gpnys.com/?p=272

  • Drive for community power (local energy initiatives):

In Santa Rosa, the Sonoma County Green Party fights for Local Clean Energy: http://www.sonomagreenparty.org/newspaper/nl1110.shtml#S1


Jack Wagner: Ideas to help the Green Party win

San Francisco Green Party activist Jack Wagner has written a post at The Free Independent-Sun entitled “How the Green Party Can Win the Tucson Mayor Race and Prepare for 2012″. The post has a number of do-it-yourself ideas for how Greens can energize and expand the Green Party. Many of the ideas helped Ron Paul supporters to build a highly visible grassroots movement in 2008, including meetups, money bombs, and community blogs:

I’d suggest that the Greens in Tuscon start up a meet-up group, on meetup.com, and see who shows up. Even if it is 4 or 5 people, at least you know who your grassroots leaders are. Continue Reading