Minneapolis Greens endorse 5th council candidate

The Green Party of Minneapolis has endorsed Andy Exley for city council in Minneapolis’ 6th Ward. The 6th ward was one of the first in Minneapolis to elect a Green when voters elected Dean Zimmerman to the council in 2001. Exley is campaigning on a platform of favoring local businesses over national chains, removing restrictions to small business creation, reverse measures that criminalize homelessness, protect tenant rights, strengthen civilian review of police conduct, increasing accountability on the council, preserving the independent park board, and improving public transit options. Continue Reading


Green for Greens: Jeanine Estime, Minneapolis City Council

This is an exciting year for Minneapolis Greens: the city is using instant runoff voting for the first time, and the Minnesota Green Party is running an energetic slate of candidates to join Green stalwarts Cam Gordon and Annie Young in Minneapolis city government. One of those candidates is Jeanine Estime, an education assistant at her daughter’s school in South Minneapolis who is running for City Council in Ward 8. Jeanine’s biography includes volunteer work for an impressive array of community organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club and Clean Water Action.

Jeanine EstimeJeanine Estime is running on a comprehensive platform that includes expanding youth programming to prevent gang violence, creating affordable housing solutions to the foreclosure crisis, investing stimulus money in local renewable energy, reducing the kind of police misconduct that characterized the Republican National Convention, supporting single-payer health care, and much more. Her campaign manager is Farheen Hakeem, who earned 30% of the vote for State Representative in 2008 against a Democratic opponent, despite running on a shoestring budget in a district that voted overwhelmingly for Obama.

If Jeanine Estime and other Green candidates for City Council like Marcus Harcus and Dave Bicking succeed, the Green Party will become Minneapolis’ official second party. Please help Jeanine win by donating $20 or whatever you can afford today. Green candidates are known for doing a lot with a little, and in this local race, your donation will go a long way towards propelling Jeanine Estime’s grassroots campaign to victory.