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Free and Equal sets presidential debate for August 30, 2016

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freeandequalBallot Access News reports that Free and Equal has scheduled its 2016 presidential election debate for August 30 at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles.

The 2012 Free and Equal Debate, which can be viewed online, included Green Party nominee Jill Stein, Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Libertarian Gary Johnson.

Smiley, Reich discuss Stein’s position on banks

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robert-reich_200_280_80Former labor secretary Robert Reich appeared on PBS’s Tavis Smiley Monday evening. At one point during the wide-ranging interview, Smiley asked Reich, “Can you imagine any candidate in the field right now — Republican, Democrat, independent, third party — can you imagine any candidate in the field right now, maybe Jill Stein if she becomes the Green Party nominee, maybe Bernie Sanders,” saying they would use their presidential “authority to break up the big banks?”

Reich replied, “Well, it depends on who you ask. I think Bernie Sanders has made it very clear that he would. Maybe Jill Stein as well.”

Stein recently appeared on Smiley’s program.

Stein says corporate/political “leviathan” is collapsing

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votegreenChris Hedges writes at Truthdig about his recent meeting with Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and Gayle McLaughlin, the former Green Party mayor of Richmond, California.

Stein told Hedges, “A hostile corporate force occupies us all. Corporations are polluting our air and our water. They are degrading our jobs or exporting them. … But the leviathan is so over-zealous, so heavy-handed and so overfunded that it is beginning to self-destruct. … A recent Wall Street Journal poll shows that 50% of Americans no longer identify as being either Democrat or Republican. The system is crumbling from its own internal decrepitude. Our push is to try and help that happen.”

Syracuse college columnist: Voting Green not a waste

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votegreenIn her column in The Daily Orange of Syracuse University, Keely Sullivan writes that while Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein “doesn’t have the name-recognition of a Bush or a Clinton, she’s the type of candidate voters are waiting for.”

Sullivan writes that “for candidates like Stein, a lack of media coverage adds to the bigger issue: third-party politics has a bad rap. However, minor-party agendas are exactly what voters are asking for this election season — they just don’t know it yet. Despite preconceived notions that third-party politics do not belong in the big leagues, voting Green can be a solution for liberals who think Democratic candidates can do more.”

Sullivan argues that “voting Green is only as powerful as the voters themselves. … If people who wanted to vote Green actually committed to the party, people like Jill Stein could become a household name.”

Stein campaigns at Holyoke, Massachusetts harvest festival

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steinholyokeGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein made a campaign stop at the Nuestras Raices Harvest Festival in Holyoke, Massachusetts, on Saturday.

According to The Springfield Republican, Stein “praised Holyoke’s successes in spurring economic development, saying she’d like to reproduce them across the country.” She said, “I feel like I’ve been on the front lines of the community and that Holyoke very much is America, but also that the inspiration and the vision of the local small businesses here, of the organizations, the social services organizations and the community development organizations — this is the kind of inspiration we need to share across the country.”

The newspaper says Stein “acknowledged the hurdles she faces running as a Green Party candidate, but remained optimistic that her campaign will resonate with voters.” She said, “It’s all about getting the word out. Simply networking among millennials in debt could be enough to win the election.”

Stein appears on PBS’s “Tavis Smiley”

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tavisGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein appeared on PBS’s Tavis Smiley Thursday evening for an interview that ran about 25 minutes. The complete video is available here.

Stein discussed her call to open the presidential debates to alternative party presidential candidates, saying the current debates are “basically a sham…that’s been orchestrated and controlled by the big political parties. … Debates are a good thing. I think the public airwaves really belong to the public and they should be used for legitimate candidates who are in this critical election.”

Asked about how she differs from Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, Stein said, “There is an enormous overlap between Bernie and I. I want to frame that by saying that in my view what’s wrong with Bernie’s campaign is not Bernie’s campaign but where he’s running it. Bernie is part of a long tradition of principled rebels inside the Democratic Party. … The party insiders are not going let a truly principled people’s candidate get the nomination.”

Washington Post covers Green/Libertarian antitrust suit against CPD

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50134-fullDavid Weigel of The Washington Post reports on the antitrust suit against the Commission on Presidential Debates filed by the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, and their 2012 presidential nominees Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.

The legal complaint “argues that a ‘cognizable political campaign market’ is being corrupted by the commission’s rules,” which bars any candidate who is not “polling at 15 percent or better. Bruce Fein, the attorney for the new plaintiffs, argues over 43 pages that keeping them out of a ‘multi-billion dollar’ market violates ‘antitrust laws, the First Amendment, and District of Columbia tort law.'”

The Post says that “when the complaint is filed in the District of Columbia next week — the precise date is pending — Fein and his plaintiffs will join a crowd of people asking for lower debate thresholds.”

Stein to appear on PBS’s “Tavis Smiley” Thursday

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steinGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is scheduled to appear on PBS’s Tavis Smiley Thursday evening, September 24. Local broadcast times can be found here.

Stein to make several Western Massachusetts stops this weekend

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steinThe Springfield Republican reports that Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein will be in “Western Massachusetts this weekend, with a handful of Saturday stops scheduled in Holyoke.”

Stein will appear at a fundraiser for Darlene Elias, a Green candidate for city council in Holyoke, and “is expected to discuss the importance of supporting small businesses and local economies at the morning event.” Stein will also tour a local food shelter and assist with the lunch shift before appearing at “the Nuestras Raices Harvest Festival, where she will help the Pioneer Valley Green Rainbow Party with voter registration outreach.”

Stein was the Green Rainbow Party gubernatorial nominee in 2002 and 2010, receiving 3.5% of the vote in 2002 and 1.43% eight years later. Stein also received 17.7% of the vote in a statewide race for secretary of the commonwealth in 2006.

Stein talks to KPFK Radio

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sonaliGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was a guest on KPFK Radio Los Angeles’s Uprising with Sonali Kolhatkar. The interview, which can be heard in full online, runs 23 1/2 minutes.

Stein appears on RT America, KPFK Radio

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Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein appeared on RT America Thursday to discuss her effort to be included in the Commission on Presidential Debates general election debates next fall. The six-minute segment is below.

Stein also appeared on KPFK Radio’s Sojourner Truth with Margaret Prescod for a 17-minute interview. (The segment begins 38 minutes into the show and runs through the end.)

Stein campaign makes push for matching funds

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steinDr. Jill Stein’s Green Party presidential campaign is making a push to qualify for federal matching funds. The campaign says it is “committed to running a clean money campaign and is refusing donations from corporate lobbyists or officers of for-profit corporations.”

To qualify, Stein must raise at least $5,000 in qualified contributions in at least 20 states. As of early September, the campaign had crossed that threshold in five states (California, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, and Washington) and was more than halfway to the threshold in eight others.

The campaign hopes to qualify “a year ahead of the election since this would be a highly visible statement that a serious independent left candidate is heading for the ballot in November 2016.” It hopes to qualify in 22 states before submitting its application to the Federal Election Commission “just for safety if some donations are rejected.”

Veteran Green Party activist Howie Hawkins said last week, “The Green Party and its leading presidential candidate, Jill Stein, are best positioned to secure state ballot lines across the country to provide a credible alternative.” He said that by mid-March 2016, “in all likelihood, Bernie Sanders’s campaign will have reached the end of its rope. Sanders’s supporters will then need a Plan B. If Jill Stein is on enough ballots at that time to be considered a credible alternative, the question for progressives will then be, Hillary or Jill?”

Stein campaign creates online Open The Debates petition

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stein_photoJill Stein’s Green Party presidential campaign has launched an online petition calling on the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) to open the 2016 debates to alternative party candidates.

The campaign notes that “50% of Americans do not identify as either Democrat or Republican,” and the CPD “is actually a private organization run by the Democratic and Republican parties.” The campaign is calling for the debates to include candidates from all parties on the ballot in enough states to theoretically achieve an electoral vote majority. In 2012, that would have been the Democratic and Republican nominees, as well as Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson.

Stein and vice presidential running mate Cheri Honkala were arrested in October 2012 when they attempted to enter the grounds of the presidential debate site at Hofstra University in New York. At the time, Stein called the debate a “mockery of democracy.”

Stein, Flowers to hold Baltimore meet-and-greet

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flowersGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and Maryland U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Flowers will hold a meet-and-greet on Wednesday, September 23, at 7:00 p.m. at 402 East Lake Avenue in Baltimore.

Flowers, a pediatrician, left practice in 2007 to advocate full-time for a single-payer healthcare system and served as Congressional Fellow for Physicians for a National Health Program in 2009 and 2010, during the debate over the Affordable Care Act. She was co-founder of the Mobilization for Health Care Reform and serves as co-director of It’s Our Economy. She is also co-host of Clearing the FOG on We Act Radio.

Stein outpolls several high-profile Democrats and Republicans in IVN poll

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IVN-LogoAn Independent Voters Network online survey on the 2016 presidential campaign found Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein at 4.8%, in 10th place in a field of 21 candidates. Stein was the only candidate from an alternative party included in the poll.

IVN notes that Jeb Bush, “despite a high-name ID, only received 1.6%, which is far less” than Stein. Stein also outpolled Democrats Lincoln Chafee, Martin O’Malley, and Jim Webb; and Republicans Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, and Scott Walker.

IVN said that “a total of 5,059 respondents participated in the survey. IVN used an approval voting method, which allows voters to choose as many candidates as they want.” Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump led the survey overall.

The survey also asked participants for their overall party preference. While 35.6% answered none, 18.0% said the Democrats, 15.4% the Libertarians, 14.7% the Republicans, 8.0% the Green Party, and 7.8% other parties.