Stein polling two percent in Arizona

ArizonaGreen Party candidate Jill Stein would get two percent of the vote in Arizona if the presidential election was held today, according to a Public Policy Polling survey. Libertarian Gary Johnson would receive six percent. Republican Donald Trump leads Democrat Hillary Clinton 40% to 38%.

Stein received 0.34% of the Arizona vote in 2012, the second-best Green Party performance in the state in a presidential election. In 2000, Ralph Nader received three percent.


Romper: Sanders supporters “taking a close look” at Stein

SteinSandersBecky Bracken writes at Romper that supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders “are increasingly rejecting the idea of shifting their support” to Hillary Clinton and are instead “taking a close look at Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate. So why are Bernie Sanders supporters supporting Jill Stein? Because she’s not Clinton, who has all the baggage of decades of being labeled as ‘corrupt’ by her foes and the media and a less-than-inspiring campaign style. Stein has also been pretty smart about seeing an opening to court Sanders’ enthusiastic legions of followers who deeply believe that a political revolution is the only solution to the problems facing America.”

And in a letter to the editor of The Springfield Republican in Massachusetts, reader Charlotte Burns writes, “If people would stop letting themselves be bullied into voting for Hillary and show some courage by voting for independents like the Greens’ Jill Stein, maybe we could break the stranglehold of corporate controlled Democrats and Republicans. Maybe this country could be ‘great’ again. … A country that spends its riches on taking care of its people and this planet and not on turning people worldwide into corpses and refugees while we create more enemies by wrecking their countries and making their people homeless.”


Stein: DEA should use science and deschedule marijuana

steinoregonIn a 90-second video for NowThis News, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein discusses marijuana policy, saying, “The president can instruct the Drug Enforcement Agency to do a really radical thing — to use science in determining what substances are and are not going to be scheduled. Because if science was being used, then marijuana, cannabis, and hemp would be taken off the list of scheduled substances in the blink of an eye.”

Merry Jane has a brief item on Stein’s position on marijuana, calling her “the activist, physician, and presidential candidate who is weed’s biggest fan.”


Stein at two percent in four-way general election poll

steinsignThe first national general election poll this year to include Green Party candidate Jill Stein as an option has Stein at two percent.

The Public Policy Polling survey has Democrat Hillary Clinton at 42%, Republican Donald Trump 38%, Libertarian Gary Johnson 4%, and Stein 2%. The survey, conducted May 6-9, has a margin of error of +/- 2.8%.

A recent Monmouth University poll that did not include Stein as an option had Johnson at 11% against Clinton and Trump. Johnson received 0.99% of the vote in 2012, while Stein received 0.36%.


Mesplay, Moyowasifza-Curry, Stein debate on RT America

RT America has yet to make the full video of Monday afternoon’s live presidential debate between Green Party candidates Kent Mesplay, Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry, and Jill Stein available online beyond full video of Live In 360 coverage, but a 30-minute excerpt of the two-hour debate is now online.

RT America also covers the debate on its website, with excerpts from the candidates’ remarks as well as other, shorter video clips.

Darryl Cherney and Bill Kreml were also invited to the debate, but declined. At present, Kreml and Stein are the only candidates with formal recognition from the Green Party of the United States.


Talk of Stein as Sanders alternative continues as she hits halfway point to Green nomination

JStein_298x262xJill Stein is halfway to the Green Party presidential nomination after the results of the Maine Green Independent Party caucuses held earlier this year were announced at the state party convention Saturday. Stein won the backing of nine delegates, bringing her total to 101 of the 202 needed for victory at the national convention in Houston in August.

Meanwhile, discussion of Stein as an alternative for supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders continues online. Bustle looks at some of the key differences between Stein and Sanders on issues including guns, drugs, and the Middle East, writing that “if Sanders wants to sustain the grassroots political movement that he has helped to build, then his best bet might be to help the Green Party poll high enough to be included on the debate stage and receive federal funding in the next election.”

Vice lists some presidential contenders “not named Trump or Clinton” and says that “for a lot of people, backing Stein over Clinton is the ethical choice, like eating local or putting solar panels on your roof.” Bernie Quigley writes at The Hill that “America needs four parties,” calling Stein “very able and well-presented,” as well as “already formidable.”


CounterPunch: Greens playing “long game” with presidential campaign

SteinSandersAndrew Stewart writes at CounterPunch that the Green Party is laying the path very early to lead a pack of [Bernie] Sanders supporters to the [Jill] Stein campaign. This explains the reason the party recently said there will be a ‘Green welcome mat’ awaiting the Sanders crowd in July and why Stein recently publicly reached out to Bernie to continue the revolution. The Greens know that someone is in the buff but the Sanders gang has yet to catch on that their emperor has no clothes.”

He continues, “The Greens just passed a major benchmark to gain federal funding. Every vote Jill Stein gets, even if she does not win, is a vote for further funding for the Greens. That is a brilliant type of long game. Even if the Greens lose in 2016, by 2018 they would have more resources for the midterm elections.”