Green Party candidates win some debates, battle exclusion from others

Green Party candidates across the US win some debates, battle exclusion from others

• In Illinois race for the US Senate, Green candidate LeAlan Jones wins a debate from which he was excluded: SC Green Tom Clements challenges Sen. Jim DeMint’s refusal to debate; Calif. Green Laura Wells arrested for entering the gubernatorial debate site

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WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party candidates across the US are shining in some debates — and protesting their exclusion from other debates. Continue Reading


Tom Clements, SC Green for US Senate, to air radio ads

South Carolina Green Party US Senate candidate Tom Clements is raising money to air radio ads challenging incumbent Senator Jim DeMint:

Columbia, SC – This Saturday, as the Gamecocks challenge the top-ranked Alabama team on the football field, the Clements for Senate campaign will release a series of radio ads challenging incumbent Senator Jim DeMint and reminding voters that they do have a choice in the upcoming midterm elections.

The game will be broadcast at 3:30 on Columbia’s 107.5 FM Sports radio station and another set of ads will begin airing between 6 and 10 AM during the station’s Monday post-game show.

Radio Spot 1
Radio Spot 2
Radio Spot 3
Radio Spot 4

Clements’ ads will encourage South Carolinians “to vote against the extreme policies of Jim DeMint, “against discrimination and intolerance, and to vote for saving social security, medicare, unemployment, environmental protections, and our public education system. The ads will highlight DeMint’s “bullying’ and “extreme ideas,” and promote Clements as a “moderate candidate with reasonable policies and sensible solutions.” Continue Reading


Tom Clements, SC Green for US Senate, interviewed in Columbia paper

Darien Cavanaugh of the Columbia City Paper has written an extensive interview with South Carolina Green Party US Senate candidate Tom Clements:

The 2010 South Carolina race for the U.S. Senate has left many voters scratching their heads in bewilderment, shrugging their shoulders in apathy, or rubbing their faces in annoyance.  Jim DeMint has become the brash new kingmaker of the rightwing Tea Party movement, alienating moderate Republicans and Independents and making progressives consider moving to another state.  Alvin Greene, the Democratic candidate, has been a controversial and perplexing figure since his come-from-nowhere defeat of Vic Rawl in the Democratic primary and hasn’t been able to mount a formidable campaign or garner much support even among his own party.

But there is, however, another choice, another party.  Enter Tom Clements, the Green Party’s candidate.  Clements was kind enough to sit down with me for a few minutes at his office on Sumter St. before heading to a meet and greet at Goatfeathers in Five Points.  After meeting him for the first time, I was sure of three things: he’s an intelligent yet down to earth man, he has the knowledge and experience to make him a serious candidate, and he’s looking for a fight.

Read the full article at the Columbia City Paper.


What Greens around the US can do to help Tom Clements, SC Green for US Senate

The following is from an email written by Scott McClarty of the Green Party Media Committee about South Carolina Green Party US Senate candidate Tom Clements:

Anyone who’s been following the race knows that Tom is up against Jim DeMint, a rabid rightwing GOP ideologue, and Alvin Greene, whose Democratic campaign is crumbling after revelations about his past.  So Tom is within striking distance of a victory, if the momentum for his campaign builds up over the next month and crests on Election Day.

According to the South Carolina Green I met, the Clements campaign needs three things:

(1) 400 to 500 volunteers to go door to door throughout SC in the next month.

(2) Campaign contributions

(3) Videos!  The Clements campaign needs online videos about how Tom is a great candidate and why he’s the only rational choice in a race with a radical wingnut Republican and a flaky Democrat.

Greens around the US can help with (2) and (3).  Go to the web site (http://clementsforsenate.com) to donate.

Greens with video skills & equipment can produce videos about Tom’s campaign.  The more imaginative & memorable, the more likely the videos are to go viral.


The Nation promotes Tom Clements, SC Green for US Senate

John Nichols at The Nation has written an article promoting South Carolina Green Party US Senate candidate Tom Clements as an alternative to far-right Republican incumbent Jim DeMint and controversial Democratic nominee Alvin Greene:

If only there was an alternative! If only there was a credible contender with a record of local, state and national activism, with a firm grasp of the issues, thoughtful progressive positions and an easygoing yet professional style.

Well, there is. Green Party nominee Tom Clements will share the November ballot with DeMint and Greene. Clements is a native Southerner who worked for thirteen years with Greenpeace International and directed the Nuclear Control Institute before taking over in 2008 as southeastern coordinator for Friends of the Earth. He was a campaign manager to former Georgia Congressman Doug Bernard, an experienced player on the international stage since his days as a leading antiproliferation campaigner and an able spokesman on issues ranging from environmental racism to global warming to the green economy. Clements is economically populist, socially progressive and antiwar. And he knows the race should be about DeMint, not the foibles of his Democratic challenger. Accusing the incumbent of being so interested in national political positioning that he has gone “AWOL from South Carolina,” Clements says it is folly to focus on Alvin Greene’s troubles. “I want [this race] to be about, Where is Jim DeMint, and why doesn’t Jim DeMint come back to South Carolina to face the voters and discuss the issues?” says Clements, who has gained steady coverage with his demand that the senator debate.

Read the full article “From Greene to Green in SC?” at The Nation.


Jim DeMint, Alvin Greene will face Green Tom Clements in South Carolina US Senate race

From Tom Clements for US Senate:

Green Party Fields Senate Candidate to Challenge DeMint & Greene, only three candidates to be on November ballot

As Democrats struggle with their choice of candidate, the best choice for South Carolina is the truly Green candidate – Tom Clements

Columbia, SC — In what promises to further make the senatorial election an interesting affair, the South Carolina Green Party also has a viable candidate running for the senate seat.  The Green Party candidate will be the only third party candidate on the ballot, making the race between a maximum of three candidates.

Tom Clements, noted environmental activist in South Carolina, was affirmed by the Green Party convention in early May to be the senate candidate and all paperwork was properly filed with the State Election Commission.  Mr. Clements’ candidacy can be seen listed under third party candidates on the election commission website at: http://www.scvotes.org/files/2010%20Convention%20Party%20Candidates.pdf

“I intend to run a campaign that will represent the concerns of South Carolina and that will challenge Mr. DeMint for his policies which support his form of big government at the detriment of working folks,” said Tom Clements, a Columbia resident.   “While DeMint rails against big government and government spending he endorses policies that impoverish all of us and weaken our country; it’s time for this incumbent to go.  I will work to bring a balanced budget to the U.S. while forcefully protecting the environment and curbing military adventurism which has brought our country to its knees. I am the only truly Green candidate in this race and am proud of it.” Continue Reading