Virginia Green Party fields Arlington County Board candidate

From the Sun-Gazette:

The Arlington Green Party has nominated a candidate to take on Democrat Chris Zimmerman in November’s County Board election.

The party is backing Kevin Chisholm, formerly chief energy manager for Arlington Public Schools and a resident of Arlington for 29 years.

During his years in Arlington, Chisholm has been active in groups ranging from the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network (A-SPAN) and Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment to Habitat for Humanity and the Better Sports Club of Arlington. He also served on the Environment and Energy Conservation Commission.

The Green Party has fielded candidates for County Board each of the last five election cycles. Last year, its candidate, John Reeder, won 32 percent of the vote against Democratic incumbent Jay Fisette. (Republicans did not field a candidate in that race, and thus far have not fielded one for the 2010 race.)


Arlington Greens running for county board, state legislature

The Green Party in Arlington, Virginia has two candidates up this year: John Reeder for Arlington County Board and Josh Ruebner for House of Delegates in the 47th district. In addition to campaigning, both candidates are part of a lawsuit to stop expansion of the I-66 highway in Arlington, as the Sun Gazette reports.

John Reeder ran for Arlington County Board in 2008 and earned 23% of the vote. As Reeder’s website puts it, “Despite being outspent nearly 10 to 1, his campaign resonated with Arlington voters tired of one-party rule, over development, and the ruling party’s neglect of Arlington environment and social safety net.”

Josh Ruebner is the Virginia Greens’ only state-level candidate this year. The Arlington Connection covered Ruebner’s positions at a candidate forum:

THE GREEN CANDIDATE is Josh Ruebner, the only Green Party candidate in Virginia this year at the state level. A former Democrat who feels that the two-party system addresses issues from a narrow bandwidth that lead to what he calls “piecemeal reform efforts,” Ruebner says that corporate money is too influential in Virginia politics. He said that if elected his top priority will be to ban corporations from being able to donate money to candidates in Virginia. Continue Reading


VA Local Race update: Arlington County board

John Reeder rec’d an important union endorsement recently.  Kudos to John and all the candidates running for local and state offices. Often we in the electorate and in the Green Party suffer from “Presidential” mania as much as the next person, but it is important to know the vital and important job of local representation that is being done by elected Greens, and the campaigns of candidates like John Reeder.

Hey! Do you have $3? Go on over to John Reeder’s website and help him out!

Sure, running as a local candidate may not be sexy and exciting like running for President, but it has some distinct advantages:

1. Physical Geography is often smaller- allowing the candidate as his volunteers a better chance to reach more people.

2. Budget- smaller district/county/city campaigns take less clean election money.

3. Name recognition – you live there, you know the people, and the people have a better chance of knowing you.

4. Many races are not contested, or only have 3 people running for 5 seats on a water-quality board!!!!

5. Future focus- getting elected to a local office- ANY OFFICE- gives you immense credibility among the electorate – you are a known quantity and a safe choice. You can then plan your focus on higher office.

Being a candidate is fun, and as someone who has ran for office, that is no joke. You get to travel and speak to people about something you believe in – and people are desperate to hear your message, even if they don’t agree with everything you say, because at least they know your not bull$hitting them- and that will probably win you there vote!

Greens- Running To Win!

Daryl A. Northrop