NY Green Party news conference: Women for US Senate, Lt Gov, Comptroller; Sun 6 June

From Independent Political Report:

-Clark, Lawrence, Willebrand, and Mattera to Hold News Conference on Sun. June 6th at 1 PM AM to Launch Campaign for US Senate, Comptroller and Lt. Governor

-Event at Eleanor Roosevel Monument at W. 72nd St and Riverside Drive (NY) to highlight women candidates, need for a Green New Deal

The Green Party of New York State will hold a news conference at the Eleanor Roosevelt monument on Sunday, June 6th at 1 PM to announce its statewide slate of women candidates: Colia Clark and Cecile Lawrence for US Senate; Julia Willebrand for State Comptroller; and Gloria Mattera for Lt. Governor.

Howie, Hawkins, the Green Party nominee for Governor, will also participate.

The candidates will talk about opposition to war, support for immigrants, and the need for a Green New Deal to respond to the economic depression, the growing attacks on workers, and the climate, energy, and environmental crises.. The Greens will also highlight their opposition to hydrofracking of natural gas deposits. Continue Reading


Binghamton TV profiles NY Green candidates for US Senate, Lt. Gov, Comptroller

Channel 34 in Binghamton has a detailed profile of candidates nominated for statewide office at the New York Green Party’s convention, including Colia Clark and Cecile Lawrence for US Senate, Gloria Mattera for Lt. Governor as Howie Hawkins‘ running mate, and Julia Willebrand for Comptroller:

The Green Party state convention in Albany last weekend nominated a full slate of candidates for statewide office in New York this November.

Gloria Mattera, a long time peace activist from Brooklyn was nominated to run for Lt. Governor on a ticket with Syracuse labor activist Howie Hawkins (www.howiehawkins.org). Colia Clark was nominated to run for the US Senate seat presently held by Chuck Schumer, while Cecile Lawrence was picked to fill out the Senate seat previously held by Hillary Clinton. Julia Willebrand, a long time environmental activist from Manhattan who received more than 117,000 votes for Comptroller four years ago, was chosen to run for that seat again.

Video of the nominating speeches of the candidates are at www.gpnys.org.

At the national level, the Green Party has opposed from the start the US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and supports the immediate withdrawal of American troops. It advocates for a massive cut in the military budget to free up funds to help local and state governments resolve their budget crisis and to invest in domestic programs such as child nutrition, renewable energy, education, affordable housing and job creation. The Greens opposed the recent Democratic health insurance mandate bill as a huge public subsidy for private health insurance companies and continue to call to make health care a right through a single payer expanded and improved Medicare for All type program. The Greens have long called for an end to the war on drugs and to curtail the prison industrial complex that now imprisons more than 2 million Americas, overwhelmingly low-income individuals and people of color.

Colia Clark is a veteran of the civil rights movement. Her work has included activism in the fields of women’s rights and workers’ rights, as well as activism and advocacy for homeless people and youth. Most recently, she has worked with the Cynthia McKinney for President campaign with “Power to the People”. Clark is a chair of Grandmothers for the Release of Mumia Abu Jamal. Continue Reading


NY Greens to hold virtual phone bank for 2010 candidates, Sun 23 May

The New York Green Party will hold a virtual phone bank on Sunday 23 May to raise money and support for the GPNY 2010 slate of candidates, including Howie Hawkins for Governor, Gloria Mattera for Lieutenant Governor, Julia Willebrand for Comptroller, and Colia Clark and Cecile Lawrence for US Senate. Details:

Join Greens from around New York State as we make phone calls from wherever we are, to Greens and Green supporters to raise money for our 2010 candidates. Some small groups will gather at peoples’ homes, and all will be joined via live chat and the web.

To get involved, email Karen Young at karenyoung521 [at] yahoo [dot] com.


Green Party of New York Nominates Slate of Candidates

The Green Party of New York this weekend nominated a slate of state wide candidates, topped by Howie Hawkins for Governor.

“The people of New York need someone in Albany who will stand up for Main Street and Martin Luther King Blvd., rather than someone bought and controlled by Wall Street. A million New Yorkers need a living wage jobs now. My campaign will show how we can fast track their creation,” said Hawkins, a member of the Teamsters Local 317 who unloads trailers at UPS in Syracuse.

Gloria Mattera, a Brooklyn peace activist and universal health care advocate, was nominated for Lt. Governor.

New York has two U.S. Senate races up for election this year, one a special election to fill out the remaining term of Hillary Clinton. Colia Clark, a long time social justice activist from Harlem who is presently working on self-determination for the Haitian people, was nominated to run for the US Senate for the seat presently held by Schumer. Cecile Lawrence, a resident of Apalachin in Tioga County who has been active in the movement against hydrofracking and other health issues, will run for the Senate seat to fill out the term of Hillary Clinton.

Julia Willibrand, a long time environmental leader from Manhattan, was nominated to run for State Comptroller, a position she received 117,908 votes for 4 years ago. The Green Party needs 50,000 votes for Governor to regain its status as an official ballot access qualified party.

Candidate acceptance speeches are below:
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