The top story of the night is…

For those of you not old enough to get the joke, sorry.

Deesings posted a weekly update from the McKinney campaign, but I wanted to bring the headline, as I see it, to your attention. The headline is, Cynthia McKinney is still in the running to secure federal campaign matching funds. How you may ask? By seeking the Peace and Freedom Party nomination in California, and they are not slated to finalize that decision for a couple of weeks. This means that we can secure more than $100,000 for the McKinney campaign. We know what McKinney’s goals are. They involve ballot access, so if you believe that is important, donate here. Her plans involve supporting local candidates, so if you think that is important, donate here. She has a vote goal of at least 5% nation wide, so if you think that is a worthy goal, donate now.

On a more personal side note, I would also like to encourage folks to also donate to Jesse Johnson’s campaign. He has campaigned actively and has worked to secure ballot status in other states.

kat swift has also led the way on ballot access, gathering signatures and campaigning hard across the nation. Her speeches were, by all accounts, well delivered and well received at the convention. Donate here to support kat’s hard work on our behalf.

Kent Mesplay has run for our nomination twice, and this run was both exciting and more expansive than the last run. As an actual scientist, Kent brought a sort of weight to his arguments that made plenty of Greens support him. You can donate here to his campaign.

kat swift told me last week on Green Party Watch Radio that she had donated $10 to each of the candidates because she knows money matters. I am here to tell you loud and clear, it matters a lot. We have a chance to put perhaps as much as $150,000 extra dollars in our candidate’s pockets by donating to her campaign. Give as much as you can possibly afford, minus $30. Give that $30 ten dollars at a time to the other three candidates, and you will be helping build up a karma bank we will always benefit from.


GP Convention – candidate forum

This post is a little long, my apologies, I threw in a lot of candidate opinion at the end.

The Friday night Presidential forum was moderated by Rich Whitney.

Before the Presidential forum, they gave time to SKCM Curry, who has been actively campaigning to be Vice President nominee of the GP. Curry is an incredible bundle of energy. She fires up the crowd like a cheerleader. She got the crowd on their feet, chanting “Paint – the White House – GREEN!” and got the mood of the crowd in the right place.

Whitney set the ground rules, and then introduced the candidates: Jesse Johnson, Cynthia McKinney, Kent Mesplay, and Kat Swift. The audience was overly enthusiastic about all four candidates; there was a real sense of respect and appreciation for all four candidates.
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kat swift interviewed on GPW Radio

Have you ever written something you think is pretty good, and then your computer burps and it all disappears? No, of course you don’t, because you use software that automatically saves your work as you go along, but noooo…I have to use a text editor instead, and lost every word when the lightening struck. Oh well…life goes on.

As I struggled through the first five or ten minutes of this week’s report I got a call from kat swift, candidate for the Green Party presidential nomination. I had tried to get kat on earlier, but we never linked up to make it happen until today.

There is no doubt that portions of the interview are difficult to understand since the audio is rough, but kat did make points many of you will like to hear. For example, kat has tried to focus on domestic violence, not only between adults, but between adults and their children. She’s also focused on not only closing down all foreign military bases operated by the United states, but also on repairing the environmental damage done by those bases over the years. She’s also focused on the broad range of sustainability issues Greens understand better than many non-Greens.

Perhaps the most exciting things to hear from kat were her encouragement of Greens to donate to Cynthia McKinney’s campaign in hopes of earning her federal matching funds, and her call for Green Unity.

Give a listen by clicking here.


Green Party podcast debate this Saturday

Miller Politics at blogtalkradio reports that he will be hosting a debate for Green Party Presidential candidates Cynthia McKinney, Kent Mesplay, and Kat Swift. (Jesse Johnson is not taking part – I don’t know why). It is Saturday, June 21, from 8:00 – 9:30 PM (ET) airing online from www.blogtalkradio.com/millerpolitics.


Green Party of Michigan State Convention

The Green Party of Michigan‘s State Convention will be held July 26-27 at the Franke Center for the Arts, 214 East Mansion Street, in Marshall, MI.

Among the candidates to be nominated at the convention
will be 17 electors pledged to vote for the Presidential
ticket of the Green Party of the United States. GPUS
will nominate candidates for President and Vice President
at its convention July 10-13 in Chicago.

GPMI will have 24 votes at the GPUS convention. In a
statewide membership poll this spring, former Georgia
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney got 64% of first-place
votes and earned 13 of 19 statewide delegate votes for
the first ballot. Consumer advocate Ralph Nader —
the 1996 and 2000 Green Presidential candidate, but
running as an independent this year as he did in 2004 —
finished second with 17% of the vote and three delegates.

Kent Mesplay of California and Kat Swift of Texas each
also earned one delegate; one vote in the delegation
will go to the convention uncommitted.

Five GPMI locals — Detroit Greens, Flint Greens, Huron
Valley Greens, Traverse Bay Watershed Greens, and Van
Buren County Greens — qualified to select and bind
one delegate each.

Thanks to Lou Novak for the information.


The Green Vice President: Indulgent Speculation

While Cynthia McKinney has not locked up the Green Party nomination yet, she is well on her way to sealing the nomination.

Which leads one to wonder – who will she select as her running mate? Based on previous GP rules, the Presidential Nominee names whom they want to be their VP, and the Delegates vote it up or down (at least that is how it was told to me).

So here is a speculative list of potential Vice Presidential running mates if Cynthia McKinney gets the nomination:

Jared Ball – Jared Ball of DC was a very promising GP Presidential candidate up until he dropped out of the race in January to endorse Cynthia McKinney. Ball, a Communications Studies Professor, an independent journalist, a veteran of the first Iraq War and a hip hop activist, would bring the “Capital Resistance” component of his campaign to the McKinney campaign. He would be a tireless campaigner, and an all African-American Green Party ticket would be a very interesting aspect to the 2008 “race”. I see Ball as a real possibility.

Mike Gravel – His campaign for President as a Democrat got him a fan base but no party support (probably due to calling all the other candidates ‘losers’ and challenging the establishment). He then sought the Libertarian nomination and got shoved aside by Bob Barr. Gravel could bring to the McKinney ticket a nationally known “name” (with youtube videos) and probably pick up voters who are younger, anti-establishment, but turned off by the ‘seriousness’ of Ralph Nader. I have huge respect for what Gravel did as a Senator during the Vietnam War (had a role with ending the draft, for one), but I don’t think he would be the best choice as a running mate. He could even drag the ticket down.

Kat Swift – Kat’s youth and veteran Green Party activism would give the Green Party an all female ticket, supporting the Green Party’s value of “feminism” and potentially appealing to a broad segment of the electorate that may not be turned off by Obama, McCain, Nader, Barr, and all the other men on the ballot in November. Its too bad the Green Party won’t be on the ballot in Texas, Swift’s home state.

Rich Whitney – Rich Whitney’s major impact on the Illinois Governor’s race (10%) put the Illinois Green Party on the map. Putting Whitney on the ticket would help in Illinois, where McKinney should have a good showing already, might make sense. Whitney also has campaigning experience, fund raising experience (his 2006 campaign has already donated several thousand dollars to the McKinney campaign), and almost 350,000 votes in 2006 could add to the ticket.

Jesse Johnson – Jesse Johnson is a Third Party champion after two huge statewide campaigns for Governor and U.S. Senate with the West Virginia Mountain Party. In 2007 the Mountain Party “merged” with the Green Party and became the WV affiliate of the GPUS. Johnson has a lot of appeal among Greens, especially those whom he has met first hand, but he does not have the history of Green “Party Activism” that others do. While he would bring some color to the ticket and could influence votes in the “Obama-challenged” Appalachian region, I don’t think he is the strongest choice for Veep.

Matt Gonzalez – Unfortunately he’s taken. (Plus, per the U.S. Constitution the Prez and Veep must have different home states and now that McKinney hails from CA Matt would thus be ineligible.) Ralph Nader scored possibly the best Green running mate possible when he tagged Gonzalez to be his Veep. The former President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors who almost defeated Gavin Newsom to become Mayor of San Francisco is a Green Party legend and hero.

Kent Mesplay – Another veteran Green Party activist and organizer who has run for major political office several times now. Mesplay would bring to the ticket a solid environmental / ecological component, which based on the four pillars (Grassroots Democracy, Peace, Social Justice, Ecological Wisdom) is probably McKinney’s weakest position. Mesplay would fill a hole in that area and in that ticket. Oh, wait, he’s a California resident as well…

Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry
(aka SKCM Curry) – While SKCM Curry is the only “declared” candidate for the Vice President slot on the Green Party ballot, I have to again point out that she is a California Resident, thus can not be McKinney’s running mate. Curry is a Green Party activist in South Central LA. A video of her in 07 can be seen here.

Cindy Sheehan – “Peace Mom” Sheehan is a “Green Leaning Independent (GLI)” who was heavily recruited to seek the Green Party Presidential nomination herself. She would greatly add to the already strong anti-war positions of McKinney, as well as creating an all-female ticket, but she is running an Independent campaign for U.S. House against Democrat Nancy Pelosi. In California. Oh, right, she can’t be the Veep.

Other (unlikely) possibilities:
Winona LaDuke – 1996 and 2000 Veep on the Nader ticket, Native American from Minnesota. Ain’t gonna happen.
Pat LaMarche – 2004 Veep on the Cobb ticket, who surpassed 10% of the vote in her 2006 bid for Governor of Maine. She has been campaigning for Jesse Johnson. Does that take her out of the picture? Maybe not, but she would be an extreme long shot pick.
Ralph Nader – the “Dream Ticket” that never happened.

Who do YOU think should be considered for the Veep slot if McKinney gets the nomination?


Kat Swift – Wonder Woman

A short video of Presidential candidate Kat Swift is starting to get some attention. Part of it includes Kat Swift at a parade dressed as Wonder Woman.

I’m an old comic book “fan boy” (my wife has made my daughter’s Halloween costumes since she was born including both Supergirl and Wonder Woman) so seeing one of our Green candidates dressed like a Superhero was, for me, kinda cool.

The video is a short, mildy edited snippet of what appears to be an emerging documentary by Polidoc Productions about the Green Party 2008 Campaign for President. The quality of this and the other short videos indicates that this documentary, when completed, will be a must have for die hard Greens.

I love how the video overlays the wonder woman costume with the fact that kat is collecting signatures, fighting for ballot access, and is running a “working class” campaign for President.


PA Greens hold convention, go for McKinney by 53%

Green National Committee member Diane F. White of PA sent a couple of links to Green Party Watch from the Keystone State Green website. The first discusses ballot access laws in PA which are amongst the nation’s most restrictive, and the candidates seeking the party nomination.

The second announces the results of the state convention, including McKinney’s winning of almost 53%. “No candidate” came in second, with Nader, who is not running for the Green nomination, at third, followed by Jesse Johnson of WV, Kent Mesplay of CA and Kat Swift of TX. Uncommitted was in last place, and one delegate was allocated to that position.