Online poll for MN Governor’s race uses instant runoff voting

FairVote is hosting a ranked-choice poll for Governor of Minnesota. The poll is a chance to see IRV (Instant Runoff Voting) applied in a race with several, third party candidates. The poll is at:


There are seven candidates on the ballot. In this exercise, voters may choose 6 candidates. Continue Reading


MN paper profiles Green, ex-Green governor candidates

Detroit Lakes Online has published a profile of four minor party candidates for Minnesota Governor, including the Green Party’s Farheen Hakeem and former Green candidate Ken Pentel.

Hakeem, this year’s Green Party candidate, said “government plays a major role in the quality of life for all people” and needs of the people are not being met.

She promised to “bring more community involvement” to state government.

She proposes immigration reform that provides better treatment and respect and wants to redistribute Minnesotans’ wealth “by taxing people with higher incomes and assisting low-income families and individuals get back on their feet.”

Hakeem also backs equal rights for the gay community and creating a state-owned bank and wind energy company.

Read the full article at Detroit Lakes Online.