Former Green candidate running for US Senate in Virginia as independent

From the Sun Gazette:

Having tested the political waters last year, Kevin Chisholm appears ready to dive into a larger pool…

An engineer by profession, Chisholm retired last year as chief energy official for Arlington Public Schools. As the Green Party County Board candidate in 2010, he garnered just over 6 percent of the vote against Democratic incumbent Chris Zimmerman and Republican Mark Kelly.

Chisholm said he would be running as an independent because he sees himself “more a political centrist” than what is represented by the Green Party. He describes himself as fiscally conservative and socially liberal.


Arlington Green Party contender puts transport, environment at top of agenda

The Sun Gazette has a feature on Arlington Green Party candidate for County Board Kevin Chisholm:

Transportation and energy efficiency will be two hallmarks of the County Board campaign of Green Party candidate Kevin Chisholm, a 29-year county resident but political newcomer who was nominated by the party in May to take on Democratic incumbent Chris Zimmerman.

Declining to criticize Zimmerman directly – in fact, calling him “competent” at the job – Chisholm instead argued that new ideas are needed on the County Board.

“People want to aim a little higher, see Arlington be a more shining example of what can be done,” he said in an interview. On a number of issues, he suggested, the current board (Democrats all) has proved to be “too timid.”

Read the full article at the Sun Gazette.


Virginia Green Party fields Arlington County Board candidate

From the Sun-Gazette:

The Arlington Green Party has nominated a candidate to take on Democrat Chris Zimmerman in November’s County Board election.

The party is backing Kevin Chisholm, formerly chief energy manager for Arlington Public Schools and a resident of Arlington for 29 years.

During his years in Arlington, Chisholm has been active in groups ranging from the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network (A-SPAN) and Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment to Habitat for Humanity and the Better Sports Club of Arlington. He also served on the Environment and Energy Conservation Commission.

The Green Party has fielded candidates for County Board each of the last five election cycles. Last year, its candidate, John Reeder, won 32 percent of the vote against Democratic incumbent Jay Fisette. (Republicans did not field a candidate in that race, and thus far have not fielded one for the 2010 race.)