SC Green Sue Edward Faces Only Democrat as Republican Speaker of the House Resigns Facing Indictment.

Sue Edward, SC GP nominee for House District 114

Sue Edward SC GP nominee for House District 114

Sue Edward, a long time co-chair of the South Carolina Green Party, has had a golden opportunity laid at her feet. The incumbent she is running against is House Speaker Bobby Harrell.

Harrell has been under investigation for two years under pressure from Republican and libertarian groups. He will reportedly confess to a series of misdemeanors, and resign his seat. He would also be removed from the ballot and state law seems to indicate that the Republicans will have no nominee in the race. Will the Republicans opt to vote for the Democrat, the Green, or not vote at all?

For more on Speaker Harrell’s criminal indictments, read below the fold.
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Wisconsin Greens Have Seven on Spring Ballots

In Wisconsin, Spring elections are mostly local, non-partisan elections. The Wisconsin Green Party has a long history of running and winning in these races.

In 2010, 7 Wisconsin Greens will be on the ballot. 5 are incumbents, 2 are running unopposed. Two candidates face February 16 Primaries.

Polk County

Kathy Kienholz is running for re-election to the Polk County Board (District 6). She was first elected in 2008. This year, according to the Osceola Sun, Kienholz will face 2 challengers in a February 16 primary that will eliminate one candidate.

Jeff Peterson is back in the race for Polk County Board (District 5) as a challenger this time. He was first elected in 2006, then defeated in 2008 by a stealth write-in campaign. This year he is challenging the man that beat him. Peterson first ran for office in 1994, for State Assembly. In 1998 he got 2% of the vote for the statewide State Treasurer race. In 2002 he was the Wisconsin Green Party candidate for Lt. Governor.

Winnebago County

Ronald Hardy is running for Oshkosh City Council, this is his first time running for office. There are 7 candidates in the at-large race running for 3 seats, meaning there will be a February 16 primary to narrow the field to six candidates. Hardy is the Chair of the City of Oshkosh Sustainability Board, a library administrator at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, and chair of the Lake Winnebago Green Party.

Two other Greens (Tony Palmeri and Bob Poeschl) are currently serving on the seven member Oshkosh City Council.

Dane County

In Dane County, home of Madison, Barbara Vedder and John Hendrick are both running unopposed for re-election to the Dane County Board. Vedder was first elected to the County Board in 2006. Prior to that, she served on the Madison City Council from 1995-2001. Her son is a former Green Elected, Echnaton Vedder.

John Hendrick was first elected to the Dane County Board in 2000.

Wyndham Manning, who was elected to the County Board in 2008, is not seeking re-election.

Jefferson County

In Jefferson County, Greg David is running for re-election to the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors. David is involved with the Natural Step for Sustainable Communities movement, and has helped educate Wisconsin Greens as well as many others about the Natural Ste. He has one opponent in the race.

Douglas County

David Conley is running for re-election to Douglas County Board of Supervisors, District 5. He was first elected to the County Board in 1986, making him the longest continuously serving Green in office at 24 years.

Fellow County Board Supervisor Bob Browne however is not running for re-election. He was first elected in 1992 and will have served for 18 years.

Portage County

Incumbent John Rendall is not seeking re-election to the Portage County Board of Supervisors. He was first elected in 2006, and re-elected in 2008.

Barron County

Incumbent John Hardin has left the Green Party and is now an Independent. Hardin was elected as a Green in 2002 and re-elected to the Barron County Board in 2004, 2006, and 2008.