Lynne Serpe writes instant runoff voting editorial for NY Daily News

Lynne Serpe, the Green Party candidate for New York City Council in District 22 (Astoria), responded to the recent primary runoff elections in NYC with an editorial in the New York Daily News championing instant runoff voting:

Holding two elections is expensive. It’s inconvenient. Voters get burned out and confused.

What’s the solution? A simple reform called instant runoff voting. Instant runoff guarantees majority winners in a single election by allowing voters to rank the candidates in their order of preference (1,2,3) on the very first ballot, rather than making them return to the polls two weeks later. (See the full article)


Lynne Serpe Campaign for NYC Council Tops $100,000

The latest Email Newsletter from the Lynne Serpe for NYC Council Campaign contains a lot of great news. This campaign should definitely top the list of campaigns to watch this November.

As we enter the final phase of our City Council Campaign, I want to share how far we’ve come here in District 22, all because of your support:

We turned in over four times the signatures needed to get on the ballot. Thank you to the dozens of volunteers who collected them and the thousands of district voters who stopped to sign.

We’ve opened our fabulous storefront campaign office at 25-23 Astoria Boulevard. Feel free to drop in, we’re there weekends and most week nights.

Our wonderful volunteers came out to the top 12 polling sights in the district on Primary Day and made sure voters knew they might not have had a choice then, but they’ll will have a clear choice on Election Day.
We just crossed the $100,000 point, thanks to donations from almost FOUR HUNDRED grassroots supporters, almost a dozen house parties and fun fundraising events and the NYC Matching Funds Program. THANK YOU EVERYONE THAT HELPED US GET THERE. And yes, that deserved all caps.
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Lynne Serpe campaign ready to start petitioning

Lynne Serpe is running for City Council in New York City, District 22, and must begin her petition drive soon to secure her place on the ballot. In a posting to her FaceBook page, supporter Brandon Lacy Campos invited her supporters to attend training to learn the petitioning process.

Please join us on Sunday, June 28th at 4pm for a petition training. Learn how to get Lynne Serpe on the ballot for November!

Date: Sunday June 28th
Time: 4pm
Location: 35-07 32nd St., APT 6D (35th Ave and 32nd St. in Astoria)

If you can’t make this date we will have a petition training on July 2nd @ 31-10 35th Street #1R.