Eco Action Committee issues brochures for Earth Day, water, 7th Generation Amendment

The Green Party’s Eco Action Committee has recently issued three brochures designed to promote ecological protection.

The first, issued on March 7th and covered here at Green Party Watch earlier, addresses water issues here and abroad.

The second, issued on April 4th, addresses a proposed Seventh Generation amendment to the Constitution which would read

“The right of citizens of the United States to use and enjoy air, water, sunlight and other renewable re-sources determined by the Congress to be common property shall not be impaired, nor shall such use impair their availability for use of future generations.”

This proposed amendment has been encouraged by Winnona LaDuke, GP Vice-Presidential nominee in 1996 and 2000.

The third, issued on April 14th, addresses Earth Day, and the Green Party’s role in protecting the planet. That brochure, just in time for Earth Day 2009 can be found here.

All these brochures are free to download and distribution by individual Greens is a great way to build, or create, a strong local group of like minded people into a focused Green Party chapter.

H/T to Mato Ska of California for the links.


Mato Ska on GPW Radio

In a webcast at Green Party Watch Radio, California Green Mato Skadiscussed Proposal 380, which says

Protecting water is a priority for the Green Party at the national, state and local levels

During the discussion, Mato Ska explained the reasons behind Proposal 380, how he and the rest of the EcoAction Committee see it benefiting state and local Green Party chapters and candidates, and gives real life examples of how this proposal will both separate the Green Party from the corporate parties and connect our own friends who may not normally think of one another as allies. Family farmers who need water for crops and city dwellers who want a reliable source of safe clean drinking water both have a shared interest in water conservation, re-use and recycling.

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Martin Zehr on India, Shiva and Water

New Mexico Green Mato Ska aka Martin Zehr has written for some time at OpEdNews.com. In a pre-view to an article he will publish there next week, Ska kindly sent this along for GPW visitors to enjoy first.


State control of resources and resource management has always been accepted on the basis that the public will can be more readily integrated with water management and allocations and diversions. Today there remains an additional concern for Greens and local water users. The disproportional influence of developers, Realtors and the home construction industry in local elections requires that structural reforms be made in resource management and urban planning issues. In addressing the position of Vandana Shiva and others on privatization of water and the World Bank there becomes a glaring contradiction between the needs of complex societies and water management. I include an article by the World Bank to provide a link between the accuser and the accused. The comparison is interesting if only in the context of the inadequacies of Vandana’s critique of globalization that are vague and nebulous.

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