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Dennis Trainor, Jr. of Acronym TV hired as Jill Stein for President communications director

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Dennis Trainor, Jr. interviewing Dr. Jill Stein on Acronym TV, which aired on Free Speech TV and online

Yesterday Dennis Trainor, Jr. sent out the following email to subscribers of Acronym TV:


Acronym TV, which had been on hiatus, is officially shutting down production.

I have been offered, and have proudly accepted, the job of Communications Director for Jill Stein for President.

More on that in a moment.

First I need to say thank you- it has been an amazing ride and none of it would have been possible without the amazing crowd-sourcing of support you have showered upon me.

It is not many people who are lucky enough to find a supportive audience for their work – and for these past many years, I have been blown away by the support you have shown me.

In addition to all those who donated and shared the work on social media, I need to extend a very special thank you to Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. As prime movers behind Popular Resistance, Margaret and Kevin were able to extend partial underwriting to Acronym TV for all of 2013 and much of 2014.

It was Margaret and Kevin who trusted me to serve as one of the core organizers in the pre-Occupy movement lead up to the occupation of Freedom Plaza. Their trust in me- a guy with a camera that they did not know from Adam- & just wanted to make some videos for the movement –opened the door for many opportunities and experiences that are among some of my proudest moments as a human being.

As I shut the door on Acronym TV- I can say I’m proud of where I was able to take the project and humbled that you helped me do it.

Acronym TV and it’s previous iterations have generated well over 35 million views on YouTube, held down a regular 30-minute slot on Cable TV (Thank you Free Speech TV) and produced two documentaries – American Autumn and Legalize Democracy – to wide acclaim.

Pretty cool, considering it all started with a viral video a few years ago as the part ranting/ part performance art stylings of the The Hermit with Davis Fleetwood (anyone remember that?) – made in my basement with a $200 camera, a few $15 clip lights, and a nom de plume.

More recently, as production values increased, expenses far outpaced income. I lost more money than I care to count in trying to keep Acronym TV producing content out of a full service TV studio last year.

I paid myself, and the expenses of producing Acronym TV, through a generous loan extended by a longtime supporter – and through donations from people like you.

In spite of the debt, I have no regrets- only gratitude.

So what is next for me?

After spending the first few months of this year working on freelance projects and trying to strike a deal that would allow me to continue producing Acronym TV at the same high standards we set in 2014 – an unexpected thing happened: I was offered, and have proudly accepted, the job of Communications Director for Jill Stein for President.

In closing down this chapter of my career, I enter into a wild new adventure that presents the opportunity to do meaningful work around ideas that I am passionate about.

Jill won me over with her commitment to make the campaign about bringing the struggles of front-line communities into the front lines of Presidential debate.

It will be my job to help craft and deliver that message, and I hope to have your support while doing so.

Keep standing for something.

With great appreciation and thanks,

March 2015

Media Coverage of the Jill Stein Nomination for President

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At the 2012 Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention, there was by far more media coverage this year than ever before. The Press Conferences were packed, and the media published stories about the Green Party and the candidates.

Here is a collection of *some* of the media coverage from this weekend and last week, as put together by Monte LeTourneau:

Democracy Now


Three videos in the top left sidebar of either of these two………

NY Times…


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Green Party News in Mainstream Media

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The Green Party is getting some press, and hopefully will be getting more leading up to this weekend’s National Convention in Baltimore. Here’s a roundup:

NPR Political Junkie: “The Green Party Makes Its Case As A Left-Leaning Alternative To Obama”

A brief overview of the platform and history of the Green Party starts this post, then this 2012 update:

2012 Greens. The party is holding its nominating convention Saturday, July 14 in Baltimore. The favorite for the nomination is Dr. Jill Stein, an environmental-health advocate who sought the Massachusetts governorship in both 2002 and 2010. She has already qualified for federal matching funds in 22 states. According to the Green Party website, Stein has 205 delegates (as of July 3) and has a huge lead over actress Rosanne Barr, with 84 delegates. Three other candidates are well behind.

USA Today: “For third-party candidates, playing field is uneven by state”

“The time, money and energy spent getting on the ballot is more than the time, money and energy spent once we are on the ballot in most of these states,” said Phil Huckleberry, co-chair of the ballot access committee for the Green Party.

Not necessarily “mainstream”, but from Insurance News: “Green Party: Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, America Needs Medicare For All”

Medicare For All would cover all Americans, provide full choice of physician and hospital, and cut costs dramatically: current Medicare administrative overhead is only 3%, while for-profit health insurance administrative overhead is as high as 30%. The Green Party also supports efforts to enact statewide single-payer legislation in many states.

Gallup: “Little Support for Third-Party Candidates in 2012 Election”

PRINCETON, NJ — U.S. registered voters show limited support for third-party candidates this year, with the vast majority preferring Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. A June 7-10 Gallup poll asked a special presidential preference question, listing three third-party candidates in addition to Obama and Romney. Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson is the choice of 3% of registered voters and Green Party candidate Jill Stein the choice of 1%. Another 2% volunteer Ron Paul’s name and 1% mention someone other than the listed candidates.

LeAlan Jones on Fox News Chicago (must see)

Posted in Congressional Campaigns on July 31st, 2010 by Ronald Hardy – 4 Comments

Amazing interview with Illinois Green Party candidate for US Senate LeAlan Jones on Fox News Chicago.

Media Coverage of Illinois State Green Party Meeting

Posted in Congressional Campaigns, State Party News on July 20th, 2009 by Ronald Hardy – 9 Comments

WICD ABC 15 has this televised coverage of the Illinois Green Party meeting this weekend. They interview Phil Huckelberry, and they focus a lot on LeAlan Jones, whom they suggest is considering running for the US Senate seat in 2010. I’m not sure, but this appears to be the same LeAlan Jones from Ghetto Life 101 and Our America. If so, here is a 2003 Democracy Now interview with Jones.

Godless in Chicago (Rob Sherman) has a write up on the Illinois GP meeting, with photos, highlighting Whitney, Phil Huckelberry and Matt Reichel.

The Daily Illini reports on the Illinois Green Party meeting, with focus on the local Campus Greens and Rich Whitney’s platform.

We look forward to “first hand reports” from the Illinois meeting here soon! (Candidates, Walter! Who’s in? Cough it up…)

Summer Issue Of Green Pages Now Online

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The Summer issue of Green Pages is now on-line at:

read … comment … spread


Tamez Stronghold
Indigenous response to the U. S. Border Wall
by Wendy Kenin, California Green Party

The dangers of the Connecticut campaign finance law
State Greens sue to pull down law prohibitive to minor parties
by Mike DeRosa, co-chair of the Green Party of Connecticut

Greens mourn a founding member
Guy Chichester of New Hampshire dies

This year’s gathering to be cost-effective and fun
2009 Annual National Meeting to be held in Durham, NC
by Jan Martell, North Carolina Green Party

The first 100 days under a Green Party administration
by John Rensenbrink, Maine Green Independent Party

The First 100 Days

Hunger strike for strong climate legislation continues
by SKCM-Curry, Green Party of California

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Green Party to Bill Maher: “We’re Over Here!”

Posted in National Greens, Press Release on July 1st, 2009 by Ronald Hardy – 6 Comments

For Immediate Release:
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party has sent an open letter to Bill Maher after a June 19 broadcast of ‘Real Time’ in which Mr. Maher said “[W]hat we need is an actual progressive party to represent the millions of Americans who aren’t being served by the Democrats. Because, bottom line, Democrats are the new Republicans.”

The Green Party’s reply to Mr. Maher: “Hey, Bill, we’re over here! What you described is the GREEN PARTY! We already exist!”

The progressive party sought by Bill Maher describes the Green Party: “Shouldn’t there be one party that unambiguously supports cutting the military budget, a party that is straight up in favor of gun control, gay marriage, higher taxes on the rich, universal health care — legalizing pot — and steep, direct taxing of polluters?”

The open letter urges Mr. Maher to acknowledge the Green Party and have a Green candidate or leader on the show. The text of the letter is appended below.
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Europe Ecologie Video La Crise

Posted in International Greens on June 20th, 2009 by Ronald Hardy – 7 Comments

The New York Times has an article today called “A Green Coalition Gathers Strength in Europe” by Steven Erlanger. A post-European Parliament Election piece, it goes from Daniel Cohn-Bendit to the European Green Coalition strategy, but what really got my attention was the link to this French language campaign video:

This is awesome. The Green Party is already using a lot of videos to spread the word but we need more and we need them run on mainstream television, not just the Internet. Put all the Green issues in one video and show the nation what Greens look like, much like this video from Some of All Parts.

Cynthia McKinney Speaks Out on Collision – CNN Video

Posted in Peace & Non-Violence on December 30th, 2008 by Ronald Hardy – 2 Comments

Yet Another Green Blackout in the Media

Posted in Congressional Campaigns on December 4th, 2008 by Ronald Hardy – 1 Comment

By Jason Neville, posted at Green Change:

In Final Days of Congressional Campaign, Green Party Candidate Fights Local Media Blackout in New Orleans

In the years following the collapse of the federal levees after Hurricane Katrina, activist Malik Rahim was busy organizing one of the most influential recovery organizations in the Gulf South. The organization he founded and currently leads, Common Ground Collective, was gutting houses and providing medical and legal services to tens of thousands of New Orleans residents.

His work was so prolific that it was featured on 60 minutes, ABC News, Democracy Now!, and a host of other shows.

“I’m from New Orleans, and I stayed here after the flood to serve my community, at a time when neglect from the federal government was as chilling as it was apparent,” said Rahim.

Even the local paper in New Orleans the Times-Picayune featured him in an article after the storm, stating that his work was “so far-reaching that it has brought over 10,000 volunteers to New Orleans since the city was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.”

But the media coverage ended once he decided to run for office this fall.
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DC Greens Respond to Washington Post McKinney Piece

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On Monday, the Washington Post published an article on Cynthia McKinney in the “Style” section entitled: “Stealth Candidacy“. While media coverage of the Green Party is rare from news publications such as the Washington Post, when it happens it is usually a wee bit negative. This article starts: “Spies. They’re probably in the room, she says ominously.” You can imagine the direction this is going to take from that start (or read it yourself).

Adding further insult to injury, the Washington Post chose to omit Cynthia McKinney from their Presidential Candidates web page, choosing instead to stick with Barack Obama and his three leading white male opponents (Chuck Baldwin was left off as well, as proof that it wasn’t a conspiracy against women).

The DC Greens have responded with the following release and well written response to the “Stealth Candidacy” article:

WASHINGTON, DC — The following response to an October 27 Washington Post article on Green presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney was prepared with the intent of submitting as a guest column.
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Arkansas Democrat-Gazette glowing endorsement of Richard Carroll

Posted in State Party News on October 29th, 2008 by Ronald Hardy – 2 Comments

Although the Green Party candidate Richard Carroll is the only candidate on the ballot, and the newspaper notes that clearly, nonetheless the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s endorsement of Richard Carroll for the Arkansas State Legislature is a big deal. The paper admits the decision was easy since he was the only one on the ballot, but goes on to state “…we’re not so sure we wouldn’t be endorsing Richard Carroll today even if the Democrats and Republicans had fielded candidates.”

Why? Read on…

If there’s an honest, down-to-earth straight-shooter on this year’s ballot, Richard Carroll seems to be it. He told us he was considering a write-in candidacy but decided to go with the Greens: “I don’t have to agree with all their platform, but as long as I don’t disagree publicly . . . .” Join the club, Mr. Carroll. Who always agrees with their party of choice? But show us a politician who’ll actually say that, and the conversation is getting close to being honest.

There are other reasons for the voters in HD 39 to go for Richard Carroll. If it were up to him, he says, the state would remove the grocery tax completely. He talks (and talks a lot) about bringing more jobs to the Little Rock area, especially in light manufacturing. He says he wants more vo-tech opportunities for young folks. And-this is a big concern in House District 39, and should be-he says he thinks the state should be doing more to fight crime. (“I would like to help in any way I can at the legislative level to help fund extra officers and programs . . . .”) Sounds like a plan.

Sounds like a solid candidate.

Sounds like a Green Party candidate who deserves to win a House seat.

Our choice in House District 39 is Richard Carroll.

Yes, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette actually likes Richard Carroll.

You can read the

The Blackout of Race & Gender

Posted in Editorials, Presidential Campaign, Social & Economic Justice on October 28th, 2008 by Ronald Hardy – 4 Comments

In an article at OpEdNews, Amee Chew makes a compelling case for the Cynthia McKinney / Rosa Clemente vote:

The Green Party Presidential ticket of Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente brings something special and unprecedented to U.S. politics. Not only are they the first all women-of-color ticket for President and Vice President. These women take racial justice seriously, and have made strides to put gender at the center of a progressive agenda. For these two, it’s more than skin deep.

They’re the Presidential ticket that talks about amnesty for undocumented workers, that opposes guest worker programs as riddled with abuses, because they believe a just immigration reform means addressing the trade and economic policies fueling poverty and migration. They’re the ticket that demands reparations in the form of federal investment in low-income families and communities of color, to end racial disparities in health, housing, education, and incarceration. They call for the right of return for Katrina survivors; an end to prisons for profit, to the War on Drugs. And they speak of reproductive justice – not just the right to abortion, but actual healthcare access; of freedom from coerced or uninformed medication and sterilization.

Very well said, and the article continues to emphasize the “movement building” aspect to the Power to the People campaign and the Green Party.

Unfortunately, she also brings up the dreaded “safe states strategy” that tormented the Green Party for years, but I’ll pretend that those 6 sentences were interjected to appeal to Obama supporters driven by fear.

The rest of the article itemizes the blackout of the McKinney / Clemente message by not only the main stream media but by the traditional “progressive” organizations such as NOW,, and Comedy Central’s Indecision2008 (although I wouldn’t consider that “progressive” per se…)

The article is worth a read.

The Market and the Media

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The news goes from bad to worse as the stock market actions of the past month begin to hit the corporate realities. The world has changed as assets once held dissolve by individuals with 401(k)s and stock portfolios. Corporate expansion plans are thrown overboard as their stock plunges and banks hold tight to their remaining assets. Around the world the dominoes fall and continue the cascade of collapse. So, there is little help there.

Commentators tell us to “hold” our stock and New Age “Prosperity” theologians are given equal time with smiley commentators. Face it, the news is filled with a multitude of Pollyanna wisdom from stock portfolio managers giving us financial advice, while they themselves undoubtedly dumped their own stocks long ago. Not only that but then, we have those like Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC who is married to Alan Greenspan, former head of the Fed, providing us insight on the latest stories on the financial collapse. In an article in the Columbia Journalism Review, Megan Garber pointedly discerned the conflict inherent in such a situation: “’What went wrong?’ should be a standard question Mitchell and other journalists are asking right now. When one potential answer to that question is ‘Alan Greenspan,’ there’s a conflict. A big one. We are told repeatedly that it’s all just a matter of confidence. We gotta believe, that all.”

First, the bad vibes from Wall Street was just because Congress was dragging their feet on the bailout (I mean “rescue plan” in the gotta believe world). Then President Bush comes on television and tells us “anxiety feeds anxiety” as if this presents some sort of Socratic wisdom. Then, GM assures us it has “no bankruptcy plans”. In the world of reassurances this amounts to throwing a rescue line to a drowning man that is attached to an anchor on the other end. No help for those who have seen their retirement funds go under for the third time.

Looking to the future presents a new scenario needed. The lack of leadership, real leadership, underscores the political vacuum within the ruling elite of America. It poses the very real question of “Who’s minding the store?” In a Presidential election year, we continue to hear the “other guy” is to blame on the premise that nothing could be done by the opposition. That accounts for the drug war, that explains the war in Iraq, that explains the Patriot Act, that explains the failures of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, that explains the widening income gap between rich and poor.

And the list goes on as the news worsens. Potential home buyers increase cancellations of purchases by 10%, consumer and auto loan delinquencies continue to grow as even commercial banks are holding back on repos, the worlds markets continue to plunge. Just where is the assurance in the real world that we are being spoon fed by the media? One email to CNN’s POWER LUNCH pointedly commented: “Words, words, words. That’s all we’ve seen so far is words.” While this brought a brief scoffing by the panelists, there is little in that email’s revelation that can truly be refuted by evidence.

McKinney on C-Span Sunday, really, honest

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C-Span is saying that the Cynthia McKinney interview with Road to the White House that was supposed to run last Sunday (but was bumped by a Sarah Palin re-run) WILL air at the regular time this Sunday September 14 (6:30 EST, and again at 9:30 EST). For real this time.

C-Span fielded a LOT of calls from upset Greens over the snub last weekend, particularly since a number of Cynthia McKinney house parties were scheduled around the show.

Word is the interview will be coupled with footage from the Ron Paul press conference this week.