Green Shadow Cabinet: The ACA is the wrong direction; Time for Medicare For All

green shadow cabinetFrom Dr. Margaret Flowers, Secretary of Health in the Green Shadow Cabinet:

In what is perhaps the greatest corporate scam ever, not only did the health insurance corporations write the federal health law, called the Affordable Care Act (ACA), to enhance their profits, but now they also have the government and non-profit groups doing the work of marketing their shoddy products. The foundation of the ACA, the mandate that uninsured individuals purchase private insurance if they do not qualify for public insurance, begins in 2014 and the state health insurance exchanges where people can purchase that insurance opened on October 1. A new non-profit organization called Enroll America was created to organize and train grassroots activists to seek out the uninsured (they even provide maps) and assist them in using the exchanges. Continue Reading


The Green Party appeals to Labor: Democrats have failed working people — help elect Greens to Congress

The Green Party national office issued the following statement today, Labor Day.




For Immediate Release:
Monday, September 7, 2009

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The Green Party appeals to Labor: Democrats have failed working people — help elect Greens to Congress

WASHINGTON, DC — Calling organized labor’s support for Democrats an “investment that hasn’t paid off,” Green Party leaders appealed to unions and all working Americans, calling for support for the election of Green candidates to Congress in the 2010 election.

On Labor Day 2009, Greens expressed their solidarity with working people with a call to “come home to the Green Party.”

Quotes from Greens:

• Howie Hawkins, Teamster (Local 317), Green candidate for Syracuse City Council in 2009 (http://www.howiehawkins.com), and 2008 candidate for Congress in New York, District 25: “The Democrats’ attitude towards unions has been ‘you have to support us, you have nowhere else
to turn.’ That’s no longer true. Unions and working people have a home in the Green Party.” Continue Reading