Midge Potts, Missouri Progressives Endorse Nuclear Disarmament Initiative

The Progressive Party of Missouri, which is affiliated with the Green Party of the United States, is running Midge Potts for U.S. Senate. The PPM met this weekend where they endorsed the “Proposition One Nuclear Disarmament Tour” and held a press conference yesterday at the Honeywell Bomb Plant in Kansas City with the Physicians for Social Responsibility.

The Press Release below was distributed following:

Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Transformation Endorsed by Progressive Party of Missouri

US Senate Candidate Speaks in Support of Proposition One at Honeywell Nuclear Bomb Plant Press Conference in Kansas City

On Saturday, October 3, at their annual state meeting in Columbia, the Progressive Party of Missouri voted unanimously to endorse the efforts of the Proposition One Nuclear Disarmament Tour that is traveling the country to put nuclear disarmament on the ballot in 2010.

US Senate Candidate Midge Potts and members of Kansas City Greens joined Physicians for Social Responsibility-KC and Proposition One in a press conference at the Honeywell Bomb Plant in Kansas City at 3pm Tuesday, October 6. “The Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act needs to be passed into law,” said Midge Potts, Co-Chair of the Progressive Party of Missouri, “HR 1653 would transform the jobs at Honeywell’s Kansas City factory into more sustainable occupations fueling a new economy producing green technologies.”

Progressive Party of Missouri


Green mayoral candidate attacked at St. Louis town hall

Elston McCowan, a Baptist minister and SEIU union official who ran for mayor of St. Louis in 2009 on the Green Party line, was attacked at an 8/6 town hall forum on healthcare reform outside St. Louis in Mehlville, MO. As reported by Patrick M. O’Connell of the St. Louis Dispatch, both tea party protesters and SEIU counter-protesters blame each other for instigating the violence.

Among the injured was Kenneth Gladney, 38, of St. Louis. He said he was with the Tea Party, handing out yellow flags with “Don’t tread on me” printed on them, when he was assaulted. He said he sought hospital treatment for injuries to his knee, back, elbow, shoulder and face.

“I was attacked for something I believe in,” he said.

But Elston McCowan, an SEIU staffer, said Gladney was actually an instigator. McCowan accused Gladney of attacking him as he walked to his car. McCowan said he suffered a dislocated shoulder.

“Out of nowhere, the guy just assaults me,” said McCowan, 47, of St. Louis.

This Youtube video of the incident gives a better idea of what happened. Continue Reading


Mainstream Media election reports – updated

WGN, the Chicago Super Station, covers Matt Reichel’s campaign for US House in Illinois’ 5th District, as does the Baltimore Sun, although the Sun article is very short. The Denver Post also has a very brief report.

The News Gazette covers the Urbana vote twice.

More as it comes in.

Over at Pioneer Local, reporter Patrick Butler quotes all the candidates in the 5th congressional district race in Illinois, including Matt Reichel who is quoted saying that if the newly elected Democrat supports single-payer healthcare he will have all the progressives supporting him. Reichel also points out that Chicago is fast following the examples set in San Francisco and St. Louis, becoming the second biggest party in what is effectively a one-party town.

USA Today has a very brief report on the same race.

The St Louis Post and Dispatch has a fairly detailed report on elections in that city.


Dazed and confused

Before hitting the sack I thought I would take a quick look at the St. Louis races.

According to the St Louis election website, none of the candidates running with the Gateway Greens is on the ballot. The linked site is a PDF.

I may be missing something, but it appears that either the Gateway Greens are engaging in a write-in only campaign, the St. Louis authorities are not reporting on their campaigns, or I have missed something completely.


Green Mayoral nominee’s van firebombed

As reported at Independent Political Report, Green Party mayoral candidate Rev. Elston K. McCowan was the victim of a firebombing at his home in St. Louis. According to an article at Counter Punch written by Don Fitz, McCowan has gotten a rise out of the political establishment with his assertive approach to campaigning, and had his van firebombed as a result.

McCowan and the Gateway Greens are not a part of the Green Party of the United States, but rather are associated with the Greens USA, a national membership organization not associated with the GPUS. A number of news articles about the incident can be found here.


Connecticut, St. Louis, & Cuba

Stories from other sources today (it is one of those days!)

Connecticut Green Party sues over dirty “clean election” law (Posted “on the Wilderside“)

Minor parties like the Greens, by contrast, can only get the full grant if they raise the benchmark amount of cash, and if they won 20 percent of the vote for a seat the prior election, or submit valid signatures equal to 20 percent of the vote…

Independent Political Report links to a story about a potential Green Party candidate for Mayor of St. Louis:

The Green Party’s Elston K. McCowan, a preacher and union official, was the first mayoral hopeful to declare his intention to challenge incumbent Francis Slay.

And while he has been stumping for weeks, McCowan is yet to officially file.

McKinney and Sheehan: Human Rights Delegates in Cuba – read their dispatch at “On the Wilderside“:

McKinney: On the morning of December 10, 2008, Cindy Sheehan, Nelson Valdes, Saul Landau, and I signed a declaration as the U.S. delegates to an international conference assessing sixty years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights sponsored by the Network of Networks in Defense of Humanity. Here is our declaration:
We celebrate sixty years of failure…


Lead Paint in Schools

The Reverend Elston McCowan, a Green Party candidate for Mayor of St. Louis next year, speaks out about the prevalence of lead paint in the St. Louis school system in this AP piece in the Missourian:

[McCowan] said people have known for decades that exposing children to lead could harm them. Lead paint has been banned for residential use since 1978, but is still present in older buildings.

“We don’t want to be apathetic about a problem just because somebody hasn’t solved it,” he said.

The article paints an ugly picture of the state of lead paint in schools in America.


Missouri Progressive Party certifies McKinney/Clemente as write-in candidates

From the Joplin Independent

The Progressive Party of Missouri announced that they have filed the required paperwork with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office to allow Green Party presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney to be a certified write-in candidate in the November 4th general election. McKinney, a former six-term congresswoman from Georgia was nominated to be at the top of the Green Party’s historic all woman presidential ticket at their July nominating convention in Chicago. Rosa Clemente, a hip-hop activist journalist from New York was chosen to be the Green Party’s nominee for vice-president.

Midge Potts, state co-chair of the Progressive Party of Missouri, said, “I am proud to be able to write-in Cynthia McKinney for president on my ballot this year. Missourians are demanding real change in the American political system, and Congresswoman McKinney’s Power to the People movement is appealing to many.” Potts is herself running as a write-in candidate for US representative against House Republican Whip Roy Blunt in Missouri’s 7th Congressional District.

McKinney has earned a reputation for seeking honest answers from Bush administration officials. While serving in the US House of Representatives, she vigorously questioned former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in regard to the $2.3 trillion missing in the Pentagon’s budget. McKinney also filed articles of impeachment against George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condoleezza Rice.

As president, McKinney claims she would responsibly end the US military occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, work to create a Department of Peace, and implement a not-for-profit single-payer health care system.