Green Change: 10 Growing Green Campaigns

From GreenChange.org:

Here are ten growing Green campaigns from around the country. Our Green candidates are the true leaders of the Green movement.  They are working hard for all of us, and they need your help.  Please support them by donating and volunteering today.


Rich Whitney is a civil rights attorney who received over 10% of the vote for Governor of Illinois in 2006. He has proposed a detailed plan to fix Illinois’ budget shortfall and invest in green public works through public banking and progressive taxation, while his opponents Pat Quinn, Bill Brady and Scott Lee Cohen have not offered plans of their own. Whitney is advocating for single-payer health care, a living wage, free higher education and legalization of marijuana. Whitney needs at least 5% of the vote to maintain a ballot line for the growing Illinois Green Party, which is running 47 candidates at all levels this year. Learn more about Rich Whitney’s campaign and how you can help.


Jesse Johnson is a leader in the battle against mountaintop removal coal mining, which he calls “ground zero for global climate change.” He is the only candidate in the race who opposes mountaintop removal, which Democrat Joe Manchin and Republican John Raese both support. Johnson has been endorsed by WV Democrat Ken Hechler, a former member of Congress and mountaintop removal opponent who challenged Manchin in the primary. Watch Jesse Johnson whip up the crowd at the Appalachia Rising rally in Washington DC on September 27th. Learn more about Jesse Johnson’s campaign and how you can help.


John Gray is the Mayor of Greenland, Arkansas and an advocate for single-payer health care, worker’s rights, and ending corporate personhood. His opponents are Republican John Boozman, conservative independent Trevor Drown, and Democrat Blanche Lincoln, a leading recipient of Wal-Mart campaign cash who has fought to weaken health care reform and stop the Employee Free Choice Act. Gray’s priorities include breaking up “too-big-to-fail” corporations, ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and putting Americans back to work. Learn more about John Gray’s campaign and how you can help.


Tom Clements is a veteran activist against nuclear proliferation who has worked for Greenpeace, the Nuclear Control Institute, and Friends of the Earth. He is running against far-right incumbent Republican Jim DeMint and Democrat Alvin Greene, who faces felony obscenity charges. Clements is a strong advocate for green jobs, single-payer health care, and halting the abuses of big corporations and their political cronies like DeMint. He has been endorsed by the Greater Columbia Central Labor Council. Learn more about Tom Clements’ campaign and how you can help.


Laura Wells is a financial manager and democracy activist who is campaigning on a plan to fix California’s budget crisis and provide quality affordable health care and education to all. Despite widespread dissatisfaction among voters with Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican Meg Whitman, organizers of an “eco-friendly” gubernatorial debate on Oct. 12 are denying Wells the chance to offer her Green solutions to voters. Wells and local Green officeholders will join supporters at an open debate demonstration outside the debate in San Rafael. Learn more about Laura Wells’ campaign and how you can help.


Luisa Evonne Valdez is running for Arizona State House in District 15, which covers central Phoenix. Valdez is a disabled veteran and advocate for LGBTQ and veterans’ rights who was recently named one of “40 Hispanic leaders under 40″ by the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She is campaigning to bring a voice for equal rights, community-based economics, renewable energy and sustainability to Arizona state government. Learn more about Luisa Evonne Valdez’s campaign and how you can help.


Dan Craigie is running for Minnesota State House in District 59B in Minneapolis. Craigie, whose background includes working as a Navy technician, is a strong advocate for green jobs, single-payer health care, and equal rights. With the support of Cam Gordon, a Green who has twice won election to Minneapolis City Council, Craigie is running a muscular on-the-ground campaign to become the first Green elected to Minnesota’s legislature. Learn more about Dan Craigie’s campaign and how you can help.


David Ellison of Cleveland is running for Cuyahoga County Executive in Ohio. Ellison is an architect and community activist who has led the fight for community-driven development. In a race with five other candidates, Ellison stands out as a supporter of community-based economics and environmental sustainability. He supports creating a public bank and investing in local food production to strengthen the local economy. Learn more about David Ellison’s campaign and how you can help.


Edward Shadid is running for Oklahoma State House in District 85 in Oklahoma City. Shadid is a medical doctor and advocate for healthy, sustainable lifestyles. His campaign is focusing attention on the issue of ballot access reform in Oklahoma, which makes it harder than any state for Greens and other independents to qualify for the ballot. Ralph Nader recently joined Shadid for a campaign rally in Oklahoma City – watch the video here. Learn more about Edward Shadid’s campaign and how you can help.


Cheryl Wolfe is running for Montana State House in District 11, which covers parts of Flathead and Lake Counties north of Missoula. Wolfe is an accountant and community activist from Polson. She is running against incumbent Republican Janna Taylor, a supporter of more oil and coal industry development in Montana. Wolfe’s campaign gives Montanans the choice of voting for green jobs, sustainable development, progressive taxation, instant runoff voting and more. Learn more about Cheryl Wolfe’s campaign and how you can help.


David Rovics 9/12 benefit concert for Cheryl Wolfe in Polson, MT

From Montana Green Party candidate for State House District 11 Cheryl Wolfe:

David Rovics Concert – Polson, Montana – September 12th 4PM
July 20, 2010

Pete Seeger himself put it simply: “Listen to David Rovics.”

When: Sunday, September 12, 2010 – 4 pm

Where: Glacier Brewing Company Polson, MT   show map

Benefit Concert for Vote Cheryl Wolfe– All Ages—Music and Special Extras


State Green Party meetings in June in TX, MN, MT

In addition to the Green Party of the United States Annual National Meeting set for June 22-26 in Detroit, state Green Parties in Texas, Minnesota and Montana have meetings planned for June.

Saturday 12 June

Texas Green Party 2010 State Convention – San Antonio

Minnesota Green Party Summer Membership Meeting – St. Cloud

Saturday 19 June

Montana Green Party 2010 Annual Meeting – Polson

Tuesday 22 June – Saturday 26 June

Green Party of the United States Annual National Meeting – Detroit, MI


Montana Green Party’s Cheryl Wolfe announces campaign for state house

Montana Green Party candidate Cheryl Wolfe of Polson has announced her campaign for Montana House District 11. Wolfe will face the winner of a three-way Republican primary in November. From the Montana Green Party:

With the help of local volunteers, Cheryl Wolfe gained enough signatures to get on the ballot as a minor party candidate. “Lots of people don’t know about the Green Party but most of the people I spoke with felt that increased public participation is a good thing. Many people who signed are not Green Party members but felt as I do, that too many of our elected representatives are working for party politics, special interests and the money and power that paid to put them there. As an ordinary person I don’t feel represented and wanted a better choice. That’s why I’m running,” said Ms. Wolfe. Continue Reading


Republican sore losers in Montana

In an article at Independent Political report, it was reported that Bob Kelleher, a member of Montana’s Green Party, won the Republican nomination in a six way race.

Well, while Greens are routinely called to accept that we have a “two party system”, apparently Republicans are not content to let the voters decide. According to an Associated Press article, at least two of these defeated Republicans can’t take being beaten at the ballot box, and plan an independent run as a write-in candidate.


Former Green candidates – Oregon Prison, Montana Republican, New Mexico Independent

A handful of stories out there in the press mention former Green Party candidates for Congress – but why are they in the news now?

Tre Arrow, who took in 15,763 votes in his 2000 bid for the U.S. House in Oregon (placing 3rd of 5 candidates) is going to prison:

Tre Arrow, 34, pleaded guilty to the destruction of concrete-mixing trucks in Portland in April 2001 and to firebombing logging trucks at a contested logging sale near Mount Hood in June 2001.

Arrow was considered a fugitive at one point, and the FBI claims he is an agent of ELF (Earth Liberation Front). Arrow has a colorful past.

In Montana, Bob Kelleher, who ran for US Senate in 2002 (2.3%) and Governor in 2004 (1.9%) as a Green just won an upset victory in the Montana Senate primary yesterday…as a Republican:

The new nominee’s views are far from the mainstream Republican party in Montana. He has run as both a Democratic and a Green Party candidate, and he has advocated more gun control. Kelleher did not return several calls seeking comment on Election Night.

And in New Mexico, former Green Party activist and candidate Carol Miller, who in 1997 took 17% of the vote in a special election to fill U.S. House seat running on the Green Party ticket, is poised to submit 12,000 signatures to run for Congress this year as an Independent.