Hirsh to run for New York state Senate as Green

hirshNewsday reports that Green Party candidate Laurence Hirsh “has formed a campaign committee to run in the April 19 special election in Nassau County’s 9th Senate District for the seat vacated by ex-Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos.”

Hirsh was a Green candidate for the Nassau County Legislature in 2015.


Long Island Greens say ballot lines have been “hijacked”

gpnys_logoNew York’s Newsday reports reports that Green Party leaders in Nassau County and Suffolk County “say their ballot lines have been hijacked by Republican and Democratic judicial candidates who aren’t party members — and whose political views sometimes clash with Green Party stances.”

Two Republicans and two Conservative Party members won the Green primaries for judgeships in Suffolk County last month, while “in Nassau, Republicans for the first time ran candidates for the Green Party line for County Court, Surrogate’s Court and District Court in the September primary — although Democrats won all the contests. No Green Party candidates were running in those races.”

Long Island Green Party leaders “say the maneuvering creates confusion among voters because the major party candidates often have policy stances at odds with the Green Party’s record on issues, including environmental protection.” The New York Green Party “does not cross-endorse candidates because the two major parties accept corporate donations.”


Nassau County, NY Greens run write-in candidates to protect ballot line integrity

From Long Island Newsday:

Nassau’s Green Party is planning on writing in their own party’s candidates for four county legislative districts in Tuesday’s primary “in response to aggressive Democratic and Republican attempts to steal Green Party ballot lines in the upcoming elections,” chairman Jim Brown says.

In a news release, Brown said four registered Green party members “have stepped forward to run in order to protect our hard-won ballot line and preserve the integrity of our party.” Continue Reading