Sat. 2/23: Green Campaign School in Worcester, MA

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You can make a difference!

Saturday, February 23, 9:30am – 5:30pm

First Unitarian Church of Worcester

90 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts

What: This one-day campaign school will give you the tools and training you need to create a new political climate in your community.  The emphasis is upon giving voters clean, green candidates to move us beyond politics-as-usual at the town and state level.

Who should attend:  Anyone who 1) is thinking about running for office as a Green (Green-Rainbow) candidate, 2) wants to acquire the skills to help their favorite candidate succeed, or 3) wants to sharpen their organizing skills in support of their party or nonprofit organization.

Special speakers:  Jill Stein, 2012 Green Party candidate for President, will talk about her experiences campaigning across America in 2012 & Rosa Clemente, the 2008 Green Party candidate for Vice-President, and nationally known community organizer, independent journalist and hip-hop activist will give her take on what we need to do in this political moment.

Workshops: Workshops will address campaign planning, use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, websites, fundraising, message development, get-out-the-vote activities, running for local offices, and campaign organization.

Leaders: In addition to workshop leaders from the Green-Rainbow Party and Maine Green Party, we are fortunate to welcome Ben Manski of Madison, Wisconsin, campaign manager, of the groundbreaking Jill Stein for President campaign. Continue Reading


Nat Fortune Questions Opponents’ Independence

From Massachusetts:


In brief remarks today, Green-Rainbow Party State Auditor candidate Nat Fortune welcomed Mary Connaughton and Suzanne Bump to the contest for State Auditor this November. “I congratulate my opponents in this November’s election on their party primary victories, and look forward to the debate on who we can best trust to be an independent watchdog for our cities, towns and schools,” Fortune began. He continued, “Connaughton and Bump both have long track records as insiders on Beacon Hill. Not surprisingly, they are already amassing sizable contributions from the finance industry, insurance industry, and lobbyists on Beacon Hill. Can they really be trusted to track down giveaways of our tax dollars to these industries?” Asked how he differed from his two opponents, Fortune stated that “as the only candidate for state auditor who does not accept contributions from lobbyists, and as the only candidate independent of the parties running Beacon Hill, voters can be confident that as state auditor, I will answer only to the people of Massachusetts.”


Tom Neilson Song for Jill Stein Campaign

Have a listen to the song Tom Neilson wrote for Green Party candidates running for statewide office in Massachusetts, including Jill Stein for Governor, Rick Purcell for Lt. Governor and Nat Fortune for State Auditor.

Just follow the money & you’ll find your money where
Your money is like honey in the corporation lair
But if Beacon Hill you want to redefine
Put your check on the ballot for Purcell, Fortune, and Stein.


Nat Fortune, MA Green for auditor, profiled in Boston Globe

The Boston Globe has an article entitled “The Battle for State Auditor” profiling this year’s candidates for Massachusetts State Auditor, including Nat Fortune of the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party:

An especially interesting political profile in the auditor’s race belongs to Green-Rainbow Party candidate Nathanael Fortune. He’s a Smith College associate professor of physics who focuses on renewable energy. Fortune, also chairman of the Whately School Committee, jumped in after analyzing state and local contributions to education funding.

“I don’t see a way to continue having schools worth paying for if we don’t start being more efficient and fair in how we raise our funds,’’ Fortune said. “I’m really trying to make it possible to have better government services more affordably.’’

The Green-Rainbow Party website contains the following statement about Fortune’s campaign: Continue Reading


Jill Stein: Investigate the big fish first

Jill Stein, the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party candidate for governor, released the following statement yesterday:

BOSTON (May 5, 2010) – Today Green-Rainbow gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein rejected the suggestion of Republican Charlie Baker who was quoted yesterday as saying that state assistance in housing and legal defense could be withdrawn from state residents on the basis of “lifestyle” investigations into whether they were sufficiently poor to need help.

“If we’re going to start investigating lifestyles, let’s start by first investigating the lifestyles of Deval Patrick and Charlie Baker’s wealthy corporate friends who are pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars in needless taxpayer giveaways.” Stein retorted.

Stein pointed out that Deval Patrick’s Economic Assistance Coordinating Council has approved 1399 of 1400 applications for corporate tax breaks, sometimes giving an “incentive” for a facility expansion that was already completed.

“The place to start investigating is at the top, not the bottom” Stein asserted. “In recent years, both Democratic and Republican administrations have wasted billions in poorly justified giveaways to well-connected Beacon Hill players. Charlie Baker wants to get people riled up about some poor person on the bottom rung of the economic ladder who could be squeezed a little harder. That’s just a distraction from the real housecleaning that needs to take place on Beacon Hill”.

Stein noted that her three rivals, Deval Patrick, Charlie Baker, and Tim Cahill, have already raised millions of dollars from the very corporate interests that have been the beneficiaries of sweetheart deals with little public benefit. “It’s clear from the money they have already taken that there is little chance that any of them will have the stomach for the reforms that are needed to get this waste under control. It’s going to take a real outsider administration to start the needed clean-up. That’s why our campaign is refusing money from the corporate lobbyists – so we will have a free hand to decide which programs make sense and which need to be eliminated.”

Stein noted that the Green-Rainbow Party’s candidate for State Auditor, Nat Fortune, has promised to use that office to conduct a thorough review of whether taxpayers are getting their money’s worth in various state programs. “Nat says we have to forget all the political deals that led to these programs being set up, and just evaluate them on their merits, letting the chips fall where they may. I’m looking forward to working with Nat on this, because the potential cost savings for taxpayers will be enormous.”


MA Green-Rainbow candidates to challenge incumbents in 2010

From the Belmont Citizen-Herald:

Northampton, Mass. — Voters are in the mood for change, according to the Green-Rainbow Party candidates nominated at the weekend meeting of the party’s State Committee in Northampton.

Nominated were: Health and environmental advocate Jill Stein for governor, Holyoke veterans’ activist Rick Purcell for lieutenant governor, Nat Fortune, a physicist at Smith College, for State Auditor. Scott Laugenour was nominated as a candidate for state representative in the 4th Berkshire District. The party also endorsed independent candidate Peter White who is running for Congress in the 10th Congressional District (being vacated by Rep. William Delahunt).

Mark Miller, a former journalist and newspaper co-owner in Pittsfield, told committee members he has just launched a campaign for the House seat in the Third Berkshire District, and expects to apply for the GRP nomination in July. Continue Reading


Upcoming Massachusetts Green Party regional conventions

From the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party:

Green-Rainbow Party Regional Conventions provide a great opportunity to meet fellow Party members and supporters in your community, share your ideas, discover ways to support action on your key issues by working with others, and to get involved playing an important role in an important, high-profile campaign! This year’s slate of six regional conventions will feature appearances by gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein; Rick Purcell, candidate for Lieutenant Governor; Nat Fortune, running for Auditor of Massachusetts; and other candidates for local and legislative offices.

Read on for details about the regional conventions: Continue Reading