Green Party presidential primary calendar

primaryThis is a partial list of Green Party state-level presidential nominating events. This list will be updated when possible, and all available results will be posted on Green Party Watch.



  • Arizona: Primary (March 22)
  • California: Primary (June 7)
  • Colorado: State party meeting (April 3)
  • Delaware: Convention (May)
  • District of Columbia: Primary (June 14)
  • Illinois: Online voting (Jan. 25-Feb. 14), Primary (March 15)
  • Maine: Primary (June 14)
  • Massachusetts: Primary (March 1)
  • Minnesota: Caucus (March 1)
  • Nebraska: Convention (TBD)
  • New York: Convention (June 11)
  • Ohio: Primary (March 15), Convention (April 3)
  • Texas: Convention (April 9-10)

The Green Party of the United States has recognized five presidential candidates: Darryl Cherney, Bill Kreml, Kent Mesplay, Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry, and Jill Stein. States have different standards for listing candidates in their primaries, so not all candidates will be on all primary ballots.The nominees for president and vice president will be selected at the Green National Convention in Houston, August 4-7.


Kansas City conference on building Green parties in KS, MO, AR, IA, NE with Jill Stein

Jill_Stein_432From Green Party US:

Transforming Politics On The Prairie: Building The Green Party In The Midwest

The Greens of Kansas City and the Progressive Party of Missouri invite you to a five-state Green Organizing Meeting

A conference for Greens in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, and Nebraska  – JUNE 13-15, 2014

Keynote speaker, Jill Stein

Never in the history of our country has there been a greater need for a new, vibrant party. With 60% of the people saying “We need a third party,” our holistic message and strong moral foundation put us in a unique position to accept the challenge. The Greens are leading the way in many parts of the country, and this meeting is intended to bring multi-state leadership together, to confer and develop plans for rejuvenating our Green Parties in the Prairie States. Continue Reading


Four More Election Day Wins

Sent by Brent McMillan, Executive Director of GPUS:

Herb Gura was re-elected to Konocti Unified School Board, Lake County
He will be about to start his third four year term.
He finished third of six candidates for three seats with 1,638 votes or 18.2%

Jim Smith, President of the Canyon School Board, Canyon Township, Contra Costa, CA was up for re-election this fall. Since no one filed to run against him, no election was held, technically a win. He was rolled over into the next term.

Steve Larrick won his re-election to Lower Platte 5 Natural Resources District, Lancaster County
1/2 for 1 seat, 1,720 votes 60.08% final result

Enrique Valdivia won his re-election to Edwards Aquifer Authority Board District 7, Bexar County, TX
“The Edwards Aquifer Authority Board of Directors, at its regular meeting September 14, canceled elections in four director districts and declared the unopposed candidates in each district elected to office. None of the four candidates drew opposition in the upcoming general election and, therefore, the holding of an election was not required. In Bexar County, Ron Ellis (District 5) and Enrique Valdivia (District 7) were each declared winners.”


Green News Roundup

In an article at American Chronicle titled The Preacher and the Billionaire – the Battle for New York’s soul, the author argues that Rev. Billy Talen will use the freedom that comes from perceived weakness to reach out one-on-one and one neighborhood at a time in his effort to unseat billionaire media mogul Michael Bloomberg. Full disclosure, I am the author.

In a press release the national Green Party has highlighted local Green Party chapters and their efforts to celebrate Earth Day, with a particular focus on water. To illustrate local efforts, the press release says, in part,

Gordon Clark, the 2008 candidate for Congress in Maryland (8th District) has started a group called Montgomery Victory Gardens, which will promote backyard and community gardens in Montgomery County. He is lining up support for the effort from groups like the Organic Consumers Association and the Grow It, Eat It program.

Phoenix Biz Journal discusses an appearance by Ralph Nader and Ed Begley Jr. at that city’s Valley Forward’s annual Livability Summit.

Two state press releases were issued recently. One, from the Green Party of Pennsylvania calls for action to prevent the nomination of John Hanger as Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection. The second, from the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts calls Democrats on a budgetary “Double Whammy”.

“While Democrats in D.C. are giving hundreds of billions of tax dollars to their friends on Wall Street, the Democrats in Boston are slashing local aid. They’re hitting Massachusetts families from both directions,” says Jill Stein, co-chair of the Green Rainbow Party (GRP). “Corporations get a bailout. Working families get a black eye.”

Our friends at Independent Political Report have beaten us to the punch recently, to their credit. They found an article congressional candidate Matt Reichel had written at OpEdNews.Com about his campaign to replace Rahm Emmanuel, President Obama’s Chief of Staff. Here is a taste

Now, if one ranting and raving peace activist with a campaign manager asleep on an inflatable air mattress alongside piles of campaign literature can register over 7% of the vote in just 5 weeks, imagine what could happen if the party had a little organization to it. Imagine if instead of hating the media, we learned to mingle a little with the corporate news hotshots and convinced them that Green is the future! Imagine if instead of always being negative, we were occasionally positive: if we smiled and said, “history is on our side!”

Tonight Green Party candidate for US Senate in Nebraska, Steven Larrick participated in a forum titled THIRD PARTY PERSPECTIVES AND THE ECONOMIC CRISIS at the University of Nebraska Kearney in Copeland Hall, Room 142 at 7 PM. If you’re not there…get there fast!

Minnesota Daily reports that the Democrat Farmer Labor Party has not endorsed Cam Gordon in his reelection bid for Minneapolis city council, but will work for his reelection.


Nebraska Boots Third Parties

In Nebraska the Green Party, Libertarian Party, and Nebraska Party have all been notified that they are no longer recognized parties in Nebraska. Letters have been sent to all registered voters in those parties that their registrations will be changed to unaffiliated.

What was the crime of these three parties? None of them earned over 5% of the vote in the 2008 election for U.S. Senate.

“I don’t think five percent should be a criteria to recognize these parties.”

University of Nebraska-Omaha political science professor Greg Petrow says the third party plays a crucial role.

“It’s unlikely in any given election that a third party will get five percent of the votes or more, but that doesn’t mean third parties are useless. They highlight and discuss the issues the two major parties are ignoring,” he said.

Green party member, Dr. Frances Mendenhall is understandably frustrated.

“The problem is, the state of Nebraska has some very unenlightened ways of managing third parties, and we think they’re wrong,” she said.

Mendenhall plans to fight for her rights.

“I think the time of the green party is now, and like Kermit the frog said, ‘it’s not easy being green.'”

About 11,000 Nebraskans were registered as members of one of the three parties. Now, in order to get future candidate’s names on the ballots, each party much collect over 5,000 signatures from voters across the state.

Three Political Parties Disappearing From Ballots KPTM Fox 42

3rd party is over in Nebraska Omaha World-Herald


More Greens covered

Iowa Green Wendy Barth is covered in this Des Moines Register article.

New Mexico Green Rick Lass is covered in an article at The Santa Fe New Mexican in his race for Public Regulation Commission.

Nebraska Green Steve Larrick was covered by the Associated Press in his race for US Senate.

The Rev. Edward Pickney is running for Congress from prison. Running in Benton Harbor, Michigan, home of the Whirlpool Corporation, Pickney is in prison for 3 to 10 years because he quoted the Bible, violating his probation.


Quick note, press round-up

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Now, on to the news!

Steve Larrick, Green Party candidate for US Senate from Nebraska, got some coverage for his visit to the Nebraska State Fair. While there he debated the Democratic and Republican nominee , and was interrupted by a marching band. And you thought ballot access was our only hurdle!

The full story is available at the Daily Nebraskan and Larrick maintains a blog over here.

You can also listen to the debate via netMebraska and do further reading at The Grand Island Independent.

MLive.com covered Cynthia McKinney’s planned visit to Detroit over the Labor Day weekend.

Whitewater Community TV will broadcast portions of the Democratic, Republican and Green Party national conventions. The Indiana based broadcaster will reportedly broadcast McKinney’s acceptance speech and press conference.

Bunches of media outlets have gotten it wrong. They posted articles explaining that Ralph Nader had submitted signatures to place his name on the ballot as the Green Party nominee. An example of this screw-up is here. One can only hope that tomorrow’s news will tell the truth, that Cynthia McKinney is the Green Party nominee.

The Babylon Beacon of Long Island announced a Green Party gathering on September 3rd.

The Jackson Sun reports on Cynthia McKinney’s visit to Jackson TN, as well as other stops in Western TN. McKinney said

“We are kick-starting a movement so that our values can be reflected in public policy.”

Former Green Party vice-presidential nominee Pat LaMarche has resigned her position as spokesperson for a casino proposed in Maine. A FOX News affiliate in that state posted a brief video in which the reporter explains the reasons LaMarche resigned her post.

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, some Democrats in that state have started a political action committee to bring the Green nominee for Public Relations Committee some cash, and at least a little bit of news coverage. Apparently some Democrats believe that Rick Lass would be a better public servant than the Democratic nominee.

Lass will get $64,000 in public financing for the campaign, but some Democrats feel so strongly about Lass that they have already held meetings to turn out support for him in November.

Finally, Eugene Platt Green Party nominee for the 115th House District in the South Carolina State Legislature, got some coverage in that city’s free weekly. Platt found out today that the South Carolina Democratic Party has filed to intervene in his federal ballot access case. Represented by the ACLU, Platt and supporters in Charleston held the first of what will be many re-organizing meetings in the South Carolina Lowcountry this past Saturday.


Nebraska Senate Candidate gets into Debate

It looks like the protest that the Nebraska Green Party staged outside the Senate Debate between the Dem and Rep candidates earlier this month may have paid off. KMEG is reporting that the Greens Steve Larrick will be invited to participate in the August 13 State Fair Debate:

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – The Nebraska Green Party’s Senate candidate has been invited to two candidate events after being excluded from a debate earlier this month.

Steve Larrick says he’ll participate in the State Fair debate on Aug. 13 and in a meet-the-candidates event in Hastings on Aug. 12.

About a dozen members of the party protested outside when Republican Mike Johanns and Democrat Scott Kleeb debated June 5 in Lincoln.

Larrick says the Green Party is a legal party in the state. He had said the party would consider legal action if it were excluded from future debates.

Also running is Nebraska Party candidate Kelly Renee Rosberg. They’re vying to replace Republican Chuck Hagel, who isn’t seeking a third term.


Nebraska Senate Candidate Protests Debate Exclusion

Steve Larrick, the Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate from Nebraska, wasn’t allowed in last night’s candidate debate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The debate was sponsored by the American Legion Cornhusker Boys State as part of a week long government leadership program for 400 high school boys. Larrick and other Green Party members protested outside the debate hall. He is considering taking his protests to court.

Steve Larrick became the first Nebraska Green Party member to win an elected office when he garnered over 55% of the vote for the Lincoln area’s Natural Resources District in 2002. He was reelected in 2006. In 2004, Larrick ran in Nebraska’s 1st congressional district and received 3% of the vote. In 2006, he ran for state auditor and received 16147 votes, 3%. Today, Larrick is continuing his bike tour across the state on Nebraska Trails to promote alternative energy and transportation, peace, a more sustainable world and his US Senate campaign.