Canadian Green accuses New Democratic Party of sleezy tactics

“How about we pay you to sit this one out?” seems to be the message the New Democratic Party sent to BC Green Party candidate Andrew Weaver. Sharing sentiments similar to those which drive many former Republicans and Democrats to join the US Green Party, Weaver is quoted at the Vancouver Sun website saying

The NDP are portraying themselves as sugar-coated candy, but I’m finding that below the surface there’s some real ugliness. Anybody who knows anything about me knows that’s one of the reasons I am running: I’m sick and tired of this kind of stuff, of this underhanded political gamesmanship,

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I’m dating an MP!

Josh RachlisJosh Rachlis posted that comment on GPW’s Facebook page after the news that Elizabeth May had won her riding was announced on the CBC. His Facebook page included a rant about how the non-conservatives were unable to coalesce, leaving a Conservative government, even though they did not win a majority of the popular vote. After going on about the New Democratic Party, Green Party and Liberal Party working at cross purposes he said “Well, guess I won’t be getting any invites to be interviewed by the media now”…which of course prompted an offer of an interview right here at Green Party Watch. I did point out that we didn’t have a huge readership, but also pointed out that Rupert Murdock didn’t own us…yet!

Well surprise, surprise, surprise…he dropped us a line and said he’s up for it! Of course, we’ll come up with some questions ourselves, but in the meantime, help a fellow out and try to come up with some we can run past him.

He’s an Eco-comedian, screenwriter, actor, voice actor, filmmaker, cartoonist, songwriter, radio & TV host, stand-up comedian, film reviewer, cupcake judge…at least that’s what his Facebook page says.

His Funny or Die page is here, and apparently he’s both loved and hated by Canadians. Surely we can love and hate him down here too.

Catch his YouTube Chanel here.