Faces of the Green Party

Brenda Konkel, a Delegate from Wisconsin (and 4 term City Councilor from Madison) has a great post up on her site called “Faces of the Green Party”. She took a picture of most of the recorders from each state who took the stage to announce their votes on Saturday. It’s really amazing – you have to check it out. I’ll post a few pics here:



Go to This Side of Town to see the rest!


GP Convention – candidate forum

This post is a little long, my apologies, I threw in a lot of candidate opinion at the end.

The Friday night Presidential forum was moderated by Rich Whitney.

Before the Presidential forum, they gave time to SKCM Curry, who has been actively campaigning to be Vice President nominee of the GP. Curry is an incredible bundle of energy. She fires up the crowd like a cheerleader. She got the crowd on their feet, chanting “Paint – the White House – GREEN!” and got the mood of the crowd in the right place.

Whitney set the ground rules, and then introduced the candidates: Jesse Johnson, Cynthia McKinney, Kent Mesplay, and Kat Swift. The audience was overly enthusiastic about all four candidates; there was a real sense of respect and appreciation for all four candidates.
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Here I blog – Chicago Coffee shop convention

True, the GPUS Convention doesn’t have wireless on site, but the coffee shop on the corner does so here I sit with notes among the trains, buses, pigeons and millions of people. Greens are wondering by all the time, making it hard to get something posted.

Cynthia McKinney showed up at the hotel a few minutes ago looking very happy. Gail “for Rail” Parker is hanging around the delegate credentialling table looking for someone to nominate her from the floor. Last night there was a party/fund raiser for Jesse Johnson, Kat Swift and Kent Mesplay at Weeds Tavern nearby. Delegates and others are still rolling in today.

More below the fold

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Open Forum – Speak your mind (and who is Rosa Clemente…)

The Vibe is reporting that Hip-Hop Activist Rosa Clemente will be chosen to be Cynthia McKinney’s running mate.

If the Green Party accepts McKinney’s nomination this weekend at its convention, Clemente will make history as the first hip-hop generation candidate on a presidential ticket, and together with McKinney make up the first all-female of color ticket in U.S. history. McKinney is African American. Clemente identifies herself as Puerto Rican of African descent.

McKinney plans to announce her running mate at a press conference Friday morning.
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All Green Eyes on Chicago this weekend. Are you going? Are you watching it on C-Span?

I’ll be on the road to Chicago tomorrow but once in Chicago I hope to post frequent updates on what’s happening at the convention.

So what do you think?

This post is an open forum. Feel free to comment on anything Green Party.



Taking a closer look at a committee

The Committee on Bylaws, Rules, Policies and procedures is the sponsor of the proposed Presidential Nominating Convention rules. As noted in the article below this one, this proposal seems headed for defeat by the Green National Committee. This begs the question, what happens in Chicago?

To answer that question I might suggest two things. First, take a look at this link and see if you recognize any of the names of committee members. If you know them personally, contact them and ask what they think the next step is.

In addition, the committee has set up a wiki which has loads of information about the BRPP’s deliberations, plans and ideas. Kick that around for a bit and you may find the perfect solution we all hope for. If ya do, share it here!


Presidential Nominating Convention rules going down in flames

As I noted in an earlier post here at GPW, The Green National Committee is considering a proposal to change and establish rules for the Presidential Nominating Convention in Chicago. In my original post I pointed out that California delegates had not voted in support of the proposal, and anonymous asked why I singled out the California delegation.

Well, another look today shows why I took notice. Proposal 348 is in trouble, and in no small part because the California delegation has voted 13 no votes and not a single “yes” vote yet. With the vote currently at 20 yes, and 29 no, the California delegation is the only one of size that is unified solidly on one side of the question. New York is split, as is Illinois. Maine is unified behind the “Yes” position, and no one from Texas has voted yet.

That is why I said that California was worth keeping an eye on.


Proposals under consideration by GNC

The Green National Committee is considering 3 proposals, including Proposal 355, which would elect members of the Green Party House Campaign Committee, and Proposal 354 which would elect the tabulations committee responsible for counting the votes in the election of the Steering Committee at the Nominating Convention. Both of these proposals is a repeat of earlier proposals, both of which went to a vote, but were cut off from voting early.

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National co-chair invites you to Chicago

I opened my email and got this from the national party.

I can’t wait until Chicago.

Annual National Meetings have always been incredible experiences. My first Green National Meeting was in Washington DC and I haven’t missed one since. The experience fills me with energy to bring back home. Everywhere you turn there are conversations filled of hope and inspiration. I have met Greens from all over the planet at our meetings (and don’t worry I will be visiting all of your couches eventually). I have met so many people who floor me with inspiration. We have shared tears, laughter, songs, stories, bread, and drink. We have celebrated successes and overcome obstacles together. Come take a stand with me in Chicago.

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