Occupation Protest in Washington DC Continues

Damon Eris at Poli-Tea (excerpt):

In a message to media and people interested in the organization, Occupy DC underscores its political independence and emphasizes that it is separate from Stop the Machine:

We are not a party, and we will never be. Some news organizations have been trying to portray this movement as the “Democratic Tea Party equivalent;” this too is a misstatement. We are not a party, nor do we affiliate with any; this is a people’s movement. . . .  Our focus is on the economy, corporate corruption of our political system, and the negative effects of corporate personhood as it exists after decisions such as Citizens United and the repeal of Glass-Steagall.

There are numerous third party and independent activists at the sites in Washington DC and New York City.  The Green party’s candidate for sheriff of Philadelphia, Cheri Honkala, addressed a rally at Freedom Plaza on Friday and called for the election of independent “people’s sheriff’s” across the country.  Her campaign site has full video of her address.  An excerpt:

What I’m doing is not symbolic. It’s concrete and Bill and Aida and
Glenn who’s here with me today, like millions of people across this
country are gonna lose their homes…unless you take this seriously and
not just march about it, pray about it, and sing about it but help me
fill every damn poll in Philadelphia where there’s a birthplace of
revolution and change…we can do this again in this country and take our
country back!

There are numerous individuals, working groups and committees within Occupy Wall Street and Occupy DC brainstorming electoral reforms and developing policy recommendations to open up our political process to ensure adequate representation, at all levels of government, for the 99% of Americans who go unrepresented by the Democratic and Republican parties.  More to come in that regard in coming days.  


Green Party to Democratic apologists: The message of the Wall Street protests is not ‘Vote Democrat’



For Immediate Release:

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624, cell 202-904-7614, mclarty@greens.org

Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805, starlene@gp.org

Video and Livestreaming:

Green Party Occupy America http://www.gp.org/campaigns/occupy-america/index.php

Cheri Honkala, Green candidate for Sheriff of Philadelphia, visits Occupy Wall Street  http://vimeo.com/29997382

Cheri Honkala speaks at Occupy DC Â http://www.vimeo.com/30200014

Interview with New York Green Mark Dunlea at Occupy Wall Street  http://www.gp.org/video/display.php?ID=59

Interview with Michael O’Neil, Secretary of the Green Party of New York State, Occupy Wall Street  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orcQYUyfUyY

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders sharply criticized Democratic Party supporters online and in the media who have tried to turn the ongoing Occupy Wall Street, Occupy America, and October 2011 demonstrations across America into an appeal to vote Democrat and reelect President Obama in 2012.

Many of the protesters have expressed their disgust with two-party politics (http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/wall-street-protesters-disgusted-parties-14687840) and the influence of corporate money. Â Organizers have rejected attempts to shoehorn the movement into any party and assert that the protesters come from diverse political persuasions.

Greens, who are participating in the protests and among the organizers, have pointed to the Green Party’s alternative vision for America, as expressed in the Green New Deal (http://www.greenpartywatch.org/2010/08/11/62-green-candidates-endorse-green-new-deal) and on the party’s web site (http://www.gp.org).

The Green Party offers a platform for peace, economic security for working people, millions of new green jobs in conservation and clean energy development, an end to fossil fuel addiction, real steps for curbing global climate change and restoring the health of the planet, universal health care (Medicare For All), and reforms that would limit the power of corporations and restore the promise of participatory democracy and fair elections. Â Green candidates do not accept corporate money.

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Green Party of the US endorses, joins ‘October 2011’ protest against the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and 2012 austerity budget

OCTOBER2011.orgIn a press release sent to Green Party Watch, the Green Party of the United States endorsed plans to engage in a long term protest in Washington DC. Echoing the call from October2011.org, the press release quotes Sanda Everette of California.

“In making this endorsement, we’re challenging the dangerous political direction of the US. We also challenge others who support ‘October 2011′ to recognize the Green Party’s leadership on the issues these events will address, such as endless wars, the demand for Medicare For All universal health care and millions of new jobs, and the need to end the control of top corporations over our political system,” said Sanda Everette, member of the Coordinating Committee of the Green Party of California and former co-chair of the Green Party of the United States. Ms. Everette will participate in the October 6 event.

Greens and others interested in supporting the party and the occupation of Freedom Plaza can check for local leadership at the October 2011 website. The full text of the press release is below the fold. Continue Reading