NY Green governor hopeful questions Cuomo’s Adirondack investigation

From On the Wilder Side (and scooped by Liz Benjamin of Capital Tonight):

Howie Hawkins, who recently qualified for the Green Party nomination for Governor, said today that it was improper for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to be investigating the recent purchase of nature preserve land in the Adirondacks, a purchase which the Attorney General approved before it occurred.  Hawkins also criticized the Paterson administration for agreeing to ask Cuomo to launch such an investigation, as well as for diverting funding under the Environmental Protection Fund and Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative away from environmental programs.

Hawkins, a long time environmental advocate from Syracuse said:

This is just the latest example of Cuomo using his investigation powers to purse his personal political agenda rather than protecting the taxpayers of New York. It is also the latest example of politicians pandering to the NY Post. Putting aside the merits of the deal, it is a clear conflict of interest for the Attorney General to investigate something that his own office had to approve before it occurred. And it is troubling that both Cuomo and Paterson seem to supporting efforts to undercut much needed land preservation in the Adirondacks and elsewhere. Continue Reading


Stories at Independent Political Report

The first is a re-posting from On The Wilder Side, and addresses the Green Party of New York State’s response to the Governor’s “State of the State” address. It includes comments by David Doonan, Mayor of the Village of Greenwich.

From the pay-to-play politics endemic between lobbyists, special interest groups, and legislators, nearly guaranteed re-election of incumbents, to the power of Senate and Assembly leaders, the legislature makes a mockery of the term representative democracy.

The piece was written by Kimberly Wilder.

The second is about the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts and Jill Stein’s decision to run for Governor of the Commonwealth.

“I’ll soon be announcing a campaign for governor of Massachusetts, a campaign to take our future back from lobbyists and insiders, and get Massachusetts working for the people, and the environment our economy depends on,”

This piece was written by paulie. The IPR piece can be read in full here

The third is about Allison Duncan of New York getting ready to run for Governor. The article includes a link to a press release issued by the New York Greens. It quotes candidate Duncan saying

“The strongest difference between a Green and a Democratic governor is that the Democratic governor is beholden to corporate interests and the Green governor is beholden to the voters.”

It goes on to point to criticism of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger by that state’ Green Party. The article quotes a press release which said

Despite claiming “we all share the pain,” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s budget proposal announced today again protects his wealthy friends and imposes cruel, draconian and life-threatening cuts on the poor, the elderly and children.

This piece was written by d.eris.


Green Party social networking sites

The Internet has a wide array of social networking sites. All have at least one, and often times several, Green Party related groups, and tons of individual Greens with their own pages.

While it’s not exactly a social networking site, New Menu is a great resource. With a run down of many Green Party candidates and info about their campaigns, this is a must-see for Greens. If you are running for office and are not yet posted to New Menu, check it out and get your info up.

Again, while it’s not exactly a social networking site, YouTube has a number of Green Party contributors. Ian Wilder of On the Wilder Side handles one, while Mike Feinstein has another. Green Progress has posted dozens of videos, and Craig Seeman has been posting videos there for some time. Of course, Polidoc Productions has always got good Green Party videos worth a look. To see all the various Green Party videos from across the globe, click here

The mac-daddy of Green Party social networking websites is Green Change. These folks do a wide range of Green Party activities and have a lot of information important to Greens.

Here are some more social networking sites:

Green Party Worldwide at Tribe.net

Green Party at Tribe.net

Green Party activists at tribe.net

Green Party at twibes.com

Green Party of the United States on Twitter…and there are several other nations and states.

On Facebook there is the Green Party of England and Wales, several that are just “Green Party”like this one, this other one, this one over here, and many more. Just do a search for “Green Party” at Facebook and be amazed…

Where else do you make connections with other Greens? Do you use MySpace? Ning? Something else? Clue us all in so we too can get connected.


Massachusetts Green Rainbow Party says corruption indictment 1st of many to come

In a detailed post at On The Wilder Side, Green Rainbow Party co-chair Eli Beckerman says that the indictment of Massachusetts’ former Speaker of the House Sal DiMasi’s indictment for official corruption is just the tip of the iceberg. The Green Rainbow Party is the Massachusetts chapter of the Green Party of the United States.