Green Party conventions, broadcasts Sat. 5/3 in CT, ME, NJ, SC

green party earthflowerOn Saturday, May 3rd, the Green Party US livestream channel will feature the New Jersey Green Party‘s state convention, as well as 30th anniversary celebration of the Maine Green Independent Party. The Connecticut Green Party and South Carolina Green Party also hold their state conventions on May 3rd. From Green Party US:

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party TV will air special events planned by two state Green Parties on Saturday, May 3 on the party’s Livestream channel (http://www.livestream.com/greenpartyus). Continue Reading


Stephen King Hires Pat LaMarche for Left Wing Radio Show

From the Associated Press:

BANGOR, Maine — Stephen King is offering an antidote to what he sees as the biases of right-wing radio talk shows by hiring a former Green Party vice presidential candidate to co-host a morning talk show on two stations he owns.

In a rare public appearance, the horror writer held a news conference Tuesday in Bangor, Maine, at the headquarters of his three-station Zone Radio network.

“The Pulse Morning Show” will be co-hosted by 50-year-old Pat LaMarche and 43-year-old Don Cookson, a former television reporter. LaMarche ran for vice president as a member of the Green Party in 2004.

During the news conference King said, “We’re a little to the left, but we’re right.”

The show will begin airing on WZON-AM and WZON-FM at 6 a.m. on Sept. 12.


The People’s Lobby: forum on corporate money in US politics & election reform

WASHINGTON, DC — In honor of Thomas Jefferson’s 267th birthday, the Green Party of Florida and the People’s Lobby Coalition for Public Funding Only of All Elections will hold a forum on the influence of corporate lobbies on US elections.  The forum will take place at the National Press Club (http://npc.press.org) in Washington, DC, at 7 pm on Tuesday, April 13, 2010.

The speakers will discuss ‘Money Morality’ and the effect of corporate money on health care, energy, the economy, treatment of the poor, and other major issues, with an analysis of military expenditures in light of campaign contributions from defense contractors.

“We’ll talk about the correlation between the influence of the 13,000 special interest lobbyists and our elected officials’ voting trends in relation to these issues.  And we’ll propose necessary changes to our election system to restore democracy,” said Jennifer Sullivan, organizer of the event.

The event is open to the public, with doors opening at 7 pm.  Admission is free for all members of the media with proper ID.  General admission is a suggested donation of $10.00 or $15.00 per couple; no one will be turned away.

Refreshments will be served, with a variety of selected hors d’oeuvres, house specialty dips, gourmet chips, beverages, and a cash bar.

Guest speakers at the forum:

• Dr. Margaret Flowers, Congressional Fellow for Physicians for a National Health Program (http://www.pnhp.org), advocate for single-payer national health care, from Maryland

• Jesse Johnson, chair of the West Virginia Mountain Party (http://www.mtparty.org), twice-nominated candidate for the US Senate, the only third-party candidate to receive an endorsement from the Sierra Club in his 2008 race for Governor of West Virginia, and filmmaker (http://www.mtparty.org/nominations/2004/jesse/bio.html)

• Pat LaMarche, weekly columnist for the Bangor Daily News (http://www.bangordailynews.com), 2004 vice-presidential nominee of the Green Party of the United States, and advocate for the homeless

• Head-Roc, Hip-Hop artist and community organizer (http://www.head-roc.com), from Washington, DC

• Jennifer Sullivan, regional representative of the Green Party of Florida (http://www.floridagreens.org) and coordinator of The People’s Lobby

More speakers will be announced soon.

WHAT: The People’s Lobby: Forum on the influence of corporate special interest money on public policy and the erosion of US democracy, Tuesday, April 13 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC

WHEN: Tuesday, April 13, at 7 pm

WHERE: 529 14th Street NW, Washington, DC (map: http://www.press.org/directions.cfm)

REFRESHMENTS will be served


Portland Maine Greens get detailed write-up

DownEast.com carries an outstanding and detailed report on the history of the Portland Maine chapter of that state’s Green Independent Party. Jeff Clark, the article’s writer, interviewed several Portland Greens, and offers up a number of quotes.

Much of the thrust of what these Greens have to say can be summed up in these phrases: Go for youth, go for the non-voter, stand by your issues, and the Democrats are not our friends. Here are a couple of quotes to whet your appetite:

But these days the Greens are widely acknowledged as the city’s new second party, displacing the GOP in both votes and political offices and shaking the complacency out of the Democratic power structure.

“One of the first pieces of advice I got was to cut out all voters between eighteen and thirty-five years old, as well as anyone who hadn’t voted in the last presidential election,” Eder recalls. “I said no. Those young voters were my crowd. What I found was that it’s easy for any group of voters to become apathetic if they’re not invited to participate. Appealing to younger voters and going door to door were the keys to my success in Portland.”

Maine’s Greens have largely moved past the disgruntled Democrats who were the majority of early members. “There’s a generational change going on,” she says. “People are feeling they are Greens because of what we stand for, not because they’re sick of the Democrats.”


Pat LaMarche publishes columns in Maine paper

Former Maine Green Independent Party candidate for Governor and Vice Presidential nominee in 2004 Pat LaMarche has been publishing columns in the Bangor Daily News for some time. The link takes you to a listing of 36 of her columns. The latest is Support a happy ending for women. In the column she discusses wage disparity between men and women.

Last year’s female earners would have had to work until April 28, 2009, to make as much as the average man did in 2008. A woman has to work 118 days longer than a man to receive “equal” compensation.

Other topics she has written about recently include Earth Day, taxes, veterans, marriage equity and organ donation.

Know another Green Party author? Let us know so we can let our readers learn from what they have written.


Green Governor Races in Historical Perspective

This year there are two Greens running for Governor: Jesse Johnson is running for Governor of West Virginia, and Duff Badgley in Washington State. Because of Washington’s new “Top 2″ primary, in which all candidates regardless of party are listed on the same primary ballot with the top 2 advancing to the general election, Badgley has already lost his bid. He received 9,702 votes, or 0.67% of the vote, finishing 6th out of 10.

Jesse Johnson, following losing his bid to be the Presidential candidate for the Greens, announced he was returning to West Virginia to run for Governor. Johnson ran for Governor of West Virginia four years ago on the Mountain Party ticket and received 18,430 votes for 2.48%.

Governor’s elections in the United States are bunched in the two years before and after the Presidential elections, with some exceptions. How have Greens fared over the years in seeking the Governor’s race – what kind of results to Greens get, and what should we expect.

Two things really stood out when I looked at all the races over the last 18 years:

First, in 2006 across 18 gubernatorial campaigns there were 900,361 votes cast for Greens for Governor. This is just shy of 1 million Greens in America voting Green at the top of the ballot. This should be exalted. In 2002, 15 Gubernatorial campaigns netted 830,903 votes.

Second, when all results are combined from states where a Green was running for Governor, the nation wide percent for Greens at the top of the ballot was 2.21% in 2006. In the period from 2003-2005, which includes the California Special Election of 2003, the percent vote was 2.22%. In 2002, it was 2.18%. Combining all 54 races that I had data for from 1990-2006, the total percent vote was 1.98%. I think it is fair to say that a solid 2% of the US Voting Population identifies with the Green Party, whether they have an option to vote Green or not.

Lists below the fold: Continue Reading


Quick note, press round-up

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Now, on to the news!

Steve Larrick, Green Party candidate for US Senate from Nebraska, got some coverage for his visit to the Nebraska State Fair. While there he debated the Democratic and Republican nominee , and was interrupted by a marching band. And you thought ballot access was our only hurdle!

The full story is available at the Daily Nebraskan and Larrick maintains a blog over here.

You can also listen to the debate via netMebraska and do further reading at The Grand Island Independent.

MLive.com covered Cynthia McKinney’s planned visit to Detroit over the Labor Day weekend.

Whitewater Community TV will broadcast portions of the Democratic, Republican and Green Party national conventions. The Indiana based broadcaster will reportedly broadcast McKinney’s acceptance speech and press conference.

Bunches of media outlets have gotten it wrong. They posted articles explaining that Ralph Nader had submitted signatures to place his name on the ballot as the Green Party nominee. An example of this screw-up is here. One can only hope that tomorrow’s news will tell the truth, that Cynthia McKinney is the Green Party nominee.

The Babylon Beacon of Long Island announced a Green Party gathering on September 3rd.

The Jackson Sun reports on Cynthia McKinney’s visit to Jackson TN, as well as other stops in Western TN. McKinney said

“We are kick-starting a movement so that our values can be reflected in public policy.”

Former Green Party vice-presidential nominee Pat LaMarche has resigned her position as spokesperson for a casino proposed in Maine. A FOX News affiliate in that state posted a brief video in which the reporter explains the reasons LaMarche resigned her post.

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, some Democrats in that state have started a political action committee to bring the Green nominee for Public Relations Committee some cash, and at least a little bit of news coverage. Apparently some Democrats believe that Rick Lass would be a better public servant than the Democratic nominee.

Lass will get $64,000 in public financing for the campaign, but some Democrats feel so strongly about Lass that they have already held meetings to turn out support for him in November.

Finally, Eugene Platt Green Party nominee for the 115th House District in the South Carolina State Legislature, got some coverage in that city’s free weekly. Platt found out today that the South Carolina Democratic Party has filed to intervene in his federal ballot access case. Represented by the ACLU, Platt and supporters in Charleston held the first of what will be many re-organizing meetings in the South Carolina Lowcountry this past Saturday.