Several steps forward in Wisconsin – Chicago and DC are next!

From Jill Stein for President:

Several steps “Forward!” in Wisconsin

Dean-Loumos.jpgCongratulations are in order to Dean Loumos and Ledell Zellers, two Madison, Wisconsin Green Party members who were elected yesterday to the Madison School Board and the Madison Common Council, respectively!

There was good news in other parts of Wisconsin as well: Rae Vogeler, a former Green Party candidate for the U.S. Senate, was elected to the Oregon School Board. And the voters of Fort Atkinson and Whitewater both joined the Move to Amend by voting overwhelmingly (84% and 77%) for the We the People Amendment (see http://www.WethePeopleAmendment.org).

Ledell-Zellers.jpgWe thank all of the Greens who ran for office in Madison this Spring.

Thanks to CJ Terrell, Damon Terrell, Barbara Davis, Christian Hanson, Sarah Manski, Leslie Peterson and Hawk Sullivan, each of whom ran strong campaigns we can be proud of. Sarah Manski, who won her primary with 45% of the vote, withdrew from the race shortly after the primary for family reasons, yet still won a third of the general election vote from diehard supporters.

Now on to elections in Chicago and Washington DC! If you haven’t already checked out LeAlan Jones in his congressional campaign in Chicago (election day is April 9) and Perry Redd in his run for the DC City Council (April 16), take a look.


DC Statehood Green Party endorses Perry Redd for City Council in 4/23 special election

The DC Statehood Green Party has endorsed Perry Redd (http://www.redd4council.com), a party member whose name will be on the ballot in the special election for At-Large Member of City Council in Washington, DC on April 23, 2013.

Mr. Redd is competing against six Democrats and one Republican in the race. Primaries are not held for special elections in the District of Columbia. The special election will fill the at-large seat vacated by Phil Mendelson, who was elected to Council Chair in 2012.

“We are running to seize this opportune time for change — change to repair relationships with the people, change to gain confidence in our leadership, and change to include the voices muted by our government. We aim to do it different and get it right!” said Mr. Redd. “It’s time for true democracy on our City Council.” Continue Reading