On the heels of “WhiteyGate”, Rich Whitney shut out of Chicago debates

From Illinois Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney:

Just days after Rich Whitney’s name was found to be misspelled on voting machine throughout Chicago, the Green Party candidate for governor is now finding himself locked out of three Chicago debates, including one going on tonight at Elmhurst College, 8 p.m..

Tonight’s debate, along with the League of Women Voters on Oct 20 and WTTW Channel 11 on Oct 28 debates, are set to include only Brady and Quinn, leaving out the only other established party candidate, Rich Whitney, despite heavy lobbying from Green Party representatives and supporters.

The debate exclusions come after a very successful debate among the three established party candidates in Southern Illinois — including Whitney — in Carbondale, far outside the Chicago political monopoly.

“Whitney won hands down,” wrote David Ormsby in a piece for examiner.com.

“Whitney… seemed to be [the] only one of the three to seize the gravity of the state budget mess,” wrote Chuck Sudo for chicagoist.com.

Similar comments were expressed by Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn after a five-way gubernatorial forum discussion held before the paper’s editorial board .

“Rich Whitney was the best spoken, had the best command of the facts and, in my opinion, had the most sensible ideas for moving Illinois forward,” wrote Zorn on October 1.

“Clearly Rich Whitney belongs in these debates, but debate organizers continue to stonewall us. This is clearly the result of pressure by the Democrats,” said Phil Huckelberry, Chair of the Illinois Green Party. Continue Reading


Phil Huckelberry, co-chair of Illinois and national Green Parties, interviewed on IPR Radio

Phil Huckelberry, the state chair of the Illinois Green Party – which has a handful of local elected officials to its name and has received over 10 percent of the gubernatorial vote – was interviewed by Ross Levin on Independent Political Report’s blogtalkradio show on Monday September 27th.  Huckelberry discussed his ideas on how to practically succeed with a third party. Listen in at IPR blogtalkradio.


Illinois Greens: Lt Gov pick a slap to black electorate

Green Party leaders sharply criticized Governor Pat Quinn and the Democratic
State Central Committee for bypassing State Rep. Art Turner and other more
qualified candidates in nominating Sheila Simon for Lieutenant Governor.

“Pat Quinn’s message is that he can take the black vote for granted,” said
Phil Huckelberry, Illinois Green Party Chair. “Our message is that those
days are over. Many of our core issues – especially education funding
reform and the lack of economic development in the most struggling areas –
are at the top of the list across black communities throughout the state.
It’s clearer than ever that those issues are not going to be meaningfully
addressed by Pat Quinn and the Democrats. But they’re going to be addressed
by the Green Party.” Continue Reading


Illinois Green Party condemns HB 6000 as “Machine Protection Act”

On February 23, Democrats advanced House Bill 6000, which would limit
potential challengers in future aldermanic elections in Chicago.  The
bill significantly raises signature requirements in every ward, and
also gives well-financed, entrenched aldermen a new way to get
opponents thrown off the ballot. Continue Reading

Crossing Your T’s and Dotting Your I’s: Turning In Nominating Petitions

I’m sure many candidates have been burned by inane election petition rules when it comes to turning all those signatures in to your local election official. Maybe you didn’t bind your petitions correctly? Maybe you didn’t number your petitions sheets correctly?

Don’t get burned! Know the rules thoroughly and consult with your local election official or someone who has turned in petitions before about how to go about it correctly.

Illinois Green Party Chair, Phil Huckelberry, gives a glimpse of what sort of rules a candidate in Illinois must abide by when turning in petitions. Thanks to Green Party Cook County Board President candidate Tom Tresser for the video.


Illinois Greens challenge Quinn’s action on “Protect Incumbents Act”

The Illinois Green Party issued a press release today calling Governor Quinn’s “amendatory veto” of HB732 support for a “Protect Incumbents Act”. The bill, vetoed with provisions that would allow it to become law if amended to include an unrelated election law provision he wants, according to Ballot Access News

The full text of the press release is behind the fold.

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Green Party elects new Steering Committee members, secretary

In voting recorded at the Green National Committee webpage, the following were elected to be co-chairs of the Green Party:
David Strand of MN
Farheen Hakim of MN
Jason Nabewaniec of NY
Mike Feinstein of CA

These four join join sitting members:
Sanda Everett of CA
Craig Thorsen of CA
Jill Bussier of WI

Nabewaniec was a sitting member who ran for re-election. Former members Budd Dickinson of CA, and Clifford Thornton of CT opted not to run for re-election, and Phil Huckelberry of IL resigned his post to focus on IL elections. **Please note, Huckelberry corrected an error in the story. He did not resign his post, but simply opted not to run for re-election.**

In addition, Holly Hart of IA was re-elected Secretary.

**Additional note** These are apparently preliminary results, and will be confirmed by the Elections Tabulation Committee. It is expected that the results will be unchanged after their review.


Illinois Green Party to hold semiannual meeting in Champaign-Urbana

The Illinois Green Party will hold its semiannual meeting in Champaign-Urbana this weekend, from Friday July 17 to Sunday July 19. Tom Kacich from the News-Gazette of Champaign-Urbana carried the story:

CHAMPAIGN – The Illinois Green Party will have its semiannual state party meeting in Champaign-Urbana this weekend.

Although the party does not slate or endorse candidates for election, organizers of the meeting expect to hear from candidates seeking the support of party members in the primary election next Feb. 2.

“This meeting is going to gear us up for the 2010 election and kick off an effort to bring real change to Illinois,” said Phil Huckelberry, the Illinois Green Party chair. “With the corruption and gridlock on the state level and the corporate giveaways and broken promises on the federal level, the Green Party remains the party of principle, progress and people.”

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