Arizona Green Party gaining steam

Fox News in Phoenix has a report entitled “Arizona Green Party gaining steam”:

PHOENIX – You hear plenty about Democrats and Republicans in Arizona, but there are more than two party choices.

We’re catching up with the Green Party. Their major goal is to sign up 20,000 members, which would allow them to win a permanent spot on the ballot.

So far, the Arizona Green Party claims 4,500 members. Continue Reading


Teamsters Local 104 endorses Angel Torres, AZ Green for State Rep

Arizona Green Party State Representative District 16 candidate Angel Torres announced on October 1st that his campaign has been endorsed by International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 104:

Phoenix, AZ—Angel Torres, the Green Party candidate for State Representative in Legislative District 16, has received the endorsement of the Executive Board of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 104.  Mr. Torres has worked in the airline industry for 23 years, and has been a member of the Teamsters since August 2004.  He was a leader of the union organizing committee at his job, served on his bargaining unit’s first contract negotiating committee, and has been a union shop steward since January 2005.  He received his union’s endorsement at their recent General Membership meeting on September 25th, 2010.  Mr. Torres says, “It is an honor to receive the endorsement of my union, Teamsters Local 104, for my campaign for State Representative.  Six years ago, the Teamsters were instrumental in our successful organizing campaign at my job.  I know that I can count on them for support in my run for the Arizona State Legislature.  I hope that rank-and-file members from other unions will also volunteer to work on my campaign.”

Andrew Marshall, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 104, said, “Angel has represented his co-workers well, as a union shop steward and a contract negotiating committee member.  If elected as State Representative, I believe he will bring that same level of commitment to the residents of Legislative District 16.  It’s about time that we as the labor movement and the working class elect one of our own to represent us in government.” Continue Reading


Green News Roundup

In an article at American Chronicle titled The Preacher and the Billionaire – the Battle for New York’s soul, the author argues that Rev. Billy Talen will use the freedom that comes from perceived weakness to reach out one-on-one and one neighborhood at a time in his effort to unseat billionaire media mogul Michael Bloomberg. Full disclosure, I am the author.

In a press release the national Green Party has highlighted local Green Party chapters and their efforts to celebrate Earth Day, with a particular focus on water. To illustrate local efforts, the press release says, in part,

Gordon Clark, the 2008 candidate for Congress in Maryland (8th District) has started a group called Montgomery Victory Gardens, which will promote backyard and community gardens in Montgomery County. He is lining up support for the effort from groups like the Organic Consumers Association and the Grow It, Eat It program.

Phoenix Biz Journal discusses an appearance by Ralph Nader and Ed Begley Jr. at that city’s Valley Forward’s annual Livability Summit.

Two state press releases were issued recently. One, from the Green Party of Pennsylvania calls for action to prevent the nomination of John Hanger as Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection. The second, from the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts calls Democrats on a budgetary “Double Whammy”.

“While Democrats in D.C. are giving hundreds of billions of tax dollars to their friends on Wall Street, the Democrats in Boston are slashing local aid. They’re hitting Massachusetts families from both directions,” says Jill Stein, co-chair of the Green Rainbow Party (GRP). “Corporations get a bailout. Working families get a black eye.”

Our friends at Independent Political Report have beaten us to the punch recently, to their credit. They found an article congressional candidate Matt Reichel had written at OpEdNews.Com about his campaign to replace Rahm Emmanuel, President Obama’s Chief of Staff. Here is a taste

Now, if one ranting and raving peace activist with a campaign manager asleep on an inflatable air mattress alongside piles of campaign literature can register over 7% of the vote in just 5 weeks, imagine what could happen if the party had a little organization to it. Imagine if instead of hating the media, we learned to mingle a little with the corporate news hotshots and convinced them that Green is the future! Imagine if instead of always being negative, we were occasionally positive: if we smiled and said, “history is on our side!”

Tonight Green Party candidate for US Senate in Nebraska, Steven Larrick participated in a forum titled THIRD PARTY PERSPECTIVES AND THE ECONOMIC CRISIS at the University of Nebraska Kearney in Copeland Hall, Room 142 at 7 PM. If you’re not there…get there fast!

Minnesota Daily reports that the Democrat Farmer Labor Party has not endorsed Cam Gordon in his reelection bid for Minneapolis city council, but will work for his reelection.