Monbiot: The fear-based two-party system is collapsing

George Monbiot recently wrote a piece for the Guardian about the impending collapse of the UK’s two-party system, and the attempts of the neoliberal establishment parties to shepherd their traditional voter bases back into the flock through fear campaigns. As the UK, like the US, uses the obsolete first-past-the-post voting system, the unraveling of the UK’s long-standing two-party system should be of special interest to US Greens.

From the Guardian:

p monbiot guardian politics of fear

Here is the first rule of politics: if you never vote for what you want, you never get it. We are told at every election to hold our noses, forget the deficiencies and betrayals and vote Labour yet again, for fear of something worse. And there will, of course, always be something worse. So at what point should we vote for what we want rather than keep choosing between two versions of market fundamentalism? Sometime this century? Or in the next? Follow the advice of the noseholders and we will be lost forever in Labour’s Bermuda triangulation.

Perhaps there was a time when this counsel of despair made sense. No longer. The lamps are coming on all over Europe. As in South America, political shifts that seemed impossible a few years earlier are now shaking the continent. We knew that another world was possible. Now, it seems, another world is here: the sudden death of the neoliberal consensus. Any party that claims to belong to the left but does not grasp this is finished.

Syriza, Podemos, Sinn Féin, the SNP; now a bright light is shining in England too, as the Green party stokes the radical flame that Labour left to gutter. On Tuesday morning, its membership in England and Wales passed 50,000; a year ago it was fewer than 15,000. Continue Reading