Jill Stein for President: 24 hours left in matching funds drive: all eyes on AZ, CT, DC

From Jill Stein for President:

I am very grateful for your response over the past few days. You have pushed our Green Party presidential campaign to the brink of success in our quest for federal matching funds. Eight states have qualified for matching funds in the past 5 days. Now, with only 24 hours to go, everything is hinging on finishing the job in Arizona, Connecticut and the District of Columbia.

If we can succeed in these three states (for Greens, DC will always be a state), then you will be assured of having a voice in the 2012 presidential race. We challenge the pro-war, pro-Wall Street, anti-democratic rhetoric of the establishment candidates and present a vision of a peaceful, just, secure green future that creates a livable world for all people. For the past four years, we’ve been pushing forward for affordable health care,  an end to the wars, immigrant rights, solving the student debt problem, sensible drug policies, and protection of our civil liberties. Now, with just one final push, we can bring all those issues into the presidential arena.

But it all hinges on what happens in three critical states in the next 24 hours. Here is what remains to be raised from those states:

  • District of Columbia:  $2,291
  • Arizona:  $1,465
  • Connecticut:  $1,249

Raising these small amounts will result in a grant from the federal government that will almost DOUBLE the contributions that everyone across the country has already made.  And the doubling will continue for months to come. This will be a watershed event for independent politics in America.

There are two things we hope you will do RIGHT NOW to ensure our success:

First, if you’ve donated to my campaign before, please consider making an additional donation of at least half what you gave before. Any amount up to $250 per person will count toward our qualifying goals – http://www.jillstein.org/donate – (If you’ve already given $250, consider asking your friends or family members to make a donation).

Second, send the appeal below to 10 of your friends in the critical three states. Or mail it to any suitable email lists to which you subscribe.  Post it on your Facebook page.  This forwarding of the message is extremely important.

On Sunday, we will announce the results of our effort.  Today, all eyes are on Arizona, Connecticut, and DC. Let’s make it happen!


Jill Stein



Medicare for All advocates urge support for Jill Stein matching funds drive

From Jill Stein for President:


As the Stein campaign closes in on federal matching funds, five leading advocates for Medicare for All have released a letter advocating support for Dr. Jill Stein. The letter was released as news came that two new states – Michigan and Oregon – have qualified for federal matching funds.

Please copy, paste, and forward the following letter to every health care advocate you know. You can see our latest matching funds numbers by clicking here. Thank you.

Medicare for All


Dear friends working for health care as a human right,

In all the sound and fury over the Supreme Court’s health care ruling,  the simple truth is being lost:  We know how to provide affordable health care for every American.  There is a proven solution — improved “Medicare for All” (or single-payer health insurance). It’s working in nation after nation around the world.  It is the only fiscally responsible way out of the health care mess.  And it’s not unconstitutional.

When President Obama slammed the door in the face of single-payer health care advocates, and abandoned the “public option”, it seemed that we were doomed to debating slight variations on the failing status quo.  But in the wake of the Obamacare/Romneycare crackup, we have an incredible opportunity to reframe the health care debate by injecting a long-time advocate for Medicare-for-All (single-payer) into the presidential dialogue. Continue Reading


Leading peace advocates issue urgent call to support Jill Stein matching funds drive

From an email sent out by Jill Stein for President:



FROM: David Swanson, Medea Benjamin, Leah Bolger, Bruce Gagnon, Chris Hedges, George Martin and Kevin Zeese

Dear Friends in the Peace Movement,

We can’t afford to let this opportunity slip by. By taking action over the next five days the peace community has a chance to inject a compelling and courageous peace advocate into the 2012 presidential campaign, to have a voice in the national debate over war, militarism, and military spending.

You know what is going to happen if we leave this election up to the two major party candidates. President Obama will defend his troop surges, his excessive Pentagon budgets, his preparations for war with Iran,  his escalation of the drone wars, his crackdowns on whistleblowers, his indefinite detention policy, and his new role as manager of the White House assassination list. Mitt Romney will not question these policies, but will promise to pursue them with even more enthusiasm. In debates and interviews, the American people will have the Big Lie drilled into their consciousness: that our nation must accept escalating military engagement and must visit worldwide violence against all who defy the U.S. government. Continue Reading


Presidential candidate Jill Stein: 5 days to make Green Party history

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is within reach of becoming the first Green Party presidential candidate ever to qualify for federal matching funds. However, June 30th is the deadline to apply for matching funds, meaning that Stein’s campaign needs to reach the threshold of $5,000 in 9 more states within the next 5 days. If Stein qualifies, every donation up to $250 will be matched by federal funds, giving a huge boost to her campaign’s capacity to win ballot lines and reach voters.

You can donate at the Jill Stein for President website.

Here is the latest update from Jill Stein’s campaign on the matching funds drive:

VIDEO: How matching funds fit into strategy Continue Reading


Jill Stein in Chicago to Occupy NATO/G8 Summit

From Jill Stein for President:

This is your call to action: The leaders of most of the world’s most powerful nations are meeting in Chicago. Their vision is of a world dependent on fossil fuels, a global labor market based on low wages and high unemployment, and a global political system that uses war to maintain order.

Our vision is entirely different. We know we can win the peaceful, just, green future we all deserve.

Join Dr. Stein, Michelle Shocked, and friends on the weekend of Friday, May 18 through the 20th as we march, rally, petition and celebrate the world we intend to win. Join the Green Surge as we make the green movement a visible presence in the streets, and as we signatures to put the Illinois Green Party back on the ballot.

FULL SCHEDULE: Continue Reading


Stein calls for elimination of racist violence

From Jill Stein for President:

Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party presidential frontrunner, called this morning for a concerted national campaign to eliminate hate crimes and racist violence once and for all. On Saturday, five people were randomly shot on the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma, allegedly by two men apparently targeting them because they were Black. This follows on weeks of protests following the killing of an unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin, by George Zimmerman.

Returning from a protest held this weekend in her home state of Massachusetts calling for justice for Trayvon Martin, Dr. Stein said that “This terrible tragedy reflects the dire convergence of injustice and fear in many parts of our society. African American men have been demonized on multiple fronts, by the racist war on drugs, the violence wracking impoverished communities, and the prison-industrial complex. Fears have been intensified by the climate of economic insecurity that makes some people vulnerable to racist ideologies in the first place.” Continue Reading


Grist interview with Jill Stein

Environmental website Grist.org has published an interview with Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. From the interview:

Q. Your website today says Mitt Romney has invited you to debate him. It’s an April Fools’ joke, right?

A. Well, that part of it is a joke. He did not invite us. But the rest of it is actually true. I have debated him [during the 2002 race for Massachusetts governor], and I was declared winner by more than one objective source.

Q. Did someone really say you were the only adult in the room?

A. Yes, that was an editorial in the Boston Globe, and if you watch the debate you’ll see why.

Q. Doesn’t a sense of humor automatically disqualify you from the presidency?

A. A sense of humor and lack of corporate funding are substantial obstacles. But I think that we’re part of a very large movement to change the way that politics works — so that the joke is no longer on us.

Read the full interview at Grist.org.


Green Party Black Caucus Endorses Roseanne Barr for President

Roseanne Barr, candidate for President of the United States

Roseanne Barr, candidate for President of the United States

The Redding News Review reports:

The following letter of support was issued today in support of Roseanne Barr by black Green Party members to run for president of the United States.

“We are pleased to announce that the Green Party Black Caucus is strongly endorsing Roseanne Barr as the best nominee to represent our party in the run for president of the United States. Continue Reading


Center for Media and Democracy interviews Jill Stein

Harriet Rowan of the Center for Media and Democracy recently published an interview with Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein. From the interview:

That’s why we need this party, this election, at this time. We are at a breaking point on the economy, on jobs, on wages, on the right to organize, on student debt, on public institutions, even on private ones that have become increasingly out of reach to ordinary mortals. The price that students pay for the debt, which is the norm and not the exception, is staggering and shameful. It provides an image of a society that’s devouring its youth. In our campaign we talk about generational justice because it’s young people that are bearing the burden of a very unjust education system, an unjust economy and the climate crisis as well as the debt we’ve inflicted on students. This didn’t happen by accident, it’s because students are another defenseless constituency in a political establishment that serves its corporate funders who employ lobbyists. They are on the receiving end of a system of exploitation, an economy and a political establishment that is all about exploitation of the many on behalf of the few.

Read the full article at the Center for Media and Democracy’s PR Watch.