Ralph Nader: Letter to Vice President Joe Biden on Wisconsin Protests

Ralph Nader at Nader.org:

Dear Vice President Biden:

Word has reached us from reliable sources that the unions in Wisconsin tendered an invitation sometime last week or earlier for you to appear at one of the growing rallies in Madison protesting the legislative straitjacketing of public employee unions. Since you have just returned from trips to Russia and other autocratic nations where you talked about facilitating more democracy and competitive elections, it was no surprise for us to hear from our sources that you were eager to go to Madison. After all, you like to call yourself a “union guy”.

According to protocol the invitation to speak was forwarded to the White House where the political operatives turned it down. Political operatives do not turn down the Vice President of the United States without clearing the decision with President Barack Obama.

We know that your role is always to play the “good soldier” but in this case can you verify the above reports? If you choose not to, can you say at least that you want to go to Madison to speak to one of the diverse gatherings—the likes of which has not been seen for many years—of workers—union and non-union—farmers, students both from Universities and high schools and other hardworking people both active in democratic causes and inactive but wanting to lend their support to opposing the Republican reactionaries and corporatists?

What say you, Mr. Vice President?

Sincerely yours,

Ralph Nader


Green mayoral candidate and Nader’s VP candidate Matt Gonzalez named chief attorney of San Francisco’s Public Defender

Posted by Ross Levin at IPR:

For some time, Matt Gonzalez represented the Green Party as well as his constituency on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He also ran what was perhaps the most competitive Green campaign for mayor of a major city in US history, losing by about six percentage points to Gavin Newsom. He later left the Green Party and became Ralph Nader’s running mate in 2008. Now he is back in power in San Francisco, having been appointed to be the chief attorney of the city’s Public Defender’s office. From The Bay Citizen:
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Chris Hedges: “The Left Has Nowhere To Go”

Chris Hedges at Truthdig interviews Ralph Nader and together paint a persuasive argument in an article “The Left Has Nowhere To Go”.

A vote for Nader or Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney in 2008 was an act of defiance. A vote for Obama and the Democrats was an act of submission. We cannot afford to be submissive anymore.

Some exerpts, on the complicity of the Media:

“The so-called liberal media, along with Fox, is touting the tea party and publicizing Palin,” Nader said.

“If we don’t raise hell, we won’t get any media,” Nader said. “If we don’t get any media, the perception will be that the tea party is the big deal.”

“Three thousand people rallied to protest the invasion and massacre in Gaza two years ago,” Nader said. “It was held four blocks from The Washington Post. It did not get a single paragraph. People should march over to the Post and say ‘Fuck you! What are you doing here? You cover every little blip by the right-wing and you don’t cover us?’

On the Unions:

“Every major movement starts with field organizers, the farmers, unions, and the civil rights movement,” Nader said. “But there is nothing out there. We need to start learning from what was done in the past. All over the country people are pissed off. They hate Wall Street. They know they are being gouged. They know they are slipping behind. They know their kids will not be as well off as they were, and they were not that well off. But no one is putting it together. Who could put a thousand organizers in the field, besides George Soros? The labor unions. They have the money. They have a lot of cash. These idiots are going down. The UAW is a paradigm of a suicidal, supplicant labor union. It is disgusting. They are a puppy dog of GM, Ford and Chrysler.

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News from the Connecticut Green Party

Although the Connecticut Green Party has no candidate for governor this year and is running a write-in campaign for US Senate, CT Green candidates running for a variety of statewide, congressional, legislative and local seats have been steadily making news. Here are some recent stories:

CT News Junkie: Nader Endorses Krayeske in 1st Congressional District

Hartford Courant: Putting Voters in the Driver’s Seat (letter from Mike DeRosa, candidate for CT Secretary of State)

Norwich Bulletin: 2nd District Incumbent, Challengers Duke It Out in Willimantic


Ralph Nader and Howie Hawkins appearing in Albany area today

Ralph Nader, the legendary activist who ran for president on the Green Party ticket in 1996 and 2000, will make several appearances with New York Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins in New York’s Capital District on Wednesday 10/20. To RSVP and invite friends, see the facebook event “Ralph Nader and Howie Hawkins in the Capital Region Weds 10/20″. Here are details for the events with Nader and Hawkins:

Nader/Hawkins schedule for Wednesday October 20th:

11-12: Howie Hawkins and Ralph Nader on Capitol Pressroom with Susan Arbetter, broadcast on PBS/NPR stations across the state at various times. Check local listings. Continue Reading


Some political parties remain outlaws in PA

Oliver Hall reports at the Philadelphia Enquirer:

Pennsylvanians may notice something unusual when they go to the polls in November: Their choices for governor, lieutenant governor, and U.S. Senate will be limited exclusively to Republican and Democratic candidates. Only four other states’ 2010 general-election ballots are so restrictive.

What makes Pennsylvania unique, however – and suggests that something has gone seriously wrong here in the birthplace of America – is that the shortage of choices has been effectively imposed by the courts. The state’s courts have shut out minor-party candidates by allowing Republicans and Democrats to collect large money judgments from anyone who attempts to challenge the major parties.

Read more: http://www.philly.com/inquirer/opinion/20101018_Some_political_parties_remain_outlaws_in_Pa_.html#ixzz12j4GhgER
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Video: Ralph Nader with Edward Shadid, Green for State Rep, in Oklahoma City

On September 8th, Ralph Nader appeared in Oklahoma City at an event to promote ballot access reform in Oklahoma and Dr. Edward Shadid’s campaign for Oklahoma State House in the 85th District. Oklahoma is generally considered to have the most anti-democratic ballot access laws in the US. Due to the extreme difficulty of placing a Green on the ballot, Shadid is running as an independent with the support of the OK Green Party. Below are videos from the event of Shadid’s and Nader’s presentations:

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Ralph Nader to appear in Buffalo with Howie Hawkins 8/3

Ralph Nader will appear in Buffalo on Tuesday 3 August at the Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center along with New York Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins. A local Buffalo paper interviewed Nader about Howie Hawkins and issues facing New York in anticipation of the event. Details from the Ralph Nader with special guest Howie Hawkins event on facebook:

Ralph Nader, consumer advocate and former presidential candidate
Howie Hawkins, Green Party of New York State, candidate for Governor
Mike Kuzma, candidate for New York State Senate, 58th District

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