Rev. Billy Talen gets lengthy write up

The L Magazine has a lengthy article about Rev. Billy Talen and his campaign for Mayor of New York City. Written by Henry Stewart, the article is titled The Preacher Who Would be Mayor.

Stewart seems to get the ethos of both the campaign and the Green Party.

A Green Party representative—Billy is running on the Green Party ticket—plops a golden-arches paper bag on the table in front of her. “I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone with the McDonald’s,” she says. “I was hungry.” Bringing McDonald’s to a Rev. Billy meeting—a convocation of the anti-corporate—is like bringing a BLT to a mosque.

“We’re all sinners,” a man shouts reassuringly from the other end of the room.

The article does not forget that Rev Billy is running an issues based campaign. From gentrification

“Gentrification is the absence of God,”

to Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council’s decision to ignore the voter passed limit of two terms.

“Just two terms,” he adds, “I promise.”