Greens in the news

In a Press Release, the Green Party of the United States called the decision to include two supporters of single payer health care in the circle of experts at a White House health care policy summit a “modest but important victory for universal health care.”

On Thursday morning, Green Party members learned that the White House had relented after receiving numerous complaints, and invited two Single-payer advocates: Dr. Oliver Fein, president of Physicians for a National Health Program and Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), the author and main sponsor of HR 676, legislation for Single-payer program.

Earlier the Green Party had issued a press release calling for widespread protest of the exclusion of these voices.

The St.Petersburg Times reports on the decision in favor of the Florida Green Party in the case of the “Florida Five”.

Ross Levin, a commentator here and reporter at Independent Political Report, has added the website Op Ed News to his collection of outlets with an article about the Reverend Billy’s campaign for mayor of New York City. Downtown Express covers the good Reverend as well. There is also a piece at MSNBC and also at New York Daily News. The New York Times covered his bid, as did The Hook.

Arkansas Green Richard Carroll has introduced legislation that, according to WXTV, will require inclusion of all ballot qualified candidates in debates held at facilities which receive public money.

The Minnesota Independent reports on Cam Gordon’s campaign for re-election to the Minneapolis City Council. According to the article, Gordon may be one incumbent Green without much major party opposition in his race.