UAW endorses Green for City Council in Holyoke, MA

In Holyoke, Massachusetts, United Auto Workers has endorsed Green-Rainbow Party candidate Rick Purcell in his campaign for Holyoke City Council Ward 3. This is the UAW’s second recent endorsement of a Green in MA, after their recent endorsement of Mark Miller for MA State Representative. From Purcell’s website:

I’m pleased to announce that I have gained the endorsement of the United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 2322 and the Massachusetts State UAW for my campaign for Holyoke City Council. The UAW Local 2322 is based right here in Holyoke, MA. It represents more than 3,000 workers in Western Massachusetts at 15 workplaces, including higher education, early childhood development, and health & human services. UAW members come from a wide range of cultural, economic, educational, and national backgrounds, including many proud residents of Holyoke Ward 3.
I’m thrilled to have the UAW’s endorsement of my candidacy. Union workers fought for and won improvements that we all now take for granted, like the minimum wage, the 40 hour week, social security and the end of child labor. When unions lose ground in this country, the results are clear: the rich become richer, the poor become poorer and the middle class all but disappears.

Western MA Green campaigns surging towards Election Day

From the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party:

Scott Laugenour (Berk. 4th) and Mark Miller (Berk. 3rd)  have made unprecedented progress against entrenched incumbents in the state Legislature. Each is taking on an  opponent lacking any other opposition.

Community leaders, newspapers, radio hosts, and television personalities have not only publicly endorsed these two candidates, but have even taken yard signs and have decided to go Green!

Now Scott has received an endorsement from The Berkshire Record (10/28), noting in part that  “With Laugenour, southern Berkshire
County residents have a rare chance to make a real change in the
house… We need to send a message, not just to our representatives,
but to the entire Legislature.” Continue Reading


Tom Neilson Song for Jill Stein Campaign

Have a listen to the song Tom Neilson wrote for Green Party candidates running for statewide office in Massachusetts, including Jill Stein for Governor, Rick Purcell for Lt. Governor and Nat Fortune for State Auditor.

Just follow the money & you’ll find your money where
Your money is like honey in the corporation lair
But if Beacon Hill you want to redefine
Put your check on the ballot for Purcell, Fortune, and Stein.


MA Green-Rainbow candidates to challenge incumbents in 2010

From the Belmont Citizen-Herald:

Northampton, Mass. — Voters are in the mood for change, according to the Green-Rainbow Party candidates nominated at the weekend meeting of the party’s State Committee in Northampton.

Nominated were: Health and environmental advocate Jill Stein for governor, Holyoke veterans’ activist Rick Purcell for lieutenant governor, Nat Fortune, a physicist at Smith College, for State Auditor. Scott Laugenour was nominated as a candidate for state representative in the 4th Berkshire District. The party also endorsed independent candidate Peter White who is running for Congress in the 10th Congressional District (being vacated by Rep. William Delahunt).

Mark Miller, a former journalist and newspaper co-owner in Pittsfield, told committee members he has just launched a campaign for the House seat in the Third Berkshire District, and expects to apply for the GRP nomination in July. Continue Reading


Upcoming Massachusetts Green Party regional conventions

From the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party:

Green-Rainbow Party Regional Conventions provide a great opportunity to meet fellow Party members and supporters in your community, share your ideas, discover ways to support action on your key issues by working with others, and to get involved playing an important role in an important, high-profile campaign! This year’s slate of six regional conventions will feature appearances by gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein; Rick Purcell, candidate for Lieutenant Governor; Nat Fortune, running for Auditor of Massachusetts; and other candidates for local and legislative offices.

Read on for details about the regional conventions: Continue Reading


Jill Stein announces running mate, sets goal for public matching funds

From the Jill Stein for Governor of Massachusetts campaign:

Please join me in welcoming Rick Purcell as my Lieutenant Governor running mate! As my lieutenant governor, Rick will mobilize grassroots support across the state for our campaign for a healthy, secure green future. He’ll also galvanize opposition to the corrupt status quo at the root of the many crises we currently face. We’ll be joining Rick in his hometown of Holyoke this Saturday for an official announcement. See below for biographical information on Rick. Continue Reading