Rosa Clemente at the RNC videos

First Rosa Clemente speaking out at the RNC protests in Minneapolis. Not sure who shot this video but it was posted by Chris Lugo on YouTube. Good stuff, but it was kind of distracting when the stage hands were trying to get her off the stage after 3 minutes:

Then this interview with Rosa in the midst of the street marches, where she goes off on the cops and continues her unrehearsed, straight from the heart style, posted by John’s Doe Main:

I’ve heard from some Greens that Rosa is too much activist and not enough politician. In my opinion, she’s awesome. Rosa Clemente, Vice Presidential candidate with the Green Party.


Minneapolis Green Council Member Cam Gordon Calls for Investigations

Cam Gordon, a Green Party member on the Minneapolis City Council has called with fellow Councilor Gary Schiff for investigations into police actions at the RNC:

Minneapolis Council Members Cam Gordon and Gary Schiff Call for Independent Investigation of RNC-Related Law Enforcement Actions

Throughout the Republican National Convention we have seen and heard a number of disturbing reports of actions taken by law enforcement, including the Minneapolis Police Department personnel, against journalists, observers, medics, bystanders, people engaged in peaceful protest and others.
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