Roseanne Barr and Jill Stein debate in San Francisco

As was reported here at Green Party Watch May 12th found the San Francisco Green Party host to a presidential debate between Jill Stein and Roseanne Barr. Ann Garrison covers the debate at Fog City Journal, a widely read news website based in San Francisco.

Where Obama and Romney see a world full of terrorists requiring an ever-heightened state of military positioning with Homeland and National Security, Stein and Barr see further militarization of the police, an empire of military bases in need of dismantling and a need to redefine national priorities and security.”

The full debate can be seen at the linked article.


Willie Nelson to Roseanne: I’m not ready to get into politics

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson
Yesterday via HootSuite
I see you are speaking to someone else regarding your vice president running mate. I know whoever your choice is they will be happy to serve with you.
I’m not ready to get into politics. I have stayed away from it this long. I am content to sit on the sidelines and criticize everyone else.
Good luck with your campaign.
Love, Willie


Rhode Island Presidential Delegates

The Green Party of Rhode Island at their state meeting this last weekend approved their delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention. Of their four delegates, 2 will be voting for Jill Stein, 1 for Roseanne Barr, and 1 will be Uncommitted.

According to our unofficial tally, Jill Stein has now locked up 98.5 Presidential Delegates of 131 determined to date.

This coming weekend, State Green Parties will be meeting in Delaware (4 Delegates) and Maryland (6 Delegates).

On May 19th, 35 Delegates are up for grabs in Hawaii, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, and Tennessee.


Maine Greens Split Delegation – Stein 7, Barr 6

According to the Convention Minutes of the Maine Green Independent Party, at the Party’s May 5th meeting in Portland the Party voted by Caucus resulting in 7 Presidential Delegates for Jill Stein and 6 Presidential Delegates for Roseanne Barr. Maine is allotted 13 Delegates to the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention in July.

The May 5th meeting follows county caucuses that were held between January and March of this year. According to the meeting minutes, “15 caucuses convened, small portion took a vote, most decided not to vote, those that did vote voted unanimously for Jill Stein, excepting Portland which went 90% for Jill Stein.”

An unofficial delegate count, including the latest results from Maine and Arkansas, puts Jill Stein with 78% of allocated presidential delegates:

  • Jill Stein: 96.5
  • Roseanne Barr: 18.5
  • Kent Mesplay: 6.5
  • Harley Mikkelson: 1.5
  • Unassigned: 6

Green Party Presidential Forum May 12

(Distributed by the Green Party of the United States)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Green Party of California

Media Contact: Laura Wells, 510-504-4254, info@laurawells.org

Co-Sponsored by the League of Women Voters; KALW-FM’s Rose Aguilar Will Moderate

SAN FRANCISCO–Presidential candidates Roseanne Barr, Kent Mesplay and Jill Stein will face-off the evening of May 12 as Greens all across California are getting ready to go to the polls and vote.

Joining them on stage at the Victoria Theatre will be Rose Aguilar, Host of “Your Call” on KALW-FM and author of “Red Highways, A Liberal’s Journey Through the Heartland.”

Co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters of San Francisco, the forum is scheduled to coincide with a Green Party of California plenary May 12 and 13, also in San Francisco.

California Greens will have the largest delegation heading into the Green Party’s Presidential Nominating Convention in Baltimore, Maryland, July 12-15.

Details on the Presidential Forum:

Time: 7:30-9:30 PM

Cost: $10 – 20 sliding scale; no one will be turned away for lack of funds.
Tickets available here

Free seats will be set aside for media covering the forum. Contact June Brashares at 415-425-3733 to reserve your place.

The forum will be livestreamed at http://www.livestream.com/greenpartyus

See more about the Green Party’s presidential candidates here

For information about Rose Aguilar and her KALW-FM program “Your Call,” visit yourcallradio.org

League of Women Voters of San Francisco lwvsf.org


Roseanne Barr Supports May Day Strike

From the Roseanne Barr Campaign:

May 1, 2012

Green Party Presidential Candidate, Roseanne Barr supports Occupy Wall Street’s call for a Nationwide Strike on May 1.

The Occupy Movement has called for No Work, No School, No Banking, No Shopping, No Chores and Taking to the Streets for a full day of Direct Actions.

On September 17th, 2011, Ms. Barr visited Occupy Wall Street during their first day of Direct Action and addressed the crowd there.

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Green Party candidates and activists prepare for ‘Occupy May Day’ General Strike

From the Green Party of the United States:

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party members will participate in the May 1 General Strike organized by the Occupy Movement and the May 1 Coalition and will join thousands of union members, students, immigrants, and others across the US in the first national strike in the nation’s history, with simultaneous strikes in other countries.

Rallies, marches, and picket lines are planned for over 115 cities to assert the rights of working people and democracy, in the face of growing power of financial elites over government and the lives of the “99 percent” and the threat this represents to the future of the US.

“The Occupy Movement is nonpartisan and is not affiliated with any political party, including the Green Party. But the presence of Greens in Occupy protests, including the May Day strike, is a reminder that the demands of the Occupy Movement will be represented on the ballot on Election Day. They won’t be represented by the Wall Street candidates — Republicans and Democrats — but by Green candidates, who accept no money from corporate PACs,” said Ursula Rozum, peace activist and organizer in Syracuse, NY, and Green Party candidate for Congress in New York’s 24th Congressional district (http://www.ursulaforcongress.com).

Green candidates running for office at every level, from city council to Congress and the White House, are basing their campaigns on the Green New Deal (http://www.greenpartywatch.org/2010/08/11/62-green-candidates-endorse-green-new-deal) and calling for the following: Continue Reading