With city’s first ranked choice election coming up, St. Paul’s Greens endorse 3 candidates, work for more

From the Twin Cities Daily Planet (read the full thing here, there is a lot more information in the article itself):

The Green Party of St. Paul began a new effort to recruit candidates for upcoming 2011 local elections June 16, as candidates and around 40 supporters gathered to launch the effort dubbed Green St. Paul.The campaign is an attempt to change the party’s sporadic track record in local elections by recruiting candidates to run for local office, said Green St. Paul co-chair Roger Meyer…

The Green Party has officially endorsed three candidates in local races. Johnny Howard and Jim Ivey are running for St. Paul City Council seats in Wards 1 and 2, respectively, while Devin Miller is running for the St. Paul School Board…

Meyer said the recruitment campaign was inspired by St. Paul’s adoption of ranked choice voting. The elections this November will see the first implementation of the ranked choice voting system that St. Paul voters approved in a referendum in 2009.

The system allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference. If one candidate receives more than 50 percent of the first choice votes, they win outright. Otherwise, the candidate with the lowest number of first choice votes is eliminated and their votes are redistributed to the voter’s second choice. The process is repeated until one candidate crosses the threshold needed to win.



All the best campaign slogans amount to nothing if our elected leaders fail to break from the “group think” and orthodoxy that created the policies that squandered our resources, both human and monetary, on wars and allowed Wall St. insiders to pillage the economy for the sake of maintaining their grand lifestyles. In 2008 the country voted for change but we are still fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the health care reform favored by the Obama administration leaves out single payer and leaves in big profits for the Health Insurance companies and pharmaceutical industry, and “clean coal” and nuclear power figure prominently in the administrations so called clean energy plans.

So, in the very best interpretation of what it means to be a democracy and taking to heart the responsibility of self governance we the Green Party of Ohio remain dedicated to running candidates who are truly “of the people for the people and by the people”. It should not be that hard to figure out that only by having the tasks of government spread among many hands through a political system that encompasses diverse points of view will we enact policies and systems that truly address the problems that our communities face. How can we expect millionaire politicians to find solutions to problems that because of their wealth they will never face? How can we expect the two big political parties to institute fair political systems when their paychecks depend on maintaining a closed door two party system? We don’t expect those changes to come without a great deal of push from ordinary people and through our campaigns we continue to be a part of the ongoing fight for democracy. Continue Reading