News from the Connecticut Green Party

Although the Connecticut Green Party has no candidate for governor this year and is running a write-in campaign for US Senate, CT Green candidates running for a variety of statewide, congressional, legislative and local seats have been steadily making news. Here are some recent stories:

CT News Junkie: Nader Endorses Krayeske in 1st Congressional District

Hartford Courant: Putting Voters in the Driver’s Seat (letter from Mike DeRosa, candidate for CT Secretary of State)

Norwich Bulletin: 2nd District Incumbent, Challengers Duke It Out in Willimantic


Monday Morning Green Party News

Monday morning round up of Green Party news around the nation

Rich Whitney, “Green Party candidate shines in debate” (KMOX):

“Governor Pat Quinn, a Democrat, and State Sen. Bill Brady (R-Bloomington) used nearly every answer to bash the other. But Green Party candidate Rich Whitney laid off the criticism, and used every answer to point out in some detail how he would close the budget gap, improve the job climate, and fund education. He said, “I’m the only one with a plan.”

Too bad the other debates are excluding him. Maybe they are afraid he will continue talking common sense?

The Post Standard is looking forward to Howie Hawkins in tonight’s debate as evidenced by this thorough profile piece:

He hasn’t won, yet. But he has accomplished another goal — to bring the Green Party into the same conversation the Democrats and Republicans are having about how to govern New York state. Hawkins, a graveyard-shift United Parcel Service worker from Syracuse’s South Side, is the Green Party candidate for governor. He has been invited to debate Democrat Andrew Cuomo, Republican Carl Paladino and four other candidates at 7 p.m. today in the only scheduled debate of the 2010 race.

The Middletown Press has a nice piece today on the Green Party, with coverage of Green congressional candidates Ken Krayeske, G. Scott Deshefy, & Charles Pillsbury, as well as Mike DeRosa (Sec. State candidate), David Bue (State Treasurer candidate), Steve Fournier (Attorney General candidate), & Colin Bennett (State Comptroller):

“People don’t know who to turn to anymore and with good reason,” Deshefy says. “I say to those disillusioned, those disgruntled, those disenfranchised citizens betrayed by the Republicans and Democrats time and time again, turn to me and to the Green Party to carry your burden. Otherwise, we are in for more of the same after November 2010.”

Cleveland City Councilor Brian Cummins has quit the Democrats and become a Green again. He is a former Columbus area Green Party organizer. He will face re-election in 3 years, I can assure you he will face a Democratic challenger.

And finally, a poignant book discussion with US Senate candidate John Gray:


Connecticut Green Party “taking different approach”

The Hartford Courant recently featured the CT Green Party in an article entitled “With Eye on Election Day, Green Party Taking Different Approach”:

“Millionaires and celebrities get all the attention,” said Tim McKee, a spokesman for Connecticut Greens and a member of the party’s national committee. “We want to get more average people running for office, but it’s becoming harder and harder. … It’s a millionaires’ club.”

This year, the Green Party has candidates for attorney general, secretary of the state, treasurer and comptroller. It has no candidate for governor at this point…

McKee and other Green activists are taking a different approach this year, focusing on winning legislative races in addition to the four state constitutional offices.

So far, the party has nominated four candidates for the General Assembly. It also tapped Scott Deshefy, a retired DEP worker from Lebanon, to run for Congress from the 2nd District.

“We’re trying to be realistic,” McKee said. “You spend a lot of money and energy running for high-profile offices, but it’s hard to get press, hard to get into any debates. … There are just tremendous hurdles for a party that’s trying to grow.”

Read the full article at the Hartford Courant.


Connecticut: Candidates Deshefy and Johnson to speak to state Green meeting

Two candidates for office will address the monthly statewide meeting of the Green Party of Connecticut this Tuesday, March 2 at the Portland Senior Center, 7 Waverly Avenue, in Portland, CT. at 7 PM.

Scott Deshefy is a 2nd Congressional District candidate (Eastern CT) running against Joe Courtney and he will speak about the recent Supreme Court ruling giving corporations the right to endorse candidates and corporate power.

Rae Johnson is a candidate for the State Senate District number 9 (Middletown, Cromwell, Rocky Hill). She will address state issues, including education, and job growth. Continue Reading


Connecticut paper features Scott Deshefy, Green US House candidate

Ray Hackett of the Norwich Bulletin recently wrote a article featuring Scott Deshefy, the 2008 and 2010 Green candidate for US House CT-2, entitled “This could be the year for impact of third party”.

Is this the year when a third party can make significant inroads in Connecticut politics?

Scott Deshefy, of Lebanon, thinks it is — especially if Ralph Nader throws his hat into the U.S. Senate race on the Green Party ticket.

You can find the whole article at the Norwich Bulletin.