Sat. 2/23: Green Campaign School in Worcester, MA

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You can make a difference!

Saturday, February 23, 9:30am – 5:30pm

First Unitarian Church of Worcester

90 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts

What: This one-day campaign school will give you the tools and training you need to create a new political climate in your community.  The emphasis is upon giving voters clean, green candidates to move us beyond politics-as-usual at the town and state level.

Who should attend:  Anyone who 1) is thinking about running for office as a Green (Green-Rainbow) candidate, 2) wants to acquire the skills to help their favorite candidate succeed, or 3) wants to sharpen their organizing skills in support of their party or nonprofit organization.

Special speakers:  Jill Stein, 2012 Green Party candidate for President, will talk about her experiences campaigning across America in 2012 & Rosa Clemente, the 2008 Green Party candidate for Vice-President, and nationally known community organizer, independent journalist and hip-hop activist will give her take on what we need to do in this political moment.

Workshops: Workshops will address campaign planning, use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, websites, fundraising, message development, get-out-the-vote activities, running for local offices, and campaign organization.

Leaders: In addition to workshop leaders from the Green-Rainbow Party and Maine Green Party, we are fortunate to welcome Ben Manski of Madison, Wisconsin, campaign manager, of the groundbreaking Jill Stein for President campaign. Continue Reading


Western MA Green campaigns surging towards Election Day

From the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party:

Scott Laugenour (Berk. 4th) and Mark Miller (Berk. 3rd)  have made unprecedented progress against entrenched incumbents in the state Legislature. Each is taking on an  opponent lacking any other opposition.

Community leaders, newspapers, radio hosts, and television personalities have not only publicly endorsed these two candidates, but have even taken yard signs and have decided to go Green!

Now Scott has received an endorsement from The Berkshire Record (10/28), noting in part that  “With Laugenour, southern Berkshire
County residents have a rare chance to make a real change in the
house… We need to send a message, not just to our representatives,
but to the entire Legislature.” Continue Reading


MA Democrats duck debates with Green challengers

The Berkshire Greens are calling foul on two Democratic state legislators for abruptly pulling out of debates with Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party candidates Scott Laugenour and Mark Miller:

The October 18 debates at BCC were called off for no-shows from the Democrat incumbent state rep candidates. The debate sponsors instead have scheduled interviews with the incumbents’ only opponents, conducted by the former debate moderator. Both Smitty Pignatelli (claiming miscommunication about debate date) and Chris Speranzo (for no stated reason) informed debate sponsors late Friday afternoon (Oct. 15) that they would not be debating at BCC tomorrow, Monday (Oct. 18). Continue Reading


Scott Laugenour, MA Green for state rep: “Time for a Party”

The following is the text of a speech given by Scott Laugenour, Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party candidate for 4th Berkshire District State Representative, to the GRP regional convention in Pittsfield:

Hello! My name is Scott and I am the Green-Rainbow candidate for State Representative this year in the 4th Berkshire District. My full name, which voters in the district will see on the ballot in November, is Lee Scott Laugenour. But my friends and family call me Scott, and you should, too. Thank you fellow greens, new members, and guests for joining us today.

I came to the party a little over two years ago when my husband Mark and I came to this very location for the regional convention in 2008. I made some phone calls to learn more about the party and began attending the local chapter meetings here in Pittsfield, and from those days on my family grew: Celia … Mike … Jeff … Gordon … Jamie … and Wanda. They welcomed Mark and me to the party and to a political home and to new friendships. I love you all.

But in a political fight where different ideas for public policies compete for voter support we need more than love. We’re challenging established paradigms and established power. History teaches us that this always means a fight and a struggle. There is the adage that says that life is not fair, which may be true, but public policies and laws in a democratic society should be fair to all. Our political fight will be forward-looking; it will be about building a healthy, just, green future. Our political fight is more visible than ever this year and we will keep that visibility before the voters. The establishment will soon see that there is some spirited grit in these greens. Continue Reading


Green MA State Rep candidate talks tax fairness

Scott Laugenour, the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party candidate for State Representative in the 4th Berkshire district, posted a statement on Green Mass Group entitled “Tax Fairness – A Candidate’s Statement”:

People know that the system of taxation is regressive; they also know that the disbursement of public spending is regressive:  those who pay the most as a percent of their income have their benefits squeezed.  The polarizing effect of regressive taxation was evident even when economic times were good; the effects are exasperated now as more essential services are cut.  Our tax system is hurting the health and vibrancy of our communities.

Read the full post at Green Mass Group.


MA Green-Rainbow candidates to challenge incumbents in 2010

From the Belmont Citizen-Herald:

Northampton, Mass. — Voters are in the mood for change, according to the Green-Rainbow Party candidates nominated at the weekend meeting of the party’s State Committee in Northampton.

Nominated were: Health and environmental advocate Jill Stein for governor, Holyoke veterans’ activist Rick Purcell for lieutenant governor, Nat Fortune, a physicist at Smith College, for State Auditor. Scott Laugenour was nominated as a candidate for state representative in the 4th Berkshire District. The party also endorsed independent candidate Peter White who is running for Congress in the 10th Congressional District (being vacated by Rep. William Delahunt).

Mark Miller, a former journalist and newspaper co-owner in Pittsfield, told committee members he has just launched a campaign for the House seat in the Third Berkshire District, and expects to apply for the GRP nomination in July. Continue Reading


Green-Rainbow Party forms Lenox & College Greens chapters

Scott Laugenour, membership director of the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party and recent candidate for Lenox Select Committee, recently sent out this notice:

I hope those of you in Lenox will join me at this public meeting September 12, 3:30 pm, at the Lenox Library, at which the Lenox chapter of the Green-Rainbow Party will be founded.  Those of you outside Lenox are welcome to be part of the founding and to get ideas for forming similar chapters in your community.  Notices are being sent to all in Lenox who are current members of the Green-Rainbow Party through their voter registration or dues-paying.  Posters are in various parts of the town.  Thank you for your interest.  It’s time for a party.

Sat, Sep 12, 2009 at 3:30 pm
Lenox Library Conference Room
18 Main Street / Lenox MA  01240
Continue Reading