Washington Times picks up Green Party release on Colbert

timesThe Washington Times picked up the recent Green Party news release responding to Stephen Colbert’s monologue on Sen. Bernie Sanders and the Greens, with reporter Valerie Richardson writing, “Irked Green Party officials cried foul Wednesday after CBS ‘Late Night’ host Stephen Colbert warned that voting for the Green presidential nominee would weaken presumptive Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton.”

The Times wrote, “In a Wednesday statement, the Green Party slammed the ‘Nader spoiler’ allegation, referring to it as a ‘baseless Democratic Party propaganda myth,'” blaming Al Gore’s 2000 “defeat on a series of factors. … The party has urged supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernard Sanders to cross over to the Green candidate in November. Polls show as many as 25 percent of the Vermont senator’s backers say they would not vote for Ms. Clinton, the former secretary of state.”


Sanders backers urged to press for Green inclusion in fall debates

GreenParty2016Green Party of the United States media coordinator Scott McLarty writes at CounterPoint that “now that it’s almost inevitable Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination, the talk is turning to what will come out of Bernie Sanders’ campaign after the Democratic National Convention.”

McLarty writes, “Enthusiasm is growing for a post-Sanders movement,” and it “will face its first test — or opportunity, if you prefer — in September. Will Mr. Sanders and his supporters demand a place for the Green Party nominee in the fall presidential debates? Or will they look the other way while ideas they claim to support are silenced and only the Democratic and Republican nominees are allowed to participate?” He says the Green Party nominee “will argue for many of the same things that Mr. Sanders has advocated, from Medicare For All to dismantling the power of the too-big-to-fail banks.”

Meanwhile, The Philadelphia Daily News reports that Yahne Ndgo, who “has appeared frequently on CNN as a spokeswoman for the Bernie or Bust campaign,” is “urging people to change their voter registration to the Green Party, in hopes Sanders will run as an independent or, if he doesn’t, to direct people to Green Party candidate Jill Stein.” In a report on Jill Stein’s recent Reddit Ask Me Anything session, Upvoted writes that Stein said, “Bernie and I need to talk. … But it has to start with his being interested. … I am committed to independent politics because I know that the goal for the Democratic Party at the end of the day is to sabotage the likes of Bernie Sanders and myself.”


Greens look to win over Sanders supporters if he loses Democratic race

steinPolitico reports that Green Party “leaders are banking on Bernie [Sanders] to create an unparalleled recruitment opportunity — as soon as he loses.” Green Party spokesman Scott McLarty said that “after Sanders fans ‘experience the frustration from his likely defeat by the Clinton juggernaut’…the party will send them a message: ‘You have a choice. You can keep alive ideas like single-payer by coming home to the Green Party… or say goodbye the political “revolution” that Bernie Sanders claims to represent.'”

McLarty writes at CounterPunch, “The Green Party and its national candidates support Medicare For All and will continue to do so long after the summer conventions and Election Day. The demand for national health care is too important to let die after July 2016. … Do we want to change the country’s direction or are we content to rubberstamp the political status quo every Election Day? If the former, then it’s imperative that we build an alternative party now, before the consequences of two-party rule become irreversible.”

In addition, playwright and author David Macaray writes at The Huffington Post that despite his doubts about alternative parties, if Sanders fails to win the Democratic presidential nomination, “I will very likely vote for a woman. … It will be Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein.”


People’s State of the Union: Green Party livestream show with guest commentary, Jan. 20

p Green Party US new logoFrom Green Party US:

The People’s State of the Union: The Green Party will host a Livestream broadcast of President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address with Green guest commentary, Tuesday, Jan. 20

Viewers can participate in the chat and phone in questions during the broadcast

When: Tuesday, Jan. 20, 9:00 pm ET, 6:00 pm PT

Where: http://www.livestream.com/greenpartyus

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/633022323486873/

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Green Party of the United States invites members and the public to tune into “The People’s State of the Union” and participate in an online chat during President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union speech on Tuesday, January 20, on the Green Party’s Livestream channel (http://www.livestream.com/greenpartyus). Continue Reading


Is Bernie Sanders better off running as a Green?

Bernie SandersAlternet has published a piece asking if Sen. Bernie Sanders might run for the Green Party’s 2016 presidential nomination. From the article:

Last winter, Scott McLarty wrote a long article exploring the prospect of Sanders as the Green nominee. First, he dismissed the impact of running as an independent, saying, “Here’s the problem with independent campaigns: they leave no legacy. An independent might call public attention to a few big issues ignored by the D and R candidates, but there exists no institutional means to carry the independent’s ideas forward after Election Day.”

Then, he said it was a fantasy that progressives can steer the Democratic Party to the left. “Just ask Dennis Kucinich. Or Rev. Jesse Jackson,” he wrote. “Their campaigns serve mainly to keep progressives within the Democratic fold during the pre-primary period, ensuring that most of the latter will vote for the party’s corporate-money nominee in the general election.”

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Green Party US to host Election Night livestream show with guest Jill Stein

p Jill SteinThe Green Party of the United States will air an “Election Night Livestream Show” on Tuesday, November 4 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT.

The show will be broadcast on GP-TV, the Green Party’s Livestream channel (http://www.livestream.com/greenpartyus) and will feature live election reports and interviews with Green candidates, officeholders, and party leaders from across the U.S.

Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party’s 2012 nominee for president, will be a guest on the show.

The show will also host a “Meetup” in the chat room next to the video feed for viewers to participate in a discussion of Election Day news and offer questions for the show’s guests. Viewers are encouraged to set up their own Livestream account, but an account isn’t necessary to watch the show or join the chat room. Continue Reading


In These Times: Should climate activists ditch the Democrats?

Jill Stein arrested protesting Keystone XL

Jill Stein arrested protesting Keystone XL

From In These Times‘ Alt Press pick of the week feature:

In the June issue of Z Magazine,  Scott McLarty, media coordinator for the Green Party of the United States, takes 350.org founder Bill McKibben to task for his reliance on the Democratic Party, rather than a third party, as the political vehicle to address global warming. In a TomDispatch piece in April, McKibben wrote, “The narrow window of opportunity that physics provides us makes me doubt that a third party will offer a fast enough answer to come to terms with our changing planet.”

McLarty rejects this notion, given the Democratic Party’s move to the right and its acceptance of contributions from large energy companies. He also rejects the claim that third parties spoil elections. Drawing on recent disappointments, he dismantles the argument that progressives should put their faith in the Democrats:

Progressives have fantasized for decades that they’ll pull the Democratic Party to the left some day. Instead, the Democratic Party has pulled progressives to the right. Barack Obama’s 2008 victory ended the antiwar movement, as anti-Bush peace activists acquiesced to an Obama foreign policy that incorporated the belligerent neo- con postures of the Bush-Cheney administration. Progressives cheered a Supreme Court decision upholding the individual mandate, which blesses the health insurance industry with a direct public subsidy. Continue Reading


Green Party supports protesters opposing massive ‘Via Verde’ gas pipeline through Puerto Rico

A press release from the Green Party of the United States:

Puerto Rico’s colonial status must be replaced with self-determination and independence, say Greens

Green Party Speakers Bureau: Greens available to speak on ecological sustainability and global warming:http://www.gp.org/speakers/speakers-ecological.php

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party has joined Puerto Ricans protesting a proposal by Gov. Luis Fortuño to construct a huge natural gas pipeline that would endanger Puerto Rico’s communities and ecosystems. Green Party leaders said that the problem of Puerto Rico’s high electric bills and dirty air from burning oil must be resolved through alternative energy instead of burning another fossil fuel.

“Everything about the project is wrong, beginning with Gov. Fortuño’s Orwellian name for the pipeline — the ‘Green Way’ [Via Verde]. A pipeline that threatens people living nearby and damages green mountains is not green, by any stretch. The top contract for the $450 million pipeline has been awarded to a company with no experience constructing pipelines. It’s a corrupt deal to benefit a favored corporation,” said Rosa Clemente, the Green Party’s 2008 nominee for Vice President. Ms. Clemente is Puerto Rican.

The contractor, Gas Natural de Puerto Rico, is also seeking tax exemption, while the bill for the pipeline will be covered by Puerto Rican taxpayers (“Pide exención contributiva al Gobierno,” Perla del Sur, http://www.periodicolaperla.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2585:pide-exencion-contributiva-futuro-usuario-del-gasoducto-del-norte&catid=81:locales&Itemid=198).

For more information on the serious risks of the pipeline, see “Casa Pueblo: scientific paper on the pipeline,” RedBetances.com (in Spanish) (http://www.redbetances.com/component/content/article/51-en-portada/390-casa-pueblo-html).

“Puerto Rico’s colonial status makes it especially vulnerable to the kind of corporate influence, official corruption, and disregard for the well-being of residents and the environment in evidence now with the pipeline proposal. Puerto Ricans were also forced to accept weapons testing by the US Navy on the island of Vieques, until widespread protests shut down the firing range in 2003. The Green Party supports the efforts of Puerto Ricans to stop this misnamed gas pipeline, and we support self-determination, independence, and democratic sovereignty for the people of Puerto Rico,” said Michael Canney, Florida Green and member of the Green Party’s International Committee (http://www.gp.org/committees/intl).

Green Party leaders said that the Puerto Rico’s energy problems must be solved by diversifying energy sources (excluding nuclear power), aggressive energy conservation and efficiency, and finding ways to reduce the island’s reliance on expensive fossil fuels. The top priority, in Puerto Rico and throughout the world, must be protection of the health of humans, other living beings, and ecosystems and action to curb the advance of global warming.

On May 9, the Jacksonville office of the US Army Corps of Engineers, in an unprecedented move, removed all documents related to the permitting process for the Via Verde pipeline from the Corps’ San Juan office and transferred jurisdiction to Florida. (http://www.facebook.com/note.php?created&&note_id=118899578193054&id=109915969091415) This decision leaves the San Juan Office, which has spent six months evaluating the project, without jurisdiction. It also distances the people of Puerto Rico from the permitting process. Greens urge the US Army Corps of Engineers to return jurisdiction to its Puerto Rico office, and to decline approval for the project.

“While Gov. Fortuño is promoting Via Verde, President Obama is calling for expanded domestic drilling for oil, with more drilling in Alaska, Atlantic coastal areas, and the Gulf of Mexico. The problem isn’t just dependence on foreign oil, as the President seems to think. The problem is the US’s addiction to fossil fuels regardless of their source, with a US energy policy driven by corporate greed rather than the public interest. Increased drilling and new pipelines are insane in the context of climate change and last year’s BP oil spill disaster,” said Hector Lopez, Connecticut Green and member of the International Committee.


Green Party of the United States http://www.gp.org
202-319-7191, 866-41GREEN


US Green Party media coordinator Scott McLarty review of Derek Wall book published at Z Magazine

Scott McLarty – Scott McLarty

The review can only be read at Z Magazine if you have a subscription, but McLarty also published the review here and here.
Derek Wall book
The book, A No Nonsense Guide to Green Politics, is recommended by both Carolina Lucas, recently elected Member of Parliament for the Green Party of England and Wales, and by famed historian Howard Zinn. Here’s a short excerpt from the review.

If a Green ideology exists, it’s based on humane and ecological principles rather than single-model prescriptions for economics, government, and other spheres of human behavior. The classic ideologies of the 19th and 20th century — laissez-faire capitalism, bureaucratic collectivism, fascism, and various theocratic fundamentalisms — all value abstractions, systems, and doctrines over human life. Stalin made communism work by allowing millions of Ukrainian peasants to starve to death; fascists liquidated ‘useless eaters’ and scapegoat minorities; business owners resisted the right of workers to livable wages, reasonable hours, and safe workplaces; corporate polluters dumped lethal substances regardless of the effect on nearby residents; religious zealots condemned queers and unsubmissive women in the name of a savior, prophet, or edity. Derek Wall recognizes that deep ecology, taken to an extreme as a single-model ideology, reduces humans to ecological cogs. He mentions deep ecologist Dave Foreman’s claim that AIDS and famines in Africa should be welcomed because they reduce human populations and thus mitigate the environmental harm that people cause.


McLarty: Fire Departments and Health Care

Green Party Media Coordinator Scott McLarty writes an editorial about single payer healthcare, comparing our modern health insurance based health care system to the way we once approached fire protection.

Imagine that you needed a special insurance policy before calling the fire department in an emergency, or you’d have to pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for the firefighters to put out the fire.

So why do we tolerate a health care system that’s run the same way?

McLarty goes on to explain exactly where the savings in single payer healthcare comes from, the profits and overhead of corporate for-profit systems that add cost, but no value.

The overhead for Medicare, based on administrative costs but without the demand for profit, is about 3%. Why not convert to a public system, expanding Medicare to cover all Americans, perhaps saving us a third of the cost by eliminating the insurance and HMO middlemen — a system comparable to our public fire departments?

McLarty goes on to ask why we don’t have single payer healthcare today, and answers

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the amount of such (political) contributions (from HMOs and Insurance interests) was over $46 million in 2008

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