Toledo Blade endorses Green Sean Nestor for Toledo City Council

p sean nestorLocal Toledo, Ohio newspaper the Toledo Blade has endorsed Green Party candidate Sean Nestor for Toledo City Council. From the Toledo Blade:

Political newcomer SEAN NESTOR, 28, is running as a Green Party candidate. A systems administrator, he has a passion for neighborhood organization. A Point Place resident, he maintains a downtown storefront for forums, cultural events, and community meetings.

Mr. Nestor says he is not accepting campaign contributions from union or corporate political action committees. Despite the Green Party’s reputation for eccentricity in some circles, he would be a breath of fresh air — and stability — on the council.


Ohio Green Nestor announces run for Toledo City Council

From the Toledo Free Press:

Sean Nestor has worked in IT since he was 18 years old. He finds solutions to people’s problems for a living. But the Point Place resident hopes to begin tackling some much larger issues in the City of Toledo.

Nestor is vying for a seat on Toledo City Council this fall and thinks his IT background will come in handy at One Government Center.

“IT is very service-oriented, and people have concerns about things that are more complex than they are able to really deal with,” Nestor said. “They come to somebody who’s an expert or who is well versed in a matter and say, ‘Hey, I have this problem. How can we get this fixed?’ From what I’ve observed about city politics, that’s often the case, with city council being a very service-oriented position.”

But Nestor says there is something other than IT that makes him qualified to be a councilperson. Continue Reading


Greens Running for City Council in Toledo, Ohio

Two Greens are running for Toledo (OH) City Council – Anita Rios is running for District 4, and Sean Nestor is running for District 6. The election is in November.

From Glass City Jungle:

Both Toledo natives believe two-party politics hampers progress and innovative change and voters deserve other alternatives.

Rios says City Council members and other local leaders should push aggressively for Congress to re-direct money away from the military and back to local services. She plans to make, “Give us back our money,” a campaign slogan.

Nestor believes in fiscal responsibility through long-term planning for the future of Toledo. A proponent of alternative energy, he believes we can build a sustainable future by embracing technology in a way that reduces government expenses and makes Toledo truly a business friendly city of the future.

Rios serves on the Central Committees for both the Lucas County and Ohio Green Parties and is president of the Toledo chapter of the National Organization for Women.

Nestor is a Systems Administrator at Seymour & Associates MassMutual and is an instructor at Owens Community College.

Anita Rios, who is Mexican-American, is a long-time green party activist. She was involved with the 2004 presidential recount in Ohio, and the lead plaintiff in the Rios versus Blackwell lawsuit. Rios has also been taking the lead in trying to establish a Hispanic Caucus within the Green Party of the United States.

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