Emily Good, arrested for recording Rochester police, to run for Monroe County Sheriff

p emily goodFrom the Rochester Accent on May 21, 2013:

Emily Good announced her candidacy for Monroe County Sheriff on Monday. The release also invited media to a press conference to be held this morning at 10:30 a.m. in front of the Monroe County Jail on S. Plymouth Ave.

Good’s unlawful arrest for recording an on-duty Rochester police officer in 2011 hit international news and became part of a heated debate about the civic right and responsibility to police the police. We spoke with the activist to learn more about her platform and goals as the Green Party candidate for Sheriff. Continue Reading


Cheri Honkala, Green for Philadelphia Sheriff, interviewed by YES, endorsed by NOW

Yes Magazine has published an interview with Cheri Honkala, the Green Party candidate for Sheriff of Philadelphia:

There’s a new sheriff in town—or there could be soon. Cheri Honkala, a single mom, sometimes homeless, who launched one of the country’s biggest multi-racial movements led by the poor and homeless, is running for sheriff of Philadelphia.

Her platform? No evictions. No throwing people out on the street because of a financial crisis that they didn’t create. Her slogan: “Keeping families in their homes and protecting the ‘hood.”

Read the interview with Cheri Honkala at Yes Magazine.

In other news, Honkala has received the endorsement of the National Organization for Women.


Honkala for Sheriff campaign in Philadelphia expects thousands of small donors, legal challenges, and more

From the Philadelphia Public Record (H/T to Chris Robinson):

Neither Democrat State Rep. Jewell Williams (D-N. Phila.) nor Republican Joshua West may be aware, and most voters won’t know until the week before Nov. 3, Cheri Honkala, the feisty, nationally renowned crusader for the homeless, will be also seeking the office for Sheriff, on the Green Party ticket…

If she is elected, she believes it won’t be long after she will find herself escorted to prison by State Troopers wearing the badge of the County Sheriff. She states that is because she refuses to evict families from their homes due to foreclosure.

“It is understandable,” she says. “The laws, that proscribe what the Sheriff must do, go contrary to what is morally right for the poor, who are being thrown out of their homes, mostly with no fault of their own and without representation…”

“I expect to see thousands of small contributions from like-minded people throughout the country. We have seen scheduled for us, as of now, 56 house parties across the country. President Obama gathered in millions that way, and though I don’t have national press all the time, I have had enough that I now serve as a symbol for the thousands who find themselves in financial straits,” said Honkala.

She knows the pain, since her “own baby sister, a homeowner of 20 years and a full-time SEIU worker, lost her home. Her husband had been laid off for six months. They applied for all the relief programs, but the bank refused to modify the loan, doubling the mortgage, since she was forced to refinance.”

Honkala has been arrested over 200 times, all for civil disobedience, plus resisting arrest, assaulting police officers. “I was found guilty of obstructing the view of the Liberty Bell, by bringing in a half dozen homeless families and placing them between the bell and the public. I had to report daily for six months to a federal probation officer and I have a stay-away order from Independence Park.”