Illinois Greens endorse local candidates for 2015

illinoisgreenpartyThe Illinois Green Party has issued its first round of endorsements for Spring 2015 local elections.

Here is a list of Green candidates from the ILGP website:

Alberto Bocanegra for Chicago City Council, 15th Ward
Rita Maniotis for Morton High School District 201 Board, Cook County
Matthew Walsh for Plainfield CSD 202 Board, Will County
Steve Alesch for Warrenville Park District, DuPage County (incumbent)
Nicholas Strauch for Palatine Park District, Cook County
David Black for Rock Valley College Board, Winnebago and Boone Counties
Scott Summers for McHenry County College Board, McHenry County

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Illinois Green thanks his supporters

In a message posted at his campaign website, Steve Alesch discussed the results of the first Green Party campaign in Winfield Township, and his plans for the immediate future, including a possible run for Congress from the 13th District. The full text is linked via this article’s headline, or by hitting the “Read more” link.
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When is 9% actually 25%

In a recent phone conversation with Steve Alesch he brought up an interesting point.

His race for township trustee involved something like 5500 voters casting ballots. Each voter was allowed to cast votes for more than one candidate, with the top vote getters being elected. By taking all the votes cast and dividing that by the number of votes he got, you come to the 9% figure…but…

Since Steve won 1405 votes from a pool of 5500 voters, close to 25% of that township’s voters cast votes for him.

So…he got 9% of the votes cast by the voters, but close to 25% of the voters gave him one of their votes.

Either way, Steve is an engaging and dedicated Green who is not even close to giving up. It’s clear to me that he will be heard from again.


McKinney Campaigns in Illinois Oct. 28-29

Cynthia McKinney’s Power to the People Campaign hits Illinois with just a week to go before the election, returning to where her campaign kicked off at the Green Party National Convention in July. Illinois, which is running a record 54 candidates from Congress down to local races, has demonstrated its Green voting potential after Green Party Gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney took over 10% of the vote in 2006.

McKinney will campaign in Chicago, Naperville, Springfield, and Alton, alongside Illinois Green Party candidates for Congress. See the below press release for details.
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Green Party on the “Financial Meltdown”

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders and candidates, including presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney, are calling for extensive measures and reforms to resolve the economic crisis caused by the collapse of mortgage providers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, investment banks Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns, American International Group (AIG), and other financial companies.

“The takeovers, $900 billion bailout, and other actions that President Bush are taking right now confirm what Greens have said all along. Deregulation and other ‘free-market’ solutions are a recipe for disaster,” said Abel Tomlinson, Arkansas Green Party candidate for Congress (3rd District) (http://www.abelforcongress.com).
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Steve Alesch (IL-13): 17 Million Reasons

From the Alesch campaign:

Warrenville, IL – Illinois 13th Congressional Green Party candidate Steve Alesch denounced his opponent, Judy Biggert, today for voting to continue to fund the illegal occupation and pillaging of Iraq.

“Unfortunately, there are 17 million reasons why this illegal occupation continues and both Democrats and Republicans in Congress today overwhelmingly voted to give President Bush yet another $162 billion, to perpetuate the carnage indefinitely in Iraq and Afghanistan, without any requirements to ever end the illegal occupation in Iraq.”, said Mr. Alesch.

“$17 million dollars is the amount of legal bribes handed over to the US Congress by corporations every day. In exchange, along with this bill, HR 2642, Congress has now provided President Bush with over 650 billion dollars of taxpayers’ money to fund the illegal occupation. Who benefits? Those same corporations… Continue Reading


Alesch (IL 13): Oppose secret US-Iraq ‘compact’

Press release:

Warrenville, IL – Steve Alesch, Green Party Candidate for Congress (IL 13), announced today his opposition to a plan pushed by the Bush Administration to keep U.S. forces in Iraq well into the future, undermining Iraq’s sovereignty and indefinitely hindering its ability to rebuild its own political system.

“When George Bush ran for president in 2000, he derided an interventionist foreign policy he called ‘nation building’,” said Alesch, who is running against Rep. Judy Biggert (R), an ardent Bush supporter. “What he is proposing now, however, not only ensures we’ll continue nation building in Iraq through his term, but for many future presidential terms.”

Details of the secret U.S.-Iraqi Compact have come to light over the last week in reports by the London Independent, McClatchy Newspapers, Washington Post, and DemocracyNow.

Read it all here.


Green Candidate Alesch supports Impeachment

Steve Alesch, a Green Party candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 13th Congressional District, supports impeaching the President.

Warrenville, IL – Steve Alesch, Green Party Candidate for Congress (IL 13), called today for support of the 35 articles of impeachment of President Bush, introduced in Congress earlier this week by Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio.

“As a member of Congress, I would strongly support the articles of impeachment against President Bush for his many crimes against freedom, justice and humanity,” Alesch said. “The United States is not a lawless country and we cannot allow these crimes to go uninvestigated and unpunished.”

The articles of impeachment come on the heels of a new report from the Senate Intelligence Committee that shows how the Bush Administration used misleading, even fabricated, intelligence to justify the invasion of Iraq.

Alesch said this distortion of evidence should not be taken lightly. “We’re not talking about a few white lies here. These lies have led to the death of more than 4,000 U.S. soldiers and one million Iraqi civilians. Waging an unnecessary war is international war crime.”