NJ Green activist avoids jail time for jobs banner

Green Party Watch previously reported that New Jersey Green Party member and noted climate activist Ted Glick was facing potential prison time for unfurling a banner calling for green jobs on Capitol Hill. NJ.com reports that the judge has handed down a 30-day suspended sentence, 40 hours of community service, 1 year of probation and a $1,000 fine.

Ann Wilcox, Glick’s attorney, said the judge sympathized with Glick’s cause and was impressed with the hundreds of letters he received in support.

“The judge said it was disruptive,” Wilcox said, “but he didn’t think it was worth going to jail over.”

Glick, a long-time activist and former Senate candidate for the Green Party, said he is thrilled he avoided jail but feels his actions were warranted.

“I don’t regret the action in any way,” Glick said. “The action was needed. If anything, it’s a shame it took the Senate so long to finally focus on the issue of climate change.”

Read the full article at NJ.com.


Green Party, progressive Dems, community organizers to hold Political Strategy panel at US Social Forum in Detroit, June 24

From the Green Party of the United States:

Five organizations have collaborated to organize a “progressive strategy dialogue” at the United States Social Forum (http://www.ussf2010.org) in Detroit, Michigan. The dialogue will be one of 50 People’s Movement Assemblies during the USSF. It will take place on Thursday afternoon, June 24th, from 1 to 5:30 pm in Cobo Hall, room W2-67.

The dialogue was initiated by the Independent Progressive Politics Network, which has organized similar dialogues a number of times over the past decade. Co-sponsors are the Green Party of the United States, League of Revolutionaries for a New America, Progressive Democrats of America and the Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy.

Three major issues will be addressed:

• what can be done to stimulate independent, grassroots activism around key issues like unemployment, the housing crisis, racial justice, the climate crisis, corporate control of elections, immigrant rights, war and empire and universal health care;

• an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party as far as the building of a popular progressive movement; and,

• how to develop a “united progressives” network that brings together Greens and other third party activists, progressive Democrats, and labor, community and issue-based organizers into an on-going, independent, progressive alternative to our corporate-dominated political system. Continue Reading


Green activist faces prison time over green jobs banner

Ted Glick, noted climate change activist and chair of the Essex County Green Party in New Jersey, is facing possible prison time for unfurling banners calling for green jobs on Capitol Hill. Story from the Chesapeake Climate Action Network:

Despite the Gulf disaster, no one from BP has been arrested and sent to jail. Despite safety violations at coal mines, no one from Massey Energy has been handcuffed. But today I write to inform you that one of America’s best global warming activists is probably facing several months of jail. He’s been convicted by a D.C. jury, and now he awaits sentencing on July 6th. Why? Because he peacefully dropped two banners on Capitol Hill that said: “GREEN JOBS NOW” and “GET TO WORK.”

I’m not joking. Ted Glick of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network was convicted by a jury May 13th of peacefully dropping the banners inside the U.S. Senate Hart Office Building last September. The D.C. U.S. Attorney’s office clearly has decided to make an “example” of Ted because of his previous two — count ‘em, two — convictions related to peaceful acts of climate civil disobedience. Can you believe it? You can see a three-minute video of Ted’s September “crime” below. He’s the guy towards the end simply lowering the banners.

Now Ted is facing up to three years in jail. Based on the judge’s comments last week, it really does appear that he will be incarcerated for at least a month or two.

What can you do? Help spread the word about this fight to keep a morally innocent staff member out of jail during this time of great global crisis.