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Tomlinson to run for U.S. House in Texas as Green

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tomlinsonPeace activist Rusty Tomlinson announced Wednesday that he will seek the Green Party nomination for the Texas 13th District U.S. House seat. The seat is currently held by Republican William “Mac” Thornberry, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

Tomlinson told The Amarillo Globe-News, “[Thornberry] is in the position of keeping the United States strong militarily. I am more of a pacifist. I believe in, instead of seeking to be a world power, we should seek to be an equal partner of the family of nations…and start with talking instead of killing.”

Tomlinson, a retired special education teacher, is running under the slogan “A Radical Change”. He told the newspaper, “I will work to drastically reduce the size of our military and its budget. I will work to change our nation from the world’s only superpower, to an equal partner in the family of nations, ready to work as an equal.”

KAMR-TV Amarillo had a report on Tomlinson’s campaign, which can be viewed online.

Green Salinas to run for Texas railroad commissioner

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Martina-SalinasGreen Party activist Martina Salinas will run for Texas railroad commissioner in 2016. The commission regulates the oil and gas industry and other resources in the state. It no longer regulates railroads.

Her campaign said, “As a non-politician candidate, Salinas will strive to be the voice for the citizens of Texas, such as the citizens in the Rio Grande Valley who are fighting to preserve their quality of life by standing against a big industry that wants to build a unwanted LNG plant in South Texas.”

Salinas ran for railroad commissioner in 2014, receiving two percent of the vote in a four-way race.

Green Party of Texas puts out call for 2016 candidates

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texasThe Green Party of Texas has put out a call for candidates for 2016 in advance of the December 14 filing deadline.

The party said, “The Green Party ballot line is set up and waiting for people like you to participate in the democratic process. Yes, the system is rigged, and skewed, and gerrymandered, and full of big bucks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the game.”

The announcement had a link to the form with the Texas Secretary of State’s office required to file for office. There is no filing fee.

Stein comments on “peaceful rebellion”, Democratic debate

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steinGreen Party presidential candidate Jill Stein sends a campaign update from Texas, “where peaceful rebellion is heating up! Across the Lone Star State, everyday heroes are coming together for renewable energy jobs, frack-free communities, a halt to immigrant deportations, bailing out the students, and an end to the real border security threat — the war on drugs — and so much more.”

Stein also responded to the recent Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, saying the event at “a luxury resort in the mecca of casino capitalism…exposed the persistent deadly gulf between the corporate-funded politics that’s brought us a world of crisis, and the people powered politics we serve, fighting for a world of justice.”

Stein said hers is the only campaign “fighting to cancel student debt” and also promised to “implement a National Action Plan for Racial Justice Now, to address convergent racial injustice across the board, and cut our nation’s shameful record prison population by more than half.”

Stein makes campaign swing through Texas

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steinThe Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein “has been touring Texas during the past week, talking to residents across the state about issues ranging from police brutality to fracking concerns. Her stops included time in Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, McAllen, Laredo, Karnes City and San Antonio.” The newspaper notes that Stein faces four rivals for the nomination: “Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry, Darryl Cherney, Kent Mesplay and William Kreml.”

The Laredo Morning Times reports Stein was at Texas A&M International University Sunday “to share her presidential platform [with] students and the public. … Originally from Chicago, Stein managed to get the best of the best for her education, graduating from Harvard College for her undergraduate degree and Harvard Medical School for her doctorate.”

2014 campaigns highlight growing diversity of Green Party

Posted in Editorials on November 26th, 2014 by Dave Schwab – 2 Comments

Green Party campaigns in 2014 made a splash, from Howie Hawkins’ historic result in New York to Gayle McLaughlin’s triumph over a Chevron-funded challenge in Richmond, CA. But another remarkable story is the growing diversity of the Green Party and the candidates who are its public face.

Respect for diversity has long been a key value of the Green Party US, but still, Greens have faced charges (from within and without) that the party and its candidates are disproportionately white and male. Yet it’s clear that as people of color are increasingly marginalized by the Democratic and Republican parties, more and more are finding a welcoming home with the Green Party.

p anita riosIn Ohio, Green gubernatorial candidate Anita Rios, a longtime advocate within the Green Party for Latino/Latina issues, earned nearly 100,000 votes for 3.3%, winning a ballot line for the Ohio Greens. In California, gubernatorial candidate Luis Rodriguez, a well-known Chicano activist and author, took 1.5% in the June “Top Two” primary, the top vote-getter outside the Democratic and Republican parties. The Texas Greens’ slate included Emily “Spicy Brown” Sanchez for US Senate, Antonio Diaz for US House, and Martina Salinas for Railroad Commissioner. The Tennessee Greens’ gubernatorial candidate Isa Infante was born in the Dominican Republic. In New York, Attorney General candidate Ramon Jimenez is a “people’s attorney” from the Bronx, and Daniel Vila Rivera took over 10% of the vote for US House.

p brian jones headshotAfrican-American Greens made their impact felt too. In New York, Howie Hawkins’ running mate Brian Jones was crucial to mobilizing NYC activists for the Green Party. Eugene Puryear ran the most dynamic city council race the DC Statehood Green Party has seen in years, building the DCSGP for future success. In St. Paul, Lena Buggs’ run for state representative showed that the Greens are fast overtaking the GOP as the Twin Cities’ second party. Glenn Davis, a veteran and colleague of Cheri Honkala, helped the Greens do the same in Philadelphia. In Oakland, the Greens nominated Jason Anderson, a veteran, artist, and activist, for mayor. And in Texas, the Greens ran Jamar Osborne for Attorney General.

p skip sandmanOne of the most talked-about Green congressional campaigns in 2014 was that of Ray “Skip” Sandman in Minnesota’s 8th district. Skip Sandman is an elder in the Fond du Lac band of Ojibwe, and drew widespread attention for his stand against an ecologically devastating sulfide mining project in the Duluth area (which Democratic incumbent Rick Nolan continues to support). Sandman’s call to protect the water for future generations garnered admiration from Greens across the US, as well as 4.3% of the vote in a hotly contested congressional race. Shortly after Democrat Nolan’s re-election, he voted in favor of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

p keiko bonkAlso deserving of special mention is Keiko Bonk, who challenged Hawai’i’s speaker of the house with a run for state representative. A Japanese-American, Keiko Bonk became the first Green elected to partisan office in the United States when she won election to the Hawai’i County Council in 1992. While she wasn’t able to unseat the speaker, Bonk did win 23.3% of the vote, beating a Republican into 3rd place.

These are only some of the candidates showing the growing diversity of the Green Party – there are many other Green candidates, not to mention activists, who are defying the stereotype that all Greens are aging white men. However, Greens still have much work to do if they hope to create a welcoming political party for people of color, and turn the Green Party into a truly diverse multiracial coalition dedicated to winning liberty and justice for all.

NY Times covers Emily “Spicy Brown” Sanchez, TX Green for US Senate

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p Emily SpicyBrown SanchezFrom the New York Times (editor’s note: the NYT has conspicuously refused to cover Green Howie Hawkins’ surging campaign for NY Governor):

The Green Party candidate from Texas, Emily Sanchez, has few resources in her bid for the United States Senate.

She has no war chest to buy ads or television time. Her campaigning is limited because she holds a full-time job. She has no campaign staff to write speeches or set up rallies. She faces formidable and well-financed opposition.

What she does have is a nickname, SpicyBrown, that voters will see on the ballot. She hopes it will garner attention and spur voters to examine her political stances.

“A lot of questions I get on my page is why I have the name,” she said, referring to her Facebook page. “Afterward, I have people ask what my platform is about. It helps that way.” read more »

Texas Green for US Senate files emergency complaint against Univision over debate lockout

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p Emily SpicyBrown SanchezFrom KGNS TV:

Emily “Spicybrown” Sanchez, the Green Party’s candidate for U.S. Senate in Texas, filed an Emergency Complaint with the Federal Communication Commission’s Media Bureau seeking inclusion in a Univision Dallas debate scheduled to take place Friday, October 24, 2014.

The complaint argues that KUVN-DT violated the Equal Time Rule by including Democratic and Republican candidates and excluding the Green and Libertarian candidates in its debate.

“Not only did Univision exclude all of the female candidates in the race, it excluded the only Mexican-American candidate and the only candidate that actually speaks Spanish,” stated Emily “SpicyBrown” Sanchez. read more »

Tune in TONIGHT to the hottest campaign in America right now

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From Ben Manski, campaign manager for Jill Stein for President 2012:

Sometimes there is an election in one state that progressives all over the United States get excited about. I’m sure you can think of examples. Paul Wellstone and Russ Feingold’s first campaigns come to mind, for me. So do those of Matt Gonzalez and Kshama Sawant.

Tonight, Wednesday, you can tune in to the hottest progressive campaign in America. Howie Hawkins is polling nearly 10% in New York’s gubernatorial election, and he’s climbing fast. 

On Thursday, the Buffalo Federation of Teachers became the latest union to endorse him and his teacher running mate, Brian Jones. 

This past week, Hawkins and Jones received the endorsement of not one, not two, but three New York City Democratic Party clubs. 

And tonight, you can tune in to watch Howie Hawkins debate Andrew Cuomo. Tens of thousands of progressives across the country will be watching. Click here to find out how you can be one of them.

And please join me right now in supporting the Hawkins campaign. Howie reminds me of a North American Lula, the first Workers Party president of Brazil. Howie’s been at the front lines of the labor and green movements in United States for 40 years. He’s known and trusted and brilliant and speaks complicated truths in plain language that moves people. You can donate to this exciting campaign right now.

The Hawkins campaign is the most exciting in a series of fresh, promising campaigns in states ranging from Maine to Minnesota in which the Green Party is attracting labor, farm, community and professional endorsements. 

A couple weeks ago I emailed you about Eugene Puryear’s campaign for the D.C. City Council; the latest poll there puts him within 10% of victory, with 27% undecided.  read more »

Upcoming state Green Party meetings for Spring 2014

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green party earthflowerFrom Green Party US:

With elections coming this November, many state Green Parties are holding meetings to nominate candidates, discuss strategy, and get to know new members. If you are near one of these upcoming state meetings, mark it on your calendar!

The Green Party of Pennsylvania is meeting in State College on Saturday, March 1st. Click here for details.

Also on March 1st, the Green Party of Tennessee will hold its statewide meeting in Nashville.

The Green Party of Texas is planning its next state meeting for April 11-13 in Travis County, TX. Details are available on the party’s Facebook page here.

The Green Party of Wisconsin is meeting in Madison on Saturday, April 12th. Click here for details.

On May 3rd, Maine Greens are holding an anniversary dinner in Augusta to celebrate the founding of the state party. Click here for more information.

And don’t forget, the Green Party of the United States is holding its Annual National Meeting in Saint Paul, Minnesota this July 24th-27th. Hundreds of Greens will be there. We hope to see you!

Click here to purchase registration, food, and lodging for our Annual National Meeting.

Texas Green Party fields over 50 candidates for 2014

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p kenneth kendrickFrom the Texas Green Party:

The Texas Green Party has recruited more than 50 candidates for state and local office across Texas to occupy the ballot in 2014. This is historically the largest number of Green Party candidates that will appear on the ballot in Texas.

“We are very excited to be running so many principled progressive candidates throughout the state,” said David Wager, co-chair of the Texas Green Party.

“Our goal is to provide a progressive alternative to the other two parties in Texas and offer voters more voices and more choices than they might otherwise have on the ballot,” Wager said.

The most widely known candidate is food safety advocate and whistleblower Kenneth Kendrick of Wilson, who is running for Agriculture Commissioner. read more »

Texas Greens Running 43 Candidates

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The Green Party of Texas this year is running an impressive field of 43 candidates this fall, from US Senate all the way down to County Tax Assessor. The Texas Greens earned full ballot access in 2010 after netting 5% in a state wide race. This year they have plenty of opportunities to do that again, and have an impact on the elections.

Here are the Green Party of Texas candidates:

US Senate:

  • David Collins – US Senate

US House of Representatives:

  • Mark Roberts – (TX-02)
  • Brandon Parmer – (TX-06)
  • Lance Findley – (TX-07)
  • Vanessa Foster – (TX-09)
  • Keith Houston – (TX-13)
  • Rhett Smith (TX-14)
  • Antonio Diaz – (TX-20)
  • Don Cook – (TX-22)
  • Ed Scharf – (TX-23)
  • Michael Cary – (TX-28)
  • Maria Selva – (TX-29)
  • Ed Lindsay – (TX-33)
  • Meghan Owen – (TX-35)

State Senate:

  • David Courtney – Texas Senate District 17
  • Chris Christal – Texas Senate – District 26

State House of Representatives:

  • Matthew Britt – Texas House of Representatives – District 61
  • Alex Mendoza – Texas House of Representatives – District 65
  • Leanne Lamb-Vines – Texas House of Representatives – District 84
  • Saul Arechar – Texas House of Representatives – District 105
  • Angela Sarlay – Texas House of Representatives – District 113
  • Gregory L. Fox – Texas House of Representatives – District 120
  • Chuck Robinson – Texas House of Representatives – District 123
  • Herb Gonzales, Jr – Texas House of Representatives – District 124
  • Timothy Giddens – Texas House of Representatives – District 125
  • Art Browning – Texas House of Representatives – District 130
  • Alfred Molison, Jr. – Texas House of Representatives – District 131
  • Deb Shafto – Texas House of Representatives – District 147
  • Henry Cooper – Texas House of Representatives – District 148

Other State Wide Candidates:

  • Charles Waterbury – Texas Supreme Court
  • Jim Chisholm – Texas Supreme Court
  • Chris Kennedy – Texas Railroad Commission

Other Candidates:

  •  Irene Meyer Scharf – State Board of Education – District 5
  • G C Molison – State Board of Education – District 6
  • Josh Wendel – Texas Railroad Commission – Place 2

Local Candidates:

  • Eric M Fahrenthold – Bexar County Commissioner – Precinct 3
  • Sonia Lucy Benavides – Bexar County Commissioner – Precinct 1
  • Joel Benavidez – (Bexar) Justice of the Peace – Precinct 2, Place 1
  • Paul Pipkin – Bexar ounty Tax Assessor-Collector
  • Carlos Villalobos – Harris County Constable – Precinct 1
  • Remington Alessi – Harris County Sheriff
  • W.L. Matheny – Lubbock County Commissioner – Precinct 1
  • Emily Marie Sanchez – Webb County Tax Assessor-Collector

kat swift on the Texas Green Party

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This interview was posted at the San Antonio Current – and is a great read. kat swift is the heart and soul of the Texas Green Party and a 2008 candidate for President.

Kat Swift on the evolution of the Texas Green Party
By Greg Harman

A debilitating car accident has relegated one of the Green Party’s key organizers (some would, and have, called her the party’s conscience) to the sidelines this election cycle after several years of full-throttle ballot efforts. Fittingly, Kat Swift had been registering voters at Bexar County jail when another driver ran a red light and struck her vehicle last April. Several months passed before she discovered the full impact the accident had taken on her spine, a message arriving with crippling back pain. Swift first ran for San Antonio’s City Council in 2007. In 2010, she mounted a campaign against Bexar County Commissioner Paul Elizondo and locked up 20 percent of the vote as a Green Party candidate. And while today she spends most of her hours perched on an adjustable hospital bed at her West Side home, Swift has continued to be a force for developing and propelling new candidates as an at-large member of the party’s state executive committee. This week, she spoke to the Current about the state of the party, wayward Libertarians, and the surge of energy the Occupy movement has meant for Greens in Texas.

For more information about her injury or how you can help, see — Greg Harman

So give me the talk. I’m that independent voter at the bar, or I think I am, and my reaction is, ‘What? The Green Party? Isn’t that bunch that killed Al Gore?’

I get so sick of that propaganda and lies. The people who’ve done their research have said that more Democrats in Florida voted for Bush than people voted for Nader, for one. Two: Al Gore won the popular vote and he did nothing to stand up for himself. Three: He couldn’t hold his own against Bush in a debate, he lost his home state, and the people who went and voted for Nader most likely would not have voted for Gore at all. So you can’t take those votes and say, ‘These people would have voted for Gore.’ I wouldn’t have voted for Gore. There’s no fucking way you could have gotten me to vote for Gore. And the Supreme Court decided the election; it wasn’t the vote.

Most people who vote Green are either former apathetic voters or they’re third party all the way and they vote strategically.

Bring me forward then. 2010: that was the year there was Republican money helping the Greens get on the ballot. What got lost in the reporting on that effort?

That’s what they said. The fact is, we got no money from anybody. The petition company got money to run a petition drive, and I oversaw that. We needed 47,000 signatures from people who didn’t vote in the primaries and were already registered to vote — and 92,000 people signed that damn petition in two weeks.

The Republicans paid the petition company and I worked with the petition companies and they gave us the petition. They gave us correctly collected signatures from people who wanted to see the Green Party on the ballot. Then it turned out the nonprofit they were using was actually incorporated, even though they told us they weren’t. But by that time the signatures were property of the state. … But, at this point, the whole issue is moot, because that only put us on the ballot in 2010. That’s it. In order to be on the ballot this year, we had to get 5 percent in a statewide race. In 2010, we got 6.34 percent in the Comptroller’s race and those 252,000 people who voted for the Green Party candidate. So we’re on the ballot because of 252,000 voters. That’s it
read more »

56 Green candidates campaigning for office in Texas

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Brains and Eggs reports:

Texas Greens post 56 candidates for state and local offices

20 candidates in Bexar, 16 in Harris, 20 more across Texas, from Justice of the Peace and Constable to President of the United States. Here’s the full list (.pdf) from the Green Party of Texas website. Following I’ll list the statewide candidates and those running for Congress in Harris County, as well as state representatives and county offices. I expect to individually profile each of these leading up to November. Hyperlinks associated with specific candidates provide additional information. The Harris County Green Party site details the timing of county and senate district conventions, where elections for contested offices will occur.

Check out Brains and Eggs for more information and links for Texas Green Party candidates.

Texas’ Annual State Green Party Meeting

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June 25 – 26, 2011
The Havens Center
1805 West Alabama Street
Houston, TX 77098

Every summer, those of us interested in “greening” the state of Texas come together to socialize with like-minded people, learn about Green activities around the state, and, importantly, make decisions about the rules and issue positions of the party–decisions that will influence the course of this movement in our state.

Please make your plans now to join us!