Rev. Billy makes the news

Just as the death of Michale Jackson sucked all the oxygen out of the media’s air, making all other news disappear, the Israeli government’s apparent abduction of Cynthia McKinney has been the focus of much of what is going on here. That is as it should be. Never before has another nation taken a Green Party presidential nominee captive.

Even so, other news has happened, and some of it deserves notice here.

One piece of news is an article about Reverend Billy Talen and his campaign for Mayor of New York City. The piece, at City Limits covers both Rev. Billy as well as other candidates seeking to replace Billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg.

So could the Green Party candidate for mayor, the activist performance artist Rev. Billy Talen, who leads his own Church of Life After Shopping. While the Greens usually mount a mayoral campaign that attracts but a hint of voter support, they’ve never had a candidate armed with a blonde bouffant, a gospel choir, and the supposed power to exorcise demons from Starbucks shops, Wal-Marts and even personal credit cards.

H/T to Michael Emperor.